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  1. Hi, i think i got a problem

    Trying to copy anything from 1 file to 100 folders i got this message :

    Target folder is not available

    Im trying to copy from a laptop to a desktop and viceversa, same results, both machines using vista 64 ultimate.
    And i can see the contents form both computers, just fails using this version of teracopy.


  2. Also tried this on a Vista X64 desktop – the main teracopy window appears but no copying takes place. Was trying to copy 1 .iso file from one folder to another.

  3. Hi, thanks a lot and good job for this version for vista 64, but on xp64 the copy doesn’t start. Is there a version integrated to windows xp64?

  4. Fixed, please download this version again and reinstall. Should work in both 64 and 32 bit applications.

    InoKull: I’ll install XP 64 today and see what I can do.

  5. You don’t have to install XP64 because you new new version work very well with it! Thank you very much

  6. Installed and tested on Windows XP x64. No problems so far. Thanks so much for this excellent application! 🙂

    Oh, and a quick question: Do you know if it’s possible to replace the default “F5” for copy and “F6” for move with TeraCopy in Total Commander? I have the icons set up, but it would be nice with keyboard shortcuts. 😉

  7. Yes, this is possible:
    1. Total Commander Configuration > Misc > Redefine hotkeys.
    2. Select F5 as hotkey.
    3. Command: Click on the […] button.
    4. Select usercmd.ini in the left list.
    5. Press the [New] button. Enter any name.
    6. Set path to TeraCopy.exe and Copy *”%L” “%T” as parameters.

    You can also remap Del key to TeraCopy.exe Delete *”%L”.

  8. This app is indispensable! Its 100x better than windows built in file copy and move, however… you did one think in the development of 2.0 that I did not like. You took out the slider to adjust the buffer size. What was the reason for this? Perhaps there could be an option to allow it to be turned back on? I found this very useful as I was able to tweak the buffer size by watching the file transfer speeds to find the optimal buffer size myself. Teracopy didn’t always guess the best setting….it was right 8/10 tho 🙂

  9. Oh yeah, this is just like a friggin’ Christmas in April! Thanks a lot for responding to our desperate requests. Now the only thing I truly need is the x64 version of Unlocker, so we just have to move out there and bug the hell out of its creator for a change 🙂

    P.S. I’m fairly sure you won’t need to waste your time on separately compiled builds for x64 versions of Vista and XP. There are no immediately seen problems with XP x64. Basic operations and shell integration work just fine. Good work, Jeff.

  10. Great, thanks for testing on XP x64. Just updated this version, now it should work with active DEP protection.

  11. Man, am I glad I left this page open. That PCWorld article is one of the most hilarious things I’ve seen in quite a while. Educating as well – I never knew they had a WinAPI function for BSOD 🙂 My favorite parts are the variable declarations and these two snippets:

    MsgBox (“Driver Incompatibility Error”);
    GetKeyPress ();
    BSOD ();

    FlickerLED (hard_drive);
    RunWindowsXP ();

    After this, I’m not that sure. Could it be the real thing?

  12. On Vista x64 I get no shell integration menu option – otherwise it works fine (e.g. as default handler).

  13. On Windows XP Pro x64 and I’m not getting any shell integration or default handler Jeff. Just today(Apr 4 2008 12:15pm) I d/l’d, installed, and reg’d my copy of teracopy2b364.exe.

    Something I’m doing wrong?

    Default, it’s installing to the 64bit “path’ of \Program Files\TeraCopy
    Should I be changing that to \Program Files (x86)\TeraCopy

  14. I have the latest version of TC installed on two different Vista x64 machines with fresh installs, and it works fine as the default copy handler one on machine, but not on the other.

    Is there anything else I need to check?

  15. Is there any difference between these two machines, Intel/AMD processors maybe?

  16. There’s a lot of differences, but both are fairly fresh Vista x64 installs.

    Both machines are Intel

    The working machine is a Quad-Core Core 2 Extreme QX9650, custom rig I recently built.

    The other is a HP DL360 1U server with Dual 3.4 Ghz Xeon processors with HyperThreading.

    The non-working machine will work if I drag files to an open window of TC and decide what to do with them from there, but doesn’t work automatically on the standard cut/copy & paste type operation.

