TeraCopy 3.0


New features since version 2.3:

  • Support for an unlimited number of files, the internal file list stored on disk instead of memory.
  • Copy files using an elevated Windows Service and Volume Shadow Copy if required.
  • Verify against hash in clipboard: youtu.be/geLuL2PE2_I.
  • Create a new folder with selected items using Explorer context menu: youtu.be/qwGwf779D1Q.
  • Queue transfers for the same physical drive.
  • A new file replace dialog.
  • Wait for network or device recovery.
  • Better reports (html and csv format).
  • Show skipped/failed/transferred items only.
  • Remove all transferred files [Pro].


0000049: Unable to copy files – Error in overlapped reading
0000044: Drag and Drop from 7-Zip File Manager causes Unable to Access error
0000043: Checksum file saved in the wrong path
0000041: When started after install, error occurs.
0000047: Crash at the end of each copy
0000034: Make the expanded Views pinnable
0000033: Improved Destination File Dialog
0000042: No checksum verification when moving files

Download: teracopy.exe

87 thoughts to “TeraCopy 3.0”

  1. Wow! Teracopy works like a dream!! Well done Oleg! At times I had my
    doubts you would finish this wonderful program but you did it. My
    admiration and thanks.

    John S

  2. could you please explain, where I can find the option to “pin” the “large list” and “large progressbar” setting (when just choosing it in the menu, it’s still reset after app close / reopen)

  3. Wonderful,
    is works great a lot of previous bugs are fixed

    One thing I’m curious about thou and that would make TC truly perfect, why
    isn’t there confirmation dialog box when during copy/paste I want to stop and
    it just stops without warning. By accident I hit stop when I was coping files
    and it just went out, is there a reason that it’s not there?

    I will
    gladly purchase license but please can you confirm my inquiry.

    Thank you

  4. It works like a charm. I’m glad to learn that 7zip bug has been fixed.
    Thank you again Oleg. Take some rest now. 😉

    All the best,

    1. It works fine here I’ve try several times with no errors

      Sorry for double posting

        1. Doesnt work on mine.
          I tried to post a screen recording after uploading it to tinyupload website, but for some reason, it doesn’t seem to be displayed over the comment section here.

          Something about awaiting moderation.

        2. I think I know the reason. Based on screenshots uploaded in bug 0000044, notice their usernames.
          In my case, my win7 username ANONYMOUS is a bit longer and so it got shortened to “ANONYM~1”. Maybe teracopy can’t detect such shortened form?
          Correct me if I am wrong. ^.^
          Awaiting fix from developer as soon as possible.

  5. I’ve been testing TC since yesterday and although it’s nice
    that the final version is out and at first everything seem to work fine, there
    are still few bugs.

    Drag and drop confirmation not working when checked, Open DB
    file not working.

    Unless its only me can someone confirm this please.

      1. Ya, that’s what I thought, unless we doing it wrong, but it simply should open you directory where the org. file is, its not opening.
        Thanks for the confirmation

    1. You can install SQLite DB Browser and associate it with .db files if you want to see the internal database. Only kind of useful if you know SQL 😉

      1. t
        Thank you Oleg.

        Just purchased license.

        You know what would be really cool, if the expending and closing square baton would glow with color just like windows does when you navigate with your mouse pointer. Sometimes, especially on 4K monitor when the scaling is so so you are to close to closing square, like almost in between but still on expending square and it actually closes TC rather then expand so would be nice to see what exactly action you will be taking.

        Also, is there a reason why there is no confirmation dialog upon stopping or closing TC, like confirmation ” you sure you want to stop or close” something in those lines.

        Thank you

  6. Honestly I really like TC, it has some features that are useful, at least in my case. I copy big files and I was going to get license, who knows I still might I don’t know and its regardless of the price,half of full, it doesn’t matter, but I’m struggling with the minimum support that the author provides, no help file or explanation of any kind.
    I realize we all busy in our life’s, but to get any info or help its just difficult here and that’s a bummer.

    1. Looking at the lack of replies to honest questions here, I’m wondering same after my purchase

  7. TC its worth every $. Just moved 13.4TB of files with some
    files already being in the destination folder, setting TC to skip all existing did
    rest of the work without prompts.

    I love it. Purchasing the license is the only way to show developer the appreciation
    and he can keep on improving it.

    I will place my order.

    Thank you

  8. The 3.0 doesn’t work well with “Delete” command in Total Commander. On the previous version (2),you can delete files simply apply :Delete *”%UL” “%T”” command,but not for 3.0,it asked more steps before it executed which kind of annoying.

  9. i think just major bug ui, If i want expanded panel always active, can check only from preferences, if active it from right click and im close teracopy not show again

  10. I’ve been trying to add right click context menu icon to TC, it would be so much easier at least for me amount all the context menus I have to navigate by having the icon of TC but I cant seem make it work. .Firs I can’t see to find teracopy under

    HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTDirectoryBackgroundshell, context menu items its under “shellex” but adding new

    string and pointing to the TC icon that I made its not doing anything.

    Any help please

  11. I have disabled sound (checkbox “play sound” is unchecked). But after moving files has finished, there’s still one.
    What can I do to disable it?
    I use Win10 and maybe it’s the notification sound from windows.
    Can I disable such notifications (“… has finished”)?

    1. It is the windows notification, that appears only when moving or copying is complete: “TeraCopy Done moving …”.

      1. I could solve it: It is possible to disable notifications per “app” in windows 10.But how to depends on the version and I didn’t find it immediately.

  12. Installed, works fine (surprisingly, all previous 3.x versions were too bad to use), but in Windows 7 with DPI scaling set to 136% (maybe other values less/more than 100% are correct too) we see such a picture:

    As you can see “Verify” and “Unattended” doesn’t fit.

