TeraCopy 2.2 beta 3

What’s new:

  • Added: Better USB devices ejection.
  • Added: Option ‘CardReader’ to ini file.
  • Added: Option ‘ForceSameDriveMode’ to ini file.
  • Added: New language strings.
  • Fixed: Crush when testing md5 files.
  • Fixed: Always test target folder and request admin privileges if needed.

Specify a device name (e.g. CardReader=Multi-Card reader) to unmount volumes instead of ejecting a card reader device.

Download: www.codesector.com/files/teracopy22beta3.exe

118 thoughts to “TeraCopy 2.2 beta 3”

  1. In v2.12, individual teracopy windows were created for each copy job I submitted (using Windows Copy and Paste). They were then executed one after another. In v2.2beta2(or 3), no matter how many times I used the Copy and Paste command, all selected files were appended into the same teracopy window. In my opinion, the behaviour in v2.12 is more stable and user friendly especially when copying huge number of files.

  2. Jeff :@pc168 This should happens only is target folder is the same. TC will open new window for each target folder.

    oic! Tks for your immediate reply 🙂 Have been using Teracopy for long, it’s a great copy program!

  3. i have a problem when i move a folder with same name it dosent ask for rename or copy or owerwrite

  4. Hey help me please…
    When release stable version?
    Admin help
    When release TeraCopy 2.2 stable version?

  5. Good program but does not work inside the archives.
    For example, it can not interact with WinRar.

  6. offfff :
    Hey help me please…
    When release stable version?
    Admin help
    When release TeraCopy 2.2 stable version?

    Please stop asking that.


    The whole point of a beta version is to SEE HOW MANY BUGS EXIST.

    Only greedy marketing managers release software to a timetable – that only ensures that it is buggy when released.

  7. Hallo,
    I tried TeraCopy 2.12, but it seems to me, that the “rename all” button does not function. I had a greater number of documents from different folders which I wanted to copy to one new folder
    – the files with the same name should be renamed (I changed from “always ask” to “rename all” (for unattended copying) – but nevertheless teracopy skipped them
    in your online help I didn´t find any hint wha´s going wrong (I really changed the “always ask”)

    Am I´m doing something wrong or is this a bug of teracopy
    in case it is a bug will it been fixed soonly? e.g. in version 2.2 (dind´t find it mentioned until now under release changes)
    thank you for fast responding in advance
    with kind regards

  8. Is there a possibility in future to integrate teracopy in such a manner that teracopy takes over file copying from Winrar after winrar extracts a compressed file, atm the default windows copying dialogue takes over.

  9. !severe bugs!
    1. teracopy 2.2beta3 does not rename (choosen always rename) but skip the files instead when copying files
    2. teracopy hangs /freezes during copying (choosen rename all, 97,7% done ), can not be reactivated

    please correct the problems since teracopy would be a very good utility if it would work correctly – but functions (like “rename all) whicht don´t work are annoying
    system: windows xp pro sp3, 3gb Ram,

    thank you for correctiong the problems soonly ind advance and furhter development
    with kind regards

  10. Dear development will there be “FreeCommander” supported ?
    FreeCommander uses the Windows FileCopy Function, TeraCopy would really help here…

  11. A little goofiness with Speedview 2.3:
    Speedview running in background
    Speedview, landscape mode
    display menu
    … caused the system menu bar to yo-yo: drop down, disappear, drop down, disappear.

    Let me know if I can help with more info.

  12. When i have multiple instances up it automatically tries to copy all at once. Is there a way to turn this off? I know i can pause the other ones but they do not start after the previous finishes.

  13. Senkrad :
    When i have multiple instances up it automatically tries to copy all at once. Is there a way to turn this off? I know i can pause the other ones but they do not start after the previous finishes.

    This seems to have been a one time issue and didn’t do it again

  14. the Copy waiting feature needs a command line to disable this feature. I have so many that never get stated as they wait forever for something to complete but there are no other active Teracopies busy doing transfers.

    Also, it seems that the window doesn’t close itself after a while and I need a command option to tell it to hold the window open for x seconds then close it for sure. This is simular to the auto minimize you have except this will make sure TT.exe is out of memory and the window is closed. Also, Even if the windows are minimized, any new window created by the command prompt is automatically visible and on top. Not sure if there is a command line option to make it auto minimized. The dos start window is not applicable in this case.

    Also, you program can be much faster if it would start processing the copy as soon as it has a few files in the queue instead of adding them all and then beginning the processing . It is like it needs one thread for processing and one for adding files to the queue. Simular to ftp products.