    Is there any registry settings I can check to make sure they are set right?

    Thanks for the help…

  17. Hello,
    I was waiting for integration of teracopy with vista x64 for a long time!
    Nice job 😉
    Here is a bug i notice:
    When, from 7zip, i drag and drop to extract a file, teracopy is launched and nothing is done….
    Drag and drop from 7zip does a simple copy, so the handle works fine! but nothing is done.
    Also a nice enhancement in my opinion: it would be nice if teracopy keeps only one instance of itself. (reuse instance).

    That’s all! Thanks for realising this kind of products…


  18. I just installed it under Vista 64bit, and it didn’t become the default copy handler.
    I then ran it, went into “more”, then menu-options, and unchecked Use TeraCopy as default copy handler and clicked ok. I then went back in to check that same box. Before clicking ok, I also checked Add to Explorer context menu, then clicked ok. An error box popped up.
    I’ve determined that it’s the checking of the Add to Explorer context menu (followed by clicking ok) that causes the error. It’s repeatable.

  19. Can’t get TeraCopy to run on Windows Server 2008 x64. Yeah I know there wasn’t any mention of it being supported but I can’t ignore a good utility for copying files to/from a file server. Out of curiosity has anyone tried TeraCopy with Vista x64 SP1?

  20. I guess this means there is no way the throttle bar for buffer size will make it into a future release?

  21. @Greg

    What made you draw that conclusion about the buffer size slider/option? I don’t see anything above that should rule out a future (re)inclusion of it..?


  22. Excellent program. TeraCopy has replaced most directory compare requirements for me as well.

    A feature request from a free home user:

    I have TeraCopy as the default copy/move handler but when I move files on the same drive or same network share, I would prefer the regular move command. I know I can get to it with the right-click menu but often I forget.

    Thanks for an excellent program!

  23. Great program.
    Running Vista x64 I find the same bug that Jon pointed out.


  24. Thanks a lot for such a work on TeraCopy.
    I hope my writings would help for improvements:

    +Shell integration is OK on XP64 (2b364) :>:>
    +Making it default is wonderful
    +havent tried but command support is wonderful too.

    but in v2 there is an absance of function from v1
    this function of v1 doesnt exist in v2, and sad for me ’cause that is the reason i love teracopy at first. :>.
    if you plan to put this function again (i think u use the ability of windows to make this function work) , can you make it work in vista style on XP:

    (i copy deneme.txt from different folders to C:\1 by using search of explorer)
    XP (vista prior) style (with teracopy v1):
    C:\1\Copy of deneme.txt
    C:\1\Copy (2) deneme.txt
    Vista style (with teracopy v1):
    C:\1\deneme (1).txt
    C:\1\deneme (2).txt

    Vista has this option built-in in its copy function
    teracopy v1 had it too, but there isn’t in v2.

    Can you put a speed bar on new version to slow down the copy (like in old “total copy”), it is very useful when copying lots of files from dvd or from another hd, during copy when using IE or MSN or whatever, max speed makes other programs reacts late, so i slow down the copy :>, other times maxspeed.

  25. Hi,

    I tried it on XP64 but the copy doesn’t start. The only way I can copy and move, is to open teracopy and then I move then files or directories per drag and drop to teracopy.
    When i do it so it works perfectly

  26. I’m using Teracopy on Vista Business x64 SP1 with UAC activated.
    Each time it is starded following a copy/move command, Teracopy asks for confirmation.
    With Vista 32bit and UAC activated too, Teracopy works without asking confirmation.
    Any workaround?

    Compliments for your good job

  27. Sorry, I forgot something.
    Shell integration with Vista x64 SP1 doesn’t work.
    No items are added in Explorer context menu

  28. hey, any chance we’d see an UAC prompt when trying to copy to “program files” or other protected location instead of giving up?

  29. Hi there ! !
    Thanks for the good work ! ! 😀
    Tested it on Vista Ultimate X86 and all was fine ! That was crazy cool ! 😀
    But I’m now under Vista Ultimate X64 SP1 and like others said, Teracopy can’t be use as default copy handler !
    It was a shock !
    Keep making The good work 😉

  30. @ Micke:
    I noticed the developer replied but ignored my comment, this gave me the distinct impression that my feature was axxed.
    I hope this isn’t the case!

