TeraCopy 2.0 beta 4a

  • Added: Register copy handler from TeraCopy Preferences window.
  • Added: New Browse for folder dialog with ‘Make New Folder’ button.
  • Added: Optionally delete incomplete files if transfer canceled by user.
  • Fixed: Problems with duplicating Windows Explorer File menu items.
  • Fixed: Moving files between remote UNC paths now faster.
  • Added: “Run in Admin mode” button.
  • Fixed: Setting as default copy handler under Vista Standard accounts.

Added in beta 4a:

  • Fixed: Error when copying entire drive.
  • Changed: Test result displayed as ‘N files match, N errors’.
  • Changed: Rename files by appending _(number).
  • Added: ‘WaitBeforeClose=N’ option (ini file). Set to 1000 for 1 second.


If TeraCopy doesn’t work as default copy handler on 64 bit system, try to install these packages:

2 solutions to disable UAC for TeraCopy only:
Disable UAC for certain applications
Why wait for Windows 7? Get a better UAC now

  • TeraCopy should delete the files directly after moving them, not wait until copying is ready.

  • Ratherman

    I came across a scenario where it would not overwrite files on our server (copying from a workstation). It did ask if we want to overwrite – but it would not, said files already exists. Same problem if is hit the ‘overwrite’ button or the ‘all’ button. I tried a similar trial on my workstation (from one folder to another) and it did overwrite. Not sure what could be different here. It would overwrite using the standard Windows Explorer to copy, so it is not a permissions problem. Using beta 4a. I have replicated this on multiple workstation (XP SP3) going to a Windows 2003 server Any suggestions? This would really cause a problem for us…

  • m

    I was using 1.22 until recently trying the latest beta. Both versions broke the link between html files and their corresponding folders in XP (i.e., the pairs that result from saving pages as “Web page, complete”). The link was broken for copy/move operations but not for deleting. After uninstalling either version, the file connection was restored. I really like TC and would like to stick with it, but it’s not very convenient to have to grab both parts when working with web pages not saved as mht. Thanks.

  • 2 solutions to disable UAC for TeraCopy only (Thanks to Donn and Enrico):
    Disable UAC for certain applications
    Why wait for Windows 7? Get a better UAC now

  • Your beta download matches the Antivirus signatures of Win32/FakeAlert.MP. Here’s my antivirus alert, after I tried to download and save your file:

    File Status: Cure failed, file restored.

    I really think you should consider verifying the file’s contents! Meanwhile, I’ll not try the beta :).

  • I have TC 2.0 b4 on a Vista x86 machine copying off my NAS I occasionally get a cannot trim file error.

    TC unable to trim file to original size, i.e. end of file contains garbage. Perhaps written file gets locked by another application.

    The “Run as Admin” workaround for UAC protected folders works, but you always have to switch to it when you need it. Could you add an option to select “Always run as Admin”?

    This option is available if you right click on TeraCopy.exe and select Properties (Compatibility tab).

    iv just tryed the latest bete 4, i like it, except:
    1) opens up mult windows, instead of just adding the files/moved to que.
    2) old version just stops, if you run out of space on the hdd that you are moving files to? has this been fix in new version? (ie just stops copying file, say 1/2 wsy, no warning message ?
    3) i like manual control of buffer, can you add a lock to set buffer size, (ie copying files to my usb hdd , goes to auto /256 when i set it to 20 , overall copying of files are faster. 21mb/sec vs 26 mb/sec

    I’ll try to implement most of features that was suggested here in comments, thank you all for ideas.

  • Mohammad

    Requested Feature:
    Clear “ReadOnly” attribute of files when copying from CD/DVD

  • Blagojce

    Please do this feature like in the original windows cut/copy app…. to delete files immeidately when they are cut/moved, not to wait till the end of the operation. When I move a lot of files or big files this process can be very long and accidantaly to press close button and I don’t know what files are moved and have to start the operation again….
    I hope that you understand me

  • I Ask Again

    I asked this weeks ago, but did not receive an answer — unlike other people who ask questions, etc. and get answers! — so I am asking it again: Are we going to get another beta of 2 or are you close to a final release?!