    Another bug – while copying file(s) (i tried to copy one file in same folder) i can’t stop the process, cross in right upper corner doesn’t work at all.

    1. Lot of us power users who adore TeraCopy still use Classic Shell/ Look/ Theme. Please fix this.

  13. Teracopy 3 final still locking up when I copy a large amount of small files like say around 6000-7000 files. I would have to manually stop it and copy again, hopefully all my files copied over since I have to manually stop them.

    1. Are you sure its TC? I copy ton of big and small files around 5000-10000 files almost everyday and I don’t have that issue.
      I’m on Windows 7 x64 if that makes any difference

      1. I am also on Windows 7 x64 and I constantly have this problem since I switched over from v2.3 to v3.0. I am copying from my hdd to my usb 3 ext drive.

        1. I will try to copy ton of small files to external drive. Ive been coping from internal HDD to Internal HDD, I’m wondering now.
          I will report shortly

  14. What an awesome tool – thank you! I however have the same issue as SlayerM – the contents of the TeraCopy window are very, very slow to refresh – images from behind the window show through for a minute or more before the TeraCopy window completely fills in. The display of which files are being copied shows 1 or 2 files and a minute later shows another few however the title bar and progress bar do update in real-time. This is an older Win 7 32 system with 2gb however everything else is fairly responsive (as was the older version of TeraCopy) Thanks again for the excellent tool – just needs a couple of tweeks. Wilf.

  15. Another problem – if option “Keep panel open” activated and after copying of file TC is closed by cross in upper right corner, next time (when new copy process starting) TC starts with two tabs – old one (finished) and new one.

    1. I did know this as well, but I think it’s by design. If you keep the panel
      open and after coping/moving or say..checksum making , if you hit the
      close button, next time you reopen its clear, but if after all when you do you
      thing and you hit OK and then close it, next time TC restarts it keeps
      your previous operations in view window.

      I think it’s so you can see what were your previous activities.

      I could be wrong, but that’s what it seems to be. I have try that 2 days ago
      maybe 2 dozen times and never failed one way or the other, otherwise if
      that was not intentional it would be inconsistent and would randomly act up so I assume it’s by design

  16. Is there a way of clearing previous favorite target history?

    1. I vote this privacy concern up. I sure don’t want my family members to have a look of my list of transferred files. Options for auto clearing up those stuff after complete transfer will help a lot.

      Here a somehow….workaround.
      You can open up Options.ini and set “KeepHistoryFor=0”, save it.
      Remember to delete main.db, filelist.dat and history folder after that.
      Reboot the PC.
      This way, TC will not keep previous favourite/target and transfer history.

      There is one more unresolved with above workaround.
      Now, for some reason, when Teracopy is not used as copy handler (the scroll lock stuff), TC will create a “Transfer.log” mentioning ‘ Fast move performed to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ‘. Is it really necessary for logging ‘fast move performed to xxxxxx location’ when TC is not used as copy handler?

  17. Is there a bug when coping data on a network share? its freezing and slower then the normal Windows copy process TC3.0

    1. Yup, I also noticed it.

      The workaround: MAP the network share as ‘drive’ and use teracopy as usual
      Since I can’t post link, so if one doesn’t know how to map a network share, go to youtube and search for “How to Map a Network Drive or Folder”

      1. wrt v3.26 … Mapping the network share doesn’t mitigate the stall behavior. The problem is that it isn’t consistent – sometimes the copies/moves proceed immediately, other times it stalls for 20-30 seconds before beginning and often stalls again between files in a multiple copy.

        This is on a hardwired connection and the mapped drive is always available. Windows copy always goes immediately, but if/when Teracopy stalls it seems to cause Explorer to refresh the drive information.

  18. URGENT
    seams to change file date time and set a new one
    I mean set the date time of the copy moment
    is there an option to preserve the original date time
    of the file before the copy?
    thanks in advance

    1. I have this problem as well, but only on a certain computer, and I posted a bug report. Do you have Windows 7 32bit? That is the system that I have the problem on.

      1. Nope , but I selected “Always verify” in preferences. And I found another problem for me. If I choosed “Keep both”, It always verified fail , did that the file-rename matter?

  19. It’s definitely quiet here.

    I hope this v3 wasn’t just pushed

    out and that’s all for TC I would like to see some responses or acknowledgment

    of some of the requests that where posted in here.

    I was going to pull the trigger on site license for my wife’s office but tbh.
    the way things are going I’m skeptical and afraid that as soon I spend
    hundreds of $ the development will stop or will end soon, just from the
    way things are moving here I really hope I’m wrong…. , time will tell.

  20. O boy I’m exited like a kid with new toy. It seems that some of he reported bugs and small issues from TC 3 have been addressed and developer is working hard to implement them in upcoming 3.0.7 version, is he new version coming soon?

    Thank you Oleg

    1. Yap…no doubt, the best software out there, its worth every penny.

  21. Awesome update, just awesome!!!

    Issues that I had are fixed, love the clear history option now and also there is no mistake when expending or closing TC, mouse pointer its right on this time.

    Thank you so much such wonderful software and this time didn’t take very long to implement all the fixes.

  22. How do I make TeraCopy’s 3.0.8 expanded view look like the screenshot above? Here it shows only green and yelllow squared lines.

    1. Nobruca, I don’t know if you still need this answered, but just double-click (left mouse) any where on the user interface screen.

      1. I know how to enable the expanded view. What I want is to make it look like the screenshot above.

  23. Is there any way to remove the Context Menu entry for TeraCopy? I love the software but I hate Context Menu bloat.

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