    @ Lancelot
    Speed throttling is a great idea! I mount drives on my win box using sftpdrive (so they are actually ssh connections to shells in cyberspace) and having a speed/throttle command to control the speeds of those remote transfers would be hella nice!


  31. This is an excellent utility, except for a major problem when using it in Vista. I run a limited user account rather than one with full Admin rights. I won’t compromise on that, as this is a more secure configuration. Often I’ll copy a file to or from a location that triggers the UAC, and on a limited account, the standard copy routine would ask for the Admin account’s password before it can proceed. TeraCopy doesn’t do this. In fact, it does nothing at all. The file isn’t copied, and no failure is reported. To get around this, I must resort to the built-in Windows copy. Please consider fixing this. Whatever time I’m saving in faster bulk copy operations is being offset by having to retry restricted copy operations using the built-in copy routine.

  32. This software is very usefull, and really increase the transfert of files, especially from an hard drive to another hard drive.


    I CAN TRANSLATE IT FOR YOU FOR FREE, just contact me…

  33. First, lost my entire comment to this:

    Warning: join() [function.join]: Bad arguments. in /home/freeman/public_html/blog/wp-content/plugins/spambam/spambam.php on line 43
    We don’t allow comment spam here. Javascript is required to submit a comment.

    Javascript was enabled for blog.codesector.com but not chatstat.com.

    Now to my comments.

    Windows xp sp3 (the “Living Dangerously” release)
    TeraCopy 2.0 beta 3
    First time install.

    A VERY nice tool serving a need that almost anyone using windows has.

    UI suggestions.

    1. When files already exist on target the option to overwrite are somewhat unclear. Particularly, I did not know if selecting overwrite meant a single file (the conflict in question) or all. Might be best to clarify and provide option (just this file; all files) and perhaps some means of telling user what criteria to use to determine overwrite choice. Since you’re doing (very fast!) crc generation, perhaps an option for “file changed”, but this may be dangerous if timestamp is less than target. Same with skipping file/s if exist on target.

    2. I chose to not overwrite. End dialog title changed to “25294 file(s) was not copied”. I wondered why they was (sic) not copied – then noted a button that said “25294 skipped”. Pressed button (dangerous): “what does this do?”. After delay UI was redrawn with red X for each skipped file and a cleanup button.

    I should of course RTFM, but the UI could also call out what these things do. This would add to the convenience.

    3. When first trying to use the program I thought it was done from the program’s UI (not explorer). In this I emulated dumb user. Seems to me UI should only appear when copy/move is needed, otherwise what use is it? Maybe when user tries to load UI they get dialog instructing them to use exploder?

    Thanks again! Great tool and seems to be bug-free!

  34. It seems TeraCopy slows down when copying lots of small sized files (around 100kb each). Is it because of the crc checking? Is there someway to make it faster?

  35. Hi. On my fresh install of vista x64 sp1, teracopy isn’t working as it did on my 32 bit install. It doesn’t appear to be the default copy handler…any suggestions on how to force it to work ? It is set to be this in the options menus 🙁

  36. Hi,

    I am experiencing an Issue with TeraCopy 2.0 Beta 3 on Windows XP 32bit:

    I’m TeraMove-ing 3 Files with a total of 8.72GB from one physical drive to another. When the first file reaches 4.00GB (4,293,918,720 bytes) of 4.36GB (4,682,285,056 bytes), it stops/pauses (continuing with free space checking & error reporting once each second) with a Write Error: Disk is full, please free up 741 MB.
    On the Source Disk 6.20GB are free, on the Destination Disk 319.44GB are free.

    The error is reproducable, after deleting the incomplete destination directory and restarting the action, the same error happens again at the same time.

    If you need any additional information on how to track down the bug feel free to contact me at my email address and reply here in case it gets blocked.

  37. LK I think your problem might be due to your using FAT32 on the destination drive?

    As for Teracopy on Windows Server 2008 x64, it appears to only work when using the Admin account. Even if the program is set to run as Administrator, or having UAC suppress the warnings. Using another account which is also a member of the Admin group does not appear to work.