  • spreeni

    Can this be possible? TeraCopy 2b4 is copying much faster on xp’s admin accounts. On user accounts the speed is nearly half of the admin’s speed. I think TeraCopy doesn’t use the buffer or doesn’t have access on it (on xp user accounts).

    Tested with XP pro SP3, admin account: speed very good, same account with user rights (or any other user account): poor speed

  • I think another beta in December will improve work with queue (no multiple windows) and will add other enhancement mentioned in this thread. This beta is as stable as v1.22, I just want it to be more usable.

    Quick question to everyone: would it better to have just one item in the Explorer context menu (“TeraCopy…”), instead of current cascaded menus (TeraCopy > Add|Test|Copy To|Delete)?

  • spreeni

    Noone else’s got these lower speeds under user-accounts? Perhaps there’s something wrong with my system…

  • IMHO, there’s no much sense in so many cascaded menus, Jeff.
    BTW, the latest TeraCopy doesn’t work well with 7-zip. There’s kind of a mess with operating on content extracted into temporary locations.
    Also DF doesn’t work satisfactory under my vista sp1 x64. After each explorer.exe restart DF is gone foreva :-(

  • spreeni

    I did further tests for getting an idea, why copy speed is so slow under user (non-admin) accounts. The behavior described in post no.111 is the same on other computers with xp pro sp3. I tried versin 1.22 wich does it same. I guess it has to do with non-usable buffers or copy modes on non-admin accounts.
    Unfortunately this seems to be part of programm’s design. On a non-admin account copying big files takes mor time than Windows Explorer and on admin accounts TC is so fast… poor me, I’m working on an non-admin account…

  • vaibhav

    Well I always prefer cascaded menus

  • Tried this on x64 Vista tonight and having a few problems. Namely, no matter what I do I can’t get it to register in the shell. I installed it, went into options to register the copy handler. It then asked me to do it in 64-bit explorer. So I went to the program folder and ran the DefaultHandler.reg. I check all registry entries and they’re correct. Yet, I still don’t get the context menu when right clicking or have it operate as the default manager.

    Please try new TeraCopy64.dll or download updated beta 4.
    Just tested TC in Windows 7 pre beta 6801 64bit and it works as default copy handler. If anyone still has this problem, please check this dll with Dependency Walker and also take a look at Windows Event Log.

  • John R.

    Fresh copy of XP x64 – can’t get it to register in the shell (it appear to register correctly – but nothing is present in the menus noris it the default handler – get these errors in the event viewer:

    Dependent Assembly Microsoft.VC80.ATL could not be found and Last Error was The referenced assembly is not installed on your system.

    Resolve Partial Assembly failed for Microsoft.VC80.ATL. Reference error message: The referenced assembly is not installed on your system.

    Generate Activation Context failed for C:\Program Files\TeraCopy\TeraCopy64.dll. Reference error message: The referenced assembly is not
    installed on your system.

  • enderak

    Dear coder
    Use the your program but cant understan because my lang turkish pls add the lang pack or translate pack
    Goodjob Goodluck

  • Fresh copy of XP x64 – can’t get it to register in the shell (it appear to register correctly – but nothing is present in the menus noris it the default handler – get these errors in the event viewer:
    Dependent Assembly Microsoft.VC80.ATL could not be found and Last Error was The referenced assembly is not installed on your system.

    Just installed XP x64 SP2 using Parallels Desktop on MacBook and got the same error with old version of TeraCopy. Replaced TeraCopy64.dll with new one and problem was solved. Check size of this dll on your system, it should be 125 440 bytes.

  • John R.

    Yes, I had previuosly downloaded the new teracopy64.dll and I just did verify the file size – I no longer appear to get the error messages in the event log – but still not menus nor is it the default handler…

  • Sun

    I wanted to thank you for your excellent software. I recently had two 500GB drives starting to fail. Using Windows Explorer would have taken many more hours transferring all the data to another hard drive. I’m consistently getting 30MB/s using TeraCopy and you have saved me hours!

