Neat Calendar Widget 1.0

Simple and clean widget designed to be a primary lock screen widget. It shows the current date and time together with events from your Google calendar. Swipe down to expand the widget to the entire lock screen.

  • Resizable and scrollable.
  • Shows the number of days/minutes to the event.
  • Tap on time to launch the Clock app.
  • Tap on the date to open Google Calendar.

To add to the lock screen (Android 4.2+):

1. Swipe lock screen to the left until you see a big [+] icon.
2. Tap on the icon and select ‘Neat Calendar’.
3. Tap and hold on the widget and move it to the left of the camera screen.

To add to the home screen:

1. Open widgets list in the app drawer.
2. Tap and hold to place the widget on the desktop.