  38. Grizz, you’re right. Accidentally formatted the drive with FAT32 and didn’t notice.
    Maybe TeraCopy’s error message might be adjusted to give a better hint if someone else is running into this situation, but I have to admit that the 4GB file size limit made it kinda obvious 😉

  39. Please any one help me ..My AVG Antivirus reported tody just after today uodate that Teracopy is a virus Kloni virus
    I sent a picture for the warning message to Mr Jeff and waiting his reply..
    Please if any one uses AVG Antivirus found this,,,

  40. Same here. My AVG Free has also deleted the file…
    It says it is infected by Klone.P virus. Not much info on this…
    Maybe I should let it ignore it?

  41. You can test it at http://www.virustotal.com.
    And don’t let antivirus delete your files without confirmation. Few years ago Kaspersky antivirus deleted message database file with thousands of emails just because one email has a trojan.

  42. Jeff
    Your teracopy.exe (last complete build, is infected according to the site you recommended).
    Here are the results.
    AhnLab-V3 2008.5.16.0 2008.05.18 –
    AntiVir 2008.05.17 –
    Authentium 2008.05.17 –
    Avast 4.8.1195.0 2008.05.18 –
    AVG 2008.05.18 –
    BitDefender 7.2 2008.05.18 –
    CAT-QuickHeal 9.50 2008.05.17 (Suspicious) – DNAScan
    ClamAV 0.92.1 2008.05.18 –
    DrWeb 2008.05.17 –
    eSafe 2008.05.18 suspicious Trojan/Worm
    eTrust-Vet 31.4.5798 2008.05.16 –
    Ewido 4.0 2008.05.18 –
    F-Prot 2008.05.16 –
    F-Secure 6.70.13260.0 2008.05.18 –
    Fortinet 2008.05.18 –
    GData 2.0.7306.1023 2008.05.18 –
    Ikarus T3. 2008.05.18 –
    Kaspersky 2008.05.18 –
    McAfee 5297 2008.05.17 –
    Microsoft 1.3408 2008.05.13 –
    NOD32v2 3106 2008.05.16 –
    Norman 5.80.02 2008.05.16 –
    Panda 2008.05.18 –
    Prevx1 V2 2008.05.18 Malicious Software
    Rising 2008.05.18 –
    Sophos 4.29.0 2008.05.18 Sus/ComPack-C
    Sunbelt 3.0.1123.1 2008.05.17 VIPRE.Suspicious
    Symantec 10 2008.05.18 –
    TheHacker 2008.05.18 –
    VBA32 2008.05.17 suspected of Trojan-Downloader.Obfuscated.8 (paranoid heuristics)
    VirusBuster 4.3.26:9 2008.05.17 –
    Webwasher-Gateway 6.6.2 2008.05.18 Win32.Malware.gen (suspicious

    Removing my copy, until you get a fix!

  43. My AVG didn’t delete the file just won’t let me use it, also i uninstalled the re-downloaded from your site just incase, now my avg won’t let me reinstall the app. will wait till you have a clean file to use.


  44. I didn’t see Klone.P in the VirusTotal report. 32 antivirus systems, including AVG (2008.05.18) not detected Klone.P in the TeraCopy. Don’t you think it’s a AVG problem?

    You can disable AVG from scanning some folders. To do this:
    1. Start AVG user interface
    2. Select ‘Tools’ – Advanced settings
    3. Select ‘Resident Shield’ – ‘Exceptions’
    4. Click on ‘Add Path’
    5. Browse to the path to be excluded from AVG scanning
    6. Click on OK

    Me and few other vendors who uses same 3rd-party protection system already send message to AVG. I think it will be fixed in the next AVG update.

  45. Hi Jeff,
    AVG 7.5 is pratically out of order. The new 8.0 report today this virus “Klone.P” and your Teracopy.exe (i’m using last release 2.0 b3 for amd using XP) is affected (may be a false positive?)

  46. Jeff
    I am running AVG Free 8 and getting the Klone.P virus warning as everyone else. I then tried running it against the site, forcing the site to rerun the scan and it had the findings above. Trojan, suspicious, etc, which is different from the earlier record the site had stored.