  • enderak

    Dear coder
    Pls add the editable english lang file or lang pack

  • alvaro

    I have tested teracopy on various system with xp sp3
    I have copy many file with CRC test enabled and crc test passed at 100%.

    but when I opened the files I saw that 10% are damaged

    if compare source file and destination file the kb is equal and crc is ok but if compare with “*******” with DATA compare i find 10% the file is damage. “tested these files are damaged”

    I changed computer I changed the system I have disable antivirus I use system clean but the problem remains.
    If copy file with totalcommander winnc or explorer= the files working 100% and *******: test passed 100% in data mode test

  • No, no, no, David Blaine :)
    Can you send me on of the damaged files? It’s highly unlikely that incorrectly written file has same CRC32 as source file. On the other hand, CRC32 can be easily forged by virus or other malicious software.

  • Doug

    When I install TeraCopy 2.0b4a it disabled the ‘Open File Location’ feature in Windows Vista. (Right click a shortcut, select ‘Open File Location’) When I uninstall TeraCopy this function is restored.

  • alvaro

    for JEFF

    your email for send file?

    Can not be viruses. I put on teracopy pc server etc … In addition to 40 computers and makes the same error.

  • Uzm

    I’ve noticed that it’s impossible to change column order in “More”-option.
    How come? I hope it’s fixed soon.

  • WhaHappenedToMyFiles?

    Please add an option to delete files as soon as they are moved. Or at least give the option if a lengthy operation is cancelled to delete ONLY THE SOURCE FILES THAT MOVED!!! Not the whole friggin’ batch!!!

  • your email for send file?

    Send to mailbox helpdesk@ this site or upload to any file sharing service. What TeraCopy version you’re using?

  • george

    hi guys y taking so long to update.. w8ing for final release

  • Kickage

    Agree with george , i’m waiting for final release to enjoy the tool safely , did you plan it before 2009 ?

  • Adalto Glaidson

    Great program.
    I think only lack to select the files that were put upon in a paste in the Windows Explorer as the standard windows copy does.

  • Adalto Glaidson – Brazil

    Does the possibility exist of doing that in the reply above?

  • Adalto Glaidson – Brazil

    Excuse to post again, but I made a mistake above in the post.
    I would like that were selected in Windows Explorer, all the files that they be just copied.


    There’s a user experience scenario that I think might be useful to change or tweak at least. I use Teracopy essentially for its “CRC” ability. I want to make sure that the files I copy/ from old unreliable drives is correct. The thing is, When I do “TeraMove” on a folder of say 50 files, and when it completes the transfer and the “test” phases, there are 10 that fail, and the other 40 are fine. Why can I not delete those 40 files (they are moved correctly after all) and keep the other ten in the list for another attempt at moving?

    If I hit “cleanup” nothing gets deleted, which I suppose is better than everything being deleted, but still isn’t a very good way of handling. If on the second “move” attempt, the other 10 files do successfully transfer, then those 10 will be deleted and the others are still sitting there. I would suggest either another button that says “delete successfull” or something along those lines, next to a cleanup (that could still function the same) or a menu that pops up when you click the “cleanup button” and gives you the option to either “move to recycle bin, delete, cleanup”. Just a thought.

  • JC

    Running TC 2 b4a, on an admin account, it’s still substantially slower than windows native copy. 6MB/s vs 17MB/s moving files from system it’s running on to a fileserver through a UNC path.

  • JC

    ^ Windows environment: XP/32 w/SP3 patched current through today.

  • ADENUGA Gbenga

    TeraCopy helps alot 4 me

  • SG

    I’ve been a long time user of Teracopy 1.22and I love it. Two problems on TC 2.0 beta 4a are preventing me from using it.
    I’m using it on XP SP3 and copy multiple large media files between this PC and a Linux server network drive. The Linux server changes the copied file attribute to “Read Only” once the copy is complete. I had no problems with TC 1.22 but with the latest 4a beta I get a “Cannot Trim File…” error dialog at the end of the file copy process. Once I click OK, the file is copied fine. This error needs to be handled better (like TC 1.22) for TC to be usable.
    The other problem is the opening of multiple windows for every copy instance, instead of adding the file/s to the copy queue. Obviously, for large number of files this is annoying.

  • Speedy

    I have tried the version 1.22 and 2.0 Beta 4a and there is only one problem that i have found so far and it is adding files to the queue, i think the old way was nice, when it just added all files to 1 queue so you only have 1 TC window open at a time not 5 or 6.

