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– License activation isn’t required.

Direct Folders 4.1


  • Added option to show folder content as a submenu.
  • Added menu icons preloading on the app start.
  • Fixed issue where save dialogs close instead of changing path.
  • Fixed a few minor issues.

Download: directfolders4.1.exe

Since the installer has changed, it’s recommended to uninstall version 3.8 and older.

MD5: 59499CB399C85C3F0EC3725E47585C1E
SHA-256: 7D71E7FA72577C41E01A7B2181AFD6EC06F3BE1526C45E6AA87BBE62A1402850

Direct Folders 4.0


  • Added dark mode support.
  • Added HiDPI display support.
  • Separate menus for recent folders and files.
  • Show icons for recent files.
  • Show path from MultiCommander, Explorer++, and xplorer2.
  • Info Panel redesigned.

Download: directfolders4.0.exe

Since installer has changed, it’s recommended to uninstall version 3.8 and older.

MD5: ECAD9FC6B4B7C291F21D29A31A6C0131
SHA-256: EC33AC67304361794807247FF14D68EE46F6D184142929CCB820EDC37CA8E8D9

Direct Folders 3.72

  • Added: Ability to switch file dialogs to Large and Extra Large Icons modes.
  • Added: Changing ‘Load at Windows startup’ option without admin rights.
  • Fixed: Auto set view and sort modes under Windows Vista/7.
  • Fixed: Detecting currently open Explorer windows.
  • Fixed: Showing the path of the current executable for 64bit apps.
  • Added: Support for Total Commander 8.01rc4
  • Fixed: Double-clicking in file dialogs with file grouping.
  • Fixed: Not showing drives with more than 1 TB in size.

Almost all features should be working now under Windows 7/8. The main menu was also redesigned a little and new icons were added:


Direct Folders 3.6

  • Added: Support for Total Commander 7.5 beta.
  • Added: Support for DirectoryOpus.
  • Added: Few display options.
  • Changed: Separate settings for double click and middle button click.

Direct Folders 3.61

  • Added: Support for Total Commander 7.5 beta 4.


PS. Please do not submit AVG virus reports about Win32/Heur.

Because this is a genericĀ (so to speak) detection, the file has not been 100% confirmed to be malware by the virus analysts (e.g. it has not yet been given a name), so there is a chance that the file is being mistakenly detected and it is not actually malicious.

VirusTotal report. You can turn off heuristic scanning or add an exception for DF.

Direct Folders 3.5 beta

  • Added: Support for Windows 7 Pre Beta.
  • Added: Activation by middle button click (Alone or with Ctrl or Shift).
  • Added: “Copy Path” command to the right-click menu.
  • Added: All menu icons can be customized.
  • Added: Select menu items by typing on a keyboard.
  • Changed: Better configuration dialog.
  • The “Roll Up” and “Always on Top” functions were made optional. You can also try WinRoll (9 KB).


Direct Folders 3.3

  • Added: Roll-up and Always on Top feature.
    • Right-click on the Maximize button to roll-up window and on the Close button to set it Always on Top.
  • Added: Multi-monitor support.
  • Changed: Removed files from the Recent menu since they handled by Windows itself.
  • Added: Better handling an incorrect recent folders path.
  • Added: Option to prevent specific applications to change global recent folders.
  • Added: Hold the Ctrl key to open a folder in the new Explorer window.
  • Added: Right-click on Direct Folders menu to get a context menu.