  15. Teracopy 2.2 beta 3
    How do save a report after copies and test completed? In command line where the syntax to save reports automatic? But do not overwrite old reports. This reports saved in destination of the copies or default directory teracopy.

  16. Teracopy 2.2 beta 3 – XP Pro SP3 german

    Do I something wrong ?

    When I copy JPG-files the coping is finished without errors.
    But when I try to open the copied JPG-files I got a error message
    about wrong type and no preview is possible.


  17. How can I change the interface language. Although I am located in germany I prefer native english for my apps.
    Please do not automatically derive the language settings from anything but ask the user!

  18. TeraCopy is a great software as it reduces file copy duration. It’s the most fastest file copier I’ve ever seen.

    But I would also like TeraCopy to have a feature like ‘speed tester’ to test the speeds of the usb drives. Such a software being available, most of them show only the average speeds. Since TeraCopy greatly accelerates the transfer speed I thought, may be this software is worth it.

  19. Hi,

    There seems to be a small bug with the “title” in the windows task-bar when pausing a copy.

    So say I begin to copy some files and then I “pause” it. It should add “[Paused]” at the beginning of the apps title that appears in the windows task-bar.

    But it does not every time. Some times I have to pause it a few times before it does it correctly. Though some times it does work on the first time. Seems random to me.

    Also, I noticed an “Easter egg” feature next to the Resume/Pause button. 😉 Nice!! Hopefully you will add a nice little icon for that at some point. 😀

    Thanks a lot,


  20. CRC Errors using Windows File Copy command and best solution

    I recently bought a Nettop using Win7, mainly for use as a HTPC, but also for general purpose use, and have just noticed an apparent weakness with the Windows ‘Copy’ command. When I download typically large films using JDownloader to the C: drive, JD checks the file CRC (actually MD5) and tells me if there are any file errors.

    I then normally move infrequently accessed large files onto an (also new, and unpowered unless in-use) external USB Western Digital Passport drive to maintain space on internal drive.

    I assumed the OS ‘Copy’ command would, like JDownloader and other 3rd party utilities, automatically perform a CRC or equivalent check on each copied file, and inform the user if the copy was bad.

    However, when recently unzipping some of the files on the USB drive (that JD had verified as ok when downloaded onto C:) 7zip reported CRC errors.

    Since discovering this, I now unzip the USB drive copy first to check if CRC errors before deleting from C:, and if so, my 2nd use of the OS ‘Copy’ command, usually results in a correct copy of the file on the USB drive.

    I use ‘CrystalDiskInfo’ utility that quietly/discretely shows internal and external HDD temperatures in the systray (and other S.M.A.R.T parameters) and warns you with a popup if any exceed safe values. To date, neither C: or the WD log any Errors. For that reason, I felt reasonably confident my HDDs were ok. Also used the WD Lifegoard Diagnostics to check its USB cable & detailed sector check – 9hrs to check the full 1TB – Disk Passed. However, I have often felt the quality of MS OS suspect, but never had time to research the internals. I guess no hardware or software is 100% reliable, BUT I would have thought something so fundamental to an OS as the ‘Copy’ cmmd, would have built-in checking that each Copy operation, using at least a method similar to CRC etc, to CONFIRM the copied file matches the src – no matter if the copy is to the same, an external USB, or a network drive. A good software check (built into the Copy cmmd) obviously will automatically flag a problem if any of the pertinent hardware, internal busses, USB sockets/plus, cable. HDDs etc is introducing data errors.
    Although not what I want, to zero in on the cause, I now also unzip to the internal drive and not yet had a CRC error. Implication is the cause is external to the C: internals. The fact that my 2nd attempt to copy to the USB WD Passport is usually without CRC error, may be a clue in diagnosing the cause of the errors

    In googling for solutions, I was bit surprised to read Windows 7 & XP ‘Copy’ cmmd does not included any form of MD5 or CRC check – an important weaknes of Windows.

    I use my net/laptops heavily, constantly doing file management to/from my external WD Passport to stop the ‘free disk space’ on C: dropping below what I read was Windows XP’s critical 15% level for ‘safe’ operation. Usee deep folder trees to manage thousands of topics, (which rules out old DOS type command lines) and what with the aforementioned space management:

    I need a single hi-productivity Copy/Paste & Copy Folder type command – exactly like the Windows ‘Copy’ command UI, to Copy/Move files across internal, external, and network drives, with 100% confidence I will be informed if the copied file has a CRC error [I realise a full file compare is too slow for frequent daily use]

    I have searched the net for comparative reviews of Windows GUI Tools to seamlessly integrate with Windows to “improve the reliability of the Explorer Copy/Paste function”. Apart from the wikipedia ‘Comparison of File Managers’ which does at least have a tiny part on ‘robust file copy’, I have not found any comparative review that addresses this problem.

