Neat Calendar Widget 1.0

Simple and clean widget designed to be a primary lockscreen widget. It shows current date and time together with events from your Google calendar. Swipe down to expand the widget to the entire lockscreen.

• Resizable and scrollable.
• Shows number of days/minutes to event.
• Tap on time to launch Clock app.
• Tap on date to open Google Calendar.

To add to the lockscreen (Android 4.2+):

1. Swipe lockscreen to the left until you see a big [+] icon.
2. Tap on the icon and select ‘Neat Calendar’.
3. Tap and hold on the widget and move it to the left of the camera screen.

To add to the home screen:

1. Open widgets list in the app drawer.
2. Tap and hold to place widget on the desktop.

  • Looks awesome

  • John Gruffydd

    This simply did not work for me, following the above instructions exactly. Swiping the lockscreen simply took me to the home screen. I have Android 4.1.1 on a Galaxy S3. Is this app meant for a different OS or phone? Very disappointing because it offered exactly what I wanted.

    • Sorry, lockscreen widgets only available in Android 4.2. Will update my post.

  • wabik

    Could you please tell me how to set an option to remain today’s events? They vanish when completed :( Thanks in advance!!!

    • wabik

      ??? Anything?

      It could be left on screen with 100% tag, as completed indication.

  • wabik

    Halo Halo???