    I think that was the most useful thing between the windows copy and TC.

    Please can you take a look at that…..


  • Micke

    could you please create a PortableApps (.paf) package of TeraCopy2.0 beta 4a? I use it a lot, in a way that nearly never causes me any trouble and I really think it’d be great to have on my PortableApps USB-stick


    PS. Yes, I have been using the beta 3 PortableApps .paf you made back in March last year;

    That one does have a few issues I don’t like to live with though

  • Michael

    The context menu is not showing up in Vista Home Premium x64….

  • Rene

    Hello Jeff,

    I am a french people and my english is not perfect.

    I have tried your nice application TeraCopy V 2.0 beta 4a and I have a little comment about it:

    The setting that makes TeraCopy the default copy handler is great, but I think it will be greater if a second conditional behavior was added to the first (Only when scrol lock is OFF). That would be:

    – Use TeraCopy as default copy handler

    – Only when scrol lock is OFF
    – Only when performing between different drives

    I explain why:

    I often drag and drop small files with the left mouse button from a folder to another on the same drive. When using the natural move of Windows, the move is instantaneous, as soon as I leave my finger from the mouse button, the file is there!

    But when TeraCopy is set as default copy handler, there is about 1.5 second latency before the file arrive. You and me know well that when a file is moved on the same drive, only the MFT (or FAT) is modified, so, why disturb TeraCopy to do that task? I think that the magic of TeraCopy is in transferring data, not in modifying the MFT.

    But if TeraCopy is not set as default copy handler, it will not copy a file from a drive to another using the left button drag and drop method, as I will expect.

    Adding the second setting I showed above, it would be then possible to satisfy both behavior with the left button: Let Windows move the files on the same drive, and let TeraCopy copy the files from one drive to another.

    I hope you appreciate my comment ending with 5 stars for TeraCopy.

    I salute you.


  • Ramirez

    when i use teracopy from command-line with /OverwriteOlder parameter, teracopy window don’t close when all files skipped.

    Any command-line parameter to force auto-close teracopy window when operation finihed?

  • Craig Kaminski

    It would be really useful if the filelist you specfiy from the command line were capable of assigning a unique destination with each line item, and, as another feature, have some flag to copy the files in the list to the same realtive directory at the destination point(of course creating the directory tree structure if it does not exist).

    I like the statistics this product displays while copying and it seems fast and reliable.

    I am looking forward to an updated release.

  • Franz from Bavaria

    Thank You very much!

    As Vista is not even able to move folders correctly…………
    (if you merge folders and want to overwrite the existing ones
    the original folders will remain undeleted but empty…….)
    Vista refuses to move files if there is not enough place for all on
    the destination drive.No possibility to ignore this for filling up
    the drive to the top.(When saving files to truecrypt containers)
    Teracopy solved all these problems !!!!

    a little suggestion for the future:
    I dont know any program that moves(not copy)files to CDROM or DVD

    how about an easy burning function (such as “move to ISO-File ” ??)

    Thank You very much!!!!!

  • dumb

    Fantastic thank you. Find the files you are looking for at search-free-mp3.com the most comprehensive source for free-to-try files downloads on the Web

  • Franz from Bavaria

    After testing around for a while and after installing vistas SP2
    yesterday (the “empty folders being left after moving many folders that already exist in the target drive-problem” is still there!!)
    i found out that TC 2.0 has a significant breakdown in speed if there are more than about 30000 files to move.
    I tested TC 1.22 with until 150000 files in more than 1500 folders.
    (about 30GB)It works much, much! faster on my “allthetime-download-PC”
    (Atom330 Intel-mini-ITX-Board 2GB ram, Vista home basic because it was laying around; modified for complete passive cooling ;1TB WD-Green HD unhearable!) the functionality of TC 1.22 is enough for my purpose

    TC is a wonderful tool for XP but it is far the best Update for Vista
    i know at the moment ;-) It gives You back the lost ability for moving
    and merging folders in Vista!!
    You should sell the Program to Microsoft for a lot of money!
    ore give lessons to their programmers how to program
    a simple copy and move function that really works!

    once again: Thank you very much