TeraCopy 3 beta 2


  • Faster Logical to physical disk mapping.
  • Mapped network drives detection.
  • Notifications fix.
  • Delete R/O files on replace.
  • Add entire drive to file list.
  • Quote comma in csv reports, export folders.
  • File date discrepancy increased to 2 sec.
  • Better completed state icon.
  • Smoother scrolling with touchpad.
  • Other bugfixes.

Download: teracopy3b2.exe

  • SlayerM .

    Thanks! Will be testing this today.

  • Looks nice. Whats in store for the final btw? Any chance we get tabs or something to get it inside a single window?

  • FluffyBoyo

    Yes, this new update starts the transfer/copy/move etc a lot quicker than before. Good job solving this.

    Some more UI work is needed. High resolution icons for 4K screens and high DPI scalings would be also.

  • Luc

    How does this work on Windows 10 with the Anniversary update? Anyone that can confirm it’s stable?

    Also, a question to the team:
    A few months ago I saw pictures posted about updated GUI graphics, they’re not yet included in this release?

    • giraudpaul@gmail.com

      I cannot get it to work on Win 10 AU – reverted back to beta 1

    • It is working fine here in fresh install of Win 10 AU no issues :) Even the graphic glitch mentioned above I am not able to see. Good work :)

  • JCVO

    changing the interface is not as easy to use as the previous version that is more user-friendly is my way of thinking and if someone is angry because it was not my intention

  • fyendo

    Can’t get any version of 3.x to register as a copy handler. It goes through the motions if I run the .exe as an admin but it never works, the default Windows 10 copy keeps popping up. It also never comes up in the context menu after repeatedly setting that on in preferences, also running as admin. The old 2.x version doesn’t have these issues in Windows 10 for me and also queues up file copies which 3.x doesn’t seem to want to do, it copies everything simultaneously.

    • Viki Milner

      I am having the same experience with Windows 7. TeraCopy will not register as the copy handler.

  • Thanks for this great beta.
    I’ve a some control with no text ! (See in red)

    • AraGon EdoGawa

      Maybe because they’re pending ?! You can’t skip what hasn’t started yet.. Still, they could’ve greyed it out just a bit

  • K

    I’ve run into a bug, it looks like TeraCopy 3 beta 2 does not check that the receiving filesystem can support large file sizes. I have a virtual machine image about 8 GB that is copying to a FAT32 formatted thumb drive, and the copy has stalled at 4,293,918,720 bytes (3.99 GB). Actually, after about 15 minutes I finally received an error message- “Error in CreateIoCompletionPort in targer file: The parameter is incorrect. Code: 87” and yes, the error says “targer file.” My fault, though, I should have formatted to NTFS first! Thanks for making a great piece of software!

  • RgR29

    I upgraded from version 2 to the 3 beta. The copy function works fine, but it is leaving a strange semi-blank history that grows the window with each copy. This is on Windows 7.

    • R

      Has this issue with all the v3 betas on Win7 and never could get the issue figured out. Had to move back to v2. Works fine with Win10. Stinks that I can’t use this as a paid user, but hopefully it will be figured out eventually.

  • Steve Berman

    This version (3 beta 2) is very buggy. On top of what other users have already reported – I’ve had less successful transfers, and more instances of the application just “freezing” and doing nothing. It becomes very difficult to exit the application once it has frozen and transfers did not complete and/or start…

    I’m using it on Windows 10 Pro with Anniversary Update.

    Another issue with this version is that it cannot copy into encrypted containers (or encrypted partitions inside a file system). It used to be able to copy into almost any type of partition, but lately I’ve been having no luck.

    Also, I noticed that added files do not always start copying automatically. It requires you to press the “Start” button in order for the transfer to begin. This happens intermittently, with no observed repeated pattern. But it does happen, from time to time.

    I hope this feedback helps the developer take appropriate action and fix these usability bugs.

    • Steve Berman

      Just for your information – I reverted back to version 3 beta 1. This version is actually tolerable.

      • IronHand

        I can totally relate to where you are coming from. I myself am a Teracopy user previously, but there were these issues I’ve encountered (of which I reported and several other users reported) which are really a waste of time because I would have to do the whole process from the get-go. I transferred a huge amount of files only to find out at the end that there was an error and had to do it again.I was recommended and currently am using GS RichCopy 360 and it is the best software I’ve tried so far. I suggest you try it out and I hope it helps you achieve more.

    • Giaki

      Experiencing the same problems on win 10. Hope the final version would be more reliable.

  • soilent

    feature requests:
    – compare list of source files with target folder for duplicates before any other operation is begun, then imedietely ask user if no action is set yet.

    – “ignore errors” option for when shutdown/hibernate/restart is ticked

    (I’m syncronizing several devices onto a single server and these kind of errors are bound to happen, but when I tick “shutdown after operation”, I want the computer off).

  • AraGon EdoGawa

    Where a copy finishes, It would be good to highlight the copied files, like Windows Copy does it, If you have 1500+ files in a folder, they it’s a pain to scroll down and search for it!

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  • Nzo

    Uninstalled previous teracopy version and installed teracopy3b2. On first run teracopy shows an install error:
    “Application error: Exception ESQLite3 in module Teracopy.exe at 000E25DA. SQLite3 Error 14”

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  • Chris Kemper

    how are the copy speeds with this versus v2? On my Windows 10 rig to a mapped SMB drive Explorer copies at 98 MB/s while TeraCopy v2 copies at 57 MB/s. Thanks

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  • Ben Milford

    When will the final version be in the store?

  • enex six

    Would it be possible to have TeraCopy check hashes against the ones it detects in the filename as part of a MOVE operation? If I do a TEST on a folder of files, I get the double-checkmarks so I know it’s reading the hashes in the filenames, and if I do a COPY operation as well I see the double checkmarks there, too. But when I do a move operation I am getting only single checkmarks and it does not appear to be testing the files against the hashes in the filenames, so if the files were incorrect on the original drive (from bitrot or whatever) they are being relocated and I can only tell that imperfect files have been faithfully duplicated.

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  • Renazor

    I have ocassional errors of one out of some files having a “error trimming file” after that the file frozen by permission conflict and I cannot delete it until reboot. It’s a game breaking bug unfortunately, I have a lot of sorting and archiving to do I cannot rely on it, it could mess up my important data, i will try again in some months. The responsivness is also inferior compared to TeraCopy 2, takes 3-4 times longer to start transferring. Win7 Ult x64

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  • hinu7ycfgr5e

    The most important part for me, really, is safe data transfer. Obviously this is Beta and Betas will have bugs. I’m just emphasizing how important it is that the stable versions are stable.

    And I will buy this software (I’m an old Tera Copy user) if the developers express intention of continuing the development. :)

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  • FluffyBoyo

    When extracting from a large winrar, teracopy does not kick in to do the final move action. Which then misses the verify stage. Are you working on resolving this.

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  • Shawn H

    So here is the deal, I made a .cmd file to run teracopy, when I run the file manually from the command prompt then a teracopy window pops up. If I run the same .cmd file from task scheduler no teracopy window pops up?

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  • mlw-reloaded

    Uh, I just found out teracopy is being developed further than 2.3!
    I just tried the latest beta, and it’s done a 30k file transfer without crashing once, where the 2.3 crashed with eoutofmemory three times for the same job!
    Sorry to say that the v3 UI is terrible. The old UI was way better in every aspect!

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  • Shell integration with Windows 7 doesn’t work anymore. Default copy handler doesn’t work, and no context menu, no matter if I activate it in the preferences or not.

  • When is the final release coming? It has been a long time.

  • Abdul

    Any news?