TeraCopy 3.0.8


0000065[UI] Can’t close TeraCopy while copying
0000078[Engine] Drag and Drop from Filezilla causes “Unable to Access” error
0000080: [Engine] Copied files have their “Date Modified” set to the current date/time.
0000092: [UI] “Details” pane in teracopy.exe installation package should show exact version
0000070: [UI] Adding color glow/change to close and expand square buttons.
0000044: [Engine] Drag and Drop from 7-Zip File Manager causes “Unable to Access” error
0000068: [Engine] TeraCopy 3.0 does not handle command line as expected
0000071: [Engine] Folder names with dots are handled incorrectly by TeraCopy

Download: teracopy.exe

  • SlayerM .

    For reasons unknown TeraCopy 3.0.8 doesn’t intercept operations when i drag and drop files from RAR and 7Z archieves (using WinRAR and 7-Zip latest versions), previous version (3.0 final) worked for WinRAR but not for 7-Zip. I can record video to show this bug. I’m using Windows 7 x64.

    • Meticulous Enthusiast

      I don’t use 7zip but I don’t seem to have issues with rar.

      Is it possible for you to record that I wouldn’t mind seen exactly the issue + it would help the developer as well.


      Ps. I can see some minor bugs reports already at the bug report I don’t know if they are strictly related to windows 10 only or windows 7 I should try it.

    • Digi

      Both 3.0.7 and 3.0.8 works fine for mine.
      Win7 + 7z + winrar + shortened username.

      • Meticulous Enthusiast

        Just moved 29TB of files, love every aspect of this “MUST” have tool.

      • SlayerM .

        I recorded a video to show the situation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YP–SinNf4

        • Meticulous Enthusiast

          I have try to reproduce what you showing on your video I even installed 7-zip, no problem here it works fine.

          I know this that your TC is running as admin I only run TC as a admin to register/unregister or enable explorer context menu, maybe that have
          something to do with your issue. Have you try uninstalling TC including all its remaining registry and than reinstalling it.

          • SlayerM .

            Before i recorded this video i have uninstalled TC with Geek Uninstaller and reboot after. I use Super Administrator account (command: “net user Administrator /active:yes”) in Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 X64, so every software always runs as Admin. Will test TC 3.0.8 on another PC with same OS but different software and hardware, will share the results. If Oleg needs some reports files from me i’ll gladly help (just let me know how make them and whre send them).

          • SlayerM .

            Interesting thing – i replaced TeraCopy.dll, TeraCopyExt.dll and
            TeraCopy64.dll with copies from TC 2.3 Final, now TC works fine with
            WinRAR drag and drop, but not with 7-Zip. ALso i removed TeraCopyExt.dll
            from autostart of Windows. Here what loading with Windows start right
            now (related to TC):


          • SlayerM .

            For testing purposes i reinstalled (made clean install on formated partition) Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate X64. TC 3.0.8 works good with Admin and Guest accounts but not for 7-Zip. WinRAR and Windows Explorer works good. If any information from me can help in TC’s development i’ll gladly offer it.

  • Christian S.

    thanks for the new Version.
    Will there be a localized version (German) again?


    OPTION to leave the “date modified” without change?

  • Meticulous Enthusiast

    OK! after some testings and trying to reproduce some of the
    minor issues that some fox reported to bug report I honestly can say, this is
    super update I cannot reproduce any of the small issues, at least on my windows
    7 x64 Pro, maybe there something tight up with Win 10 I could tell.

    As for neutral (default) language I couldn’t tell either because I use English,
    but others might have issues as far is their native language.

    Oleg!!!! you’ve been doing superb job updating TC after bug reports and
    it doesn’t take you long either, do you sleep my friend?….

    TC#1…Its almost perfect in every way.

    Thank you

  • Ilya Petrov

    Low transfer speed in the middle of a process. In the beginning and when close to finish, transfer speed is high (~30 MB/s). See the histogram below. I am Pro version user of TeraCopy 3.0.8, Windows 10 x64 Home build 14393.953, USB flash drive Kingston DataTraveler G4 64GB (model no. DTIG4/64GB 04570-693.A01LF 5V OS 7386797 TAIWAN).