  47. From the author of protection system that used in TeraCopy: “I tried to fool their scanner by modifying some of the loader code, but so far it resisted all my attempts.
    It’s probably better (and easier) to have them fix their scanner, but I haven’t heard back from them yet.”

  48. Same problem with Teracopy and AVG 8.0 as of today (5/18/08). Didn’t used to complain, had teracopy for a while (a few weeks).

    AVG has had false positives in the past. I’ll let it ride a day or so before taking action.


  49. it seems it’s a false positive. just google the klone.p virus. i got suspicious when avg started flagging other freeware i got

  50. As Jeff stated in post #53, just have AVG point to Teracopy’s program files folder and exclude it from within AVG’s Tools-Advanced Settings-Resident Sheild-Exclude. This stopped the problem for me as far as the Klone.P warning. As to post #57, it seems funny that I’ve been using this version of TeraCopy for a while now under AVG 7.5 and also for about a month now under 8.0 but all the sudden, TeraCopy is a problem. I agree with other posts, it’s an AVG issue & not actually a problem.

  51. Sorry, the path in post #60 should have stated Exception & not Exclude. I’m asleep at the controls!!

  52. I also experienced this problem with BurnAware and have now excluded both TeraCopy and Burnaware.

  53. Simple logic: viruses spread itself, right? So why TeraCopy (and BurnAware) is only “infected” files? Trojans should send info to Internet. This version of TeraCopy is about 2 months online and nobody reported about suspicious actions.

  54. I’m using a version of teracopy I downloaded a few years ago and have been using it happily with no issues at all or suspicious behaviour and all of a sudden today got a message about the klone.P virus as well. I’m going to go ahead and assume there’s an algorithm in teracopy that is similar to the way a virus might make copies of files or itself in order to spread that in this case is actually harmless and just being detected by the heuristic scan as a false positive. I’m also using AVG v8.

  55. Just udate AVG again an update solvess th8is false-positive. However if you look at AVG’s update notes they apparantly are to lame to admit this false-positive.

  56. I´m testing the new beta for now and thinking about a rollout in our company. We have many roadwarriors, though it would be nice to have a slider to adjust the copy speed, if we go through a wan connection.

    And according to “lancelot” a slider for the buffer adjustment would be nice as well.

    Great job so far!

  57. Hi. On my fresh install of vista x64 sp1, teracopy isn’t working as it did on my 32 bit install. It doesn’t appear to be the default copy handler…any suggestions on how to force it to work ? It is set to be this in the options menus 🙁

    Make sure that all entries from this file is present in your Registry:
    Try to drag file with right mouse button pressed, TeraCopy should be in this menu.

  58. I really like using TeraCopy, but I have also received the notice that I have a virus, Klone.P, from AVG (located in my TeraCopy files). I am not very computer saavy, either. I am going to make the exception by on your say-so. I hope you guys are right on this 🙂

  59. I used that file, and teracopy still isn’t in the menu you talked about 🙁

  60. @Jeff:
    You may need updating the packer you’re using as the version you’re using is used by Trojan horses.

    BTW when will TeraCopy multi-language feature be done?

  61. Absolutely cannot get it this to appear in the context menu in a completely clean, fresh install of Vista x64 SP1….

  62. Just to let you know about AVG (since it’s so popular) the proper way to correct the problem is to report the false positive. There is a process that doesn’t seem to painful for that.

    I only recommend because TeraCopy is a great program and AVG is very popular and therefore all the non-computer savvy people who use computers are going to simply think it’s infected and stop using it.

    The link with the two steps is outlined here:

  63. trying out your program, works great on my lap.
    Won’t even run/open at all on my PC.
    Both are XPPro.

    Any suggestions please??


  64. Comment
    I found a terrible bug!

    I tried to test your TeraCopy Pro 2.0 beta
    I found a terrible bug!

    When copying a large file with TeraCopy Pro, I interrupted the process.
    i.e. I click the cancel button or skip button.
    The target file was still copied!
    Moreover, the target file was an uncompleted size!

    It’s a damaged file. But TeraCopy Pro is still copy it.

    If I Copied files again, TeraCopy Pro asked me “Skip?” or “Overwrite?”.
    I click ““Skip?” button rightly because the files was copied!
    This bug let user loss a lot of data unconsciously.

