TeraCopy 2.2 beta 3

What’s new:

  • Added: Better USB devices ejection.
  • Added: Option ‘CardReader’ to ini file.
  • Added: Option ‘ForceSameDriveMode’ to ini file.
  • Added: New language strings.
  • Fixed: Crush when testing md5 files.
  • Fixed: Always test target folder and request admin privileges if needed.

Specify a device name (e.g. CardReader=Multi-Card reader) to unmount volumes instead of ejecting a card reader device.

Download: www.codesector.com/files/teracopy22beta3.exe

  • Mikiviphue1989

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  • Mauro

    is it possible to reset files attributes during copy ?
    to be sure not have hidden or read only files copied…
    also files that i’m not owner…

  • Askadia

    It would be nice to manage favourite folders in a different way, I mean, after you choose a folder by the menù, you can’t click on the yellow star because the manù close up and file transfer starts. So you have to open up the menù again and click on the star near the “Last used” option.
    I think this isn’t an “user-friendly” choise for this awesome application. You could just add a “choose folder” field at the bottom of the fav folders side.

    This is just a little suggestion, I can’t wait for the 2.2 release. Ty for the app ^^.

  • e_cureuil

    Thank you for this great software :) I have a question on the md5 feature: when I try to check a file with its md5 by using the explorer association (typically opening the md5 file with TeraCopy), I’m always getting “Test FAILED”. For example, after downloading some files with their md5 in the same dir from this site: http://felix.apache.org/site/downloads.cgi
    Where I have wrong?

  • Manly1138

    is there a portable version of the 2.2 beta 3 that can be run from a USB drive life the earlier version? Or a PortableApps version?

  • Guest

    If I copying files to a network drive with drag and drop, the folder on the network drive does not refresh automatic. I must every time press F5…

  • Jishnukrishna007

    very good

  • Sallam

    Hello there,

    i used Teracopy under winxp sp3, in two machinese (desktop and laptob)
    in both machine the progress bar vanish when moving between copy from file to the following

    for ex. if i’m copying 5 files with one copy process, after the 1st file the progress bar color vanish and start from 3% then , again after the second copy and start again from 15% and so on

    teracopy 1.22 have no problem with me before, i have this problem with 2.1 and 2.2

    any one have the same problem?

    thanks in advance

    • Sallam

      I’m sorry for that mistake , it’s my mistake (there are 3 colors settings hahahahaha)

  • Probetrial

    any hope for releasing a bugfised version next time???
    It would be much more important to have a bugfixed version 2.12 (in whicht teracopy e.g. “rename all” feature is really working , also at a great number of files)
    than getting additional features like were announce for v. 2.2. –
    It seems that there are many additional problems with 2.2beta3,
    so please first concentrate on the bugfixes of previous – pro versions instead of always announcing “will be released next month”.
    I bought teracopy pro many nonths ago, and still can´t use the “rename all” feature, nor I ever got an answer from the support – that´s not a good advertising for your company, which could have much better recommondattions, if the software would be bugfixed and the support would answer the tickets.´
    With kind regards

  • Sttei

    what ist withe the final?

  • Joeanad

    It looks to me that when I copy a bunch of files, teracopy first deletes these files in the target computer and then copies the new files. Is there an option to make it go one by one, even if it’s a little slower? When I update the contents of, say, the image folder in a live server with the one from a staging server, visitors get lots of ‘file not found’ until the copy is done. A granular copy will give this message only to visitors that try to open the file that is currently being copied, which is much better.

  • Quest

    I’d like to see the timestamp copying ability for files and folders. I think it’d be a really good feature for Teracopy.

  • Quest

    It’s already 5 month and no news.
    Where are you admin?
    are you still a live?

  • Tronix66

    noticed some problems with 22b3 as follows- (1) copying from a NAS drive usb drive to another USB drive attached to same nas box or another comes up file copying problem. v1.12 worked although was flaky. also detects the space free wrong. nas boxes are thecus and NDPro. If duiring coping PC hibenates although you have paused it.. on resuming it looses it way bit time with drive not ready even though one can access the drives in explorer.exe I dont think v1.12 suffered this.. come come back out of hibenation and unpause it fine. I guess its doing a more check on drive states then before. however one should be able to cancel and say copy again using same list so I dont have to requeue it all but it wont do it.. tries to but gets stuck at same point.. serious bug. also now this version combines the queue instead of another instance I find annoying.. preferences doesnt have a option to say if want it that way nd try shift key hold down and ctrl incase it queued it differently but didnt.. maybe theres a direct ini hack can do.. to change it back to the old way but I can see the benefit of both ways would be good to choose via right click… like teracopy (non combined)

  • Tronix66

    ops I meant v2.12