    • Ewa Kowalik

      They had benchmark on your drive and it tops out at 70m/s but also it can go as low as
      20-30m/s, It could be your drive.

      I tested on my old SunDisk drive that is capable of transferring rate up to 70mb/s and it did transferred
      small files at almost 60m/s, but I formatted right before that, could be your usb flash

      • Ilya Petrov

        Hm, I have never reached the speed of 70 MB/s on my Kingston G4 flash drive. Have you any suggestions or maybe you know any reasons?

        • Ewa Kowalik

          70m/s it’s the MAX that you could see in the best scenario, but most people reporting as low as 20-30m/s.

          Bunch of things can contribute to either low or high speed or transfer e.g. your drive alone, background processes, CPU’s speed plays big role.

          • Ilya Petrov

            thank you! understood)

          • Ilya Petrov

            greetings from Kamchatka!)

  • Paddy

    Great to see the progress! Some tiny thing I miss comparing to TC2: I found it handy to have one tera copy-window per copy/move operation open instead of one (everything in just one batchlist). That made it easier to cancel an operation instead of searching for the files in the batchlist. Some kind of “Multi Window”-Option would be great! Do you think that would be possible?

    • Paddy

      Forget what I just wrote. Everything works as expected. Should have invested more time into testing in the first place ;-)

  • Meticulous Enthusiast

    I just so few bug reports and this 1 in particular got my attention ” Cannot copy to/from mapped network drive with TC 3.x”
    I want it to get the site license for my wife’s office and thats the way I would use it on her workstations.

    So far TC works great on my home PC but that’s copying to and from HDD’s.and SSD’s, nothing over network, Lets see how this will be handled by developer I don’t want to jump the gun and have any regrets,

  • Christian Lunau

    A new Version of TeraCopy, thats great! Tried v. 3.0, looks promising, vrey fine so far.
    The Feature of TeraCopy 2 i liked most wos the sophisticated handling of file colisions, especially when moving files:
    – move some (hundreds of) files
    – get some (dozens) collisions
    – check, if those files which have name-colsions are identical by comparing the checksums
    – then delete the identical files from the source folder, the others are ether moved or require further investigation.
    – that way only reads of the files are done, no writes, thus preserving th SSD-writes
    In TeraCopy 2 this required some clicks, but it was possible, which i did not found in any other file copier/explorer/comander.
    Really great would be if this could be selected as the default behaviour for colisions when movig files.
    Currently i did not find a way to do this in TeraCopy 3, but may be i am just a bit confused by the new GUI.

  • iYuji

    I want Open TeraCopy from “Send-to”, but When do so, Teracopy open without sended files.
    Is there Any Commandline Option? or Is There Any way?

  • Paddy

    Using Windows 7 64bit it does not close itself after copy/move-action. Anyone else having this issue? It’s definitely well set up and I chose all the necessary options. the TC main windows stays open.

    One more thing: Comparing to TC 2 the progress bar for the current copied file is gone. Now you have to expand the file-list to see that. An option for that would be great or am I missing something here and it’s still possible? Thanks for any advice!

  • Meticulous Enthusiast

    Rep/Oleg left the building :O Its been quiet here and at the bug report since the release of TC 3.0.8, Its almost scary :'(

  • HL

    Hi, codesector! When i copy from source to multi destination, so just one process is auto start and others is waiting, so how to auto copy no wait to destination ? Thanks

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  • Mindblower

    Often receive a SQL Insert Error. Using Version 3.08 and Windows 8.1 When copying more than one file, and after clicking onto the error, the first file does not get copied. If copying just one file and clicking onto the error, nothing gets copied. But, if I retry the copy, everything works properly. Any suggestions, Mindblower!

    • Christian Lunau

      Same behaviour here.

  • morladoyle

    I can’t find the way to join the favorites folder, help me please.