  65. Transferred 750gb in only 12 hours and never peaked 30% cpu utilization and never more then 75mb of ram!
    (AMD FX-55 2.6ghz,8gb ram,Vista Ultimate X64)
    I love it!

  66. still no news on making teracopy work as default copy handler on vista x64 sp1?

  67. @James
    it’s not a bug, it’s a feature.
    when teracopy asks you weather skip or overwrite, it asks you too “resume”. you must look at the shown parameter of the file. you will see the the file which is the copy, the it is not so large as the original file. so you must resume or overwrite. its a good feature.

  68. Hi,

    I installed Teracopy 2.0.3 on my Vista 64 SP1. It’s working fine for the admin but doesn’t copy anything for any other user.
    If i copy/paste one folder to another when Teracopy is set to be the default one, nothing is happening…


  69. What a terrific program is Teracopy!! I am running Vista x64. I was having trouble copying a 7 gig file from one machine to the other through my network. I decided to do a Google search for a copy program. Good hit for Teracopy. First try and I was totally impressed. Fast copy without error. Thank you so much for this app.

  70. hi im volkan
    im from turkey

    you are program very very good

    im translate turkish tera copy

    please send language file

    sory a litle english 🙂


  71. Hi,
    I have used your app in the past and have been impressed with this fine app. However as others are pointing out, it doesn’t work in Vista 64.

    1. Program runs but does not copy. Can not even drop a file onto app.
    2. No context menus

    3. Shows up in task manager as a 32 bit executable when run manually. I thought that was odd that it was 32 bit because it installs in the normal program files and not the (x86) one.
    I could not identify a server process that would handle default copies after installation. (even after restart)

    4. It was mentioned in one comment about error when setting context menu inside the program, if you run app as admin, you don’t get the error, but still you don’t get context menus either.


  72. It’s been a while since the last update. Too bad…

    I’ve recenlty discovered this application and can’t say how useful I find it!

  73. Any word on the fix for Vista x64 SP1?

    The not knowing is making me crazy.


  74. Is there any possibility to have the option to make the small copy window with fixed size (without possibility to resize by mouse on the window edges) and to have it by default centered on screen?
    Also, right click menu appears when right click on any place of copy window. Weird for a Windows program. Can you make the options/settings available only on window icon click?
    Thank you

  75. I’m using Windows XP X64 and TeraCopy only works for the admin account. When I try to copy files in my normal user account (TeraCopy being set as the default copy handler) nothing at all happens. I hope this gets fixed in the future.

  76. Hey,

    I’m using Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 x64 and TC don’t works as the default copy handler. Someone can help me?

  77. Confirming that build 364 is not registering as the default handler on Vista x64/SP1. I’ve tried toggling the option on and off, and also manually importing the posted reg file. This is on a clean install, actually the first app I tried to install after getting all the updates.

    It works fine on my other machine with Vista x64/SP1, but it could be an earlier build.

    Windows Defender logged two actions happening during the install, and here they are:









    C:\Program Files\TeraCopy\TeraCopyExt.dll







    C:\Program Files\TeraCopy\TeraCopyExt.dll

    I don’t know if that will be helpful or not.

  78. Make sure you run reg file from 64-bit Explorer. Check these values in registry:

    @=”C:\\Program Files\\TeraCopy\\TeraCopy64.dll”





    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Shell Extensions\Approved]

    If still wont work, please use this debug dll and let me know about results.

  79. Hi –
    I installed teracopy 2 beta 4 & it was working fine copying a bunch of data from my external USB drive to an internal drive.

    I left a test of the files running overnight & it complete successully, but when I then tried to copy a different folder the machine immediately rebooted and when it came up teracopy was missing from the windows shell. I reinstalled 2 beta with same results then I uninstalled the 2 beta & installed 1.22 with the same results.

    Any ideas? (running windows xp pro sp3)

  80. Thanks for this app. I was having trouble with the default copy handler, the default progress window was hidden, although files were being copied. Since installing TeraCopy my progress window shows up (the TeraCopy windows offcourse). Thanks!

  81. @ 41 to 43: IS it because i`m tera-moviing +4 GB files on a fat32 that TC is telling me that the destination in full ( which is not the case) ?

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