    My preferance is for a utility to work in conjunction with the Windows ‘Copy’ cmmd, by automatically performing a CRC on src and copied file, and flagging any error in a popup (like the unobtrusive CrystalDiskinfo mentioned earlier). I thought a less desirable alternative: a 3rd party utility, once installed could ‘hijack’ the Windows ‘Copy/Paste’ UI, to keep the same productive UI. (However, on researching alternative utilitties, I see some enhance Explorer, by adding Date/Time change & other useful features.

    Clearly any 3rd party utility must have PROVEN RELIABILITY (i.e good reviews), to improve on the Windows OS, i.e not jumping from pan to fire.

    Also, I believe in a commonly held view of installing the besic minimum of Apps to keep the system lean, so improving reliability, hence prefer good thorough reviews rather than ‘experimental installs’.

  21. @latimer

    latimer :
    How can I change the interface language. Although I am located in germany I prefer native english for my apps.
    Please do not automatically derive the language settings from anything but ask the user!

    Hi, go to the “locale” subdirectory of the app dir and just rename your locale folder (i.e. “de”) to something else (i.e. “de.hide”). That should be enough. It works for me. 😉

  22. @Paul
    Are you getting paid by the word? Slow down, son.

    1) Teracopy can do CRC checking
    2) You probably have bad RAM

  23. Suggest for teramove: provide option of testing before the source file gets deleted. (delete only after the test suceeds, thereby leaving behind the file(s) that need retrying)

    In 2.09, if the copy operation happens to get corrupted, (for whatever reason) the result is a corrupted file, similar to what Paul noted in his long-winded note. When the “move” option has been selected however, the original has already been deleted before testing starts. It is no longer around to retry the failed copy.

  24. Jim :
    Suggest for teramove: provide option of testing before the source file gets deleted. (delete only after the test suceeds, thereby leaving behind the file(s) that need retrying)
    In 2.09, if the copy operation happens to get corrupted, (for whatever reason) the result is a corrupted file, similar to what Paul noted in his long-winded note. When the “move” option has been selected however, the original has already been deleted before testing starts. It is no longer around to retry the failed copy.

    This problem is corrected in 2.12 (latest stable version you can find in downloads page)

    Suggestion to author for this beloved tool:
    please declare exact program version number in download page, e.g. 2.12 not only 2.1.

    Big thanks and greetings from Baltic states (especially from Latvia;) users!

  25. Great Software, but I allways ask myself why a test and a copy can run both in the same time when we do several copy.

    I use the auto verification after a copy, and I also make lots of copy in the same time, but i really like the fact the soft wait another copy ends before starting, but it only waits the copy to finish, but not the test… so in several case, I have to pause the test and wait all the copy have been done before relaunch the test for each window of TC…

    So, does it possible to add this kind of function in another version ?
    And thanks for the translation !

  26. I always get an Open Error when I try to drag and drop an attachment from Windows Live Mail to a folder.
    Everything works when I disable Tera Copy.

  27. Hi there, I have submitted two support request tickets almost two weeks ago and have had absolutely no reply. One is for Teracopy and one for Direct Folders – Both of which I have paid for.

    Please can you respond to my tickets – Thank you.

  28. getting better and better… my only hope is that it will handle multiple copy-windows like OSX (instead of having 3,4, …. windows of teracopy, use 1 main window that get an extra tab/progress bar every time a new action is added…)

  29. Does the newer betas support cancelling individual files in the queue?
    I have a 100gb queue right in front of me right now and I want to cancel about 10 files in the queue – I highlighted them and hit skip – but of course it just skpped the current file, not the ones I’d highlighted

    No right click context on them when highlighted either 🙁

  30. Hi, anyone noticed a problem copying to the windows\system32 folder on a Windows 7 64 bit system? It seems the copy is done to windows\wow64 folder?

  31. Does anyone know the command line to force it to ignore space requirement and also to force it to begin even if other process is happening?

  32. Hi…Is that the Teracopy 2.2 beta 3 support USB 3 transfer speed…?? Because i test to copy under a USB 3 Device and the speed doesn’t show in high speed as the device said.. Is that the new version will be better..

  33. How might one go about creating a link to “Computer” (or “My Computer” in XP) in TeraCopy?

  34. Hallo,
    what does premium support mean?? – does it mean never getting answers (tickets are closed without an answer or open since many weeks or months!!. I bought the pro version last year, and in my emails I also sent you the registered name and email – but no answer at all. Customers do not only look at the product but also at a reliable support.
    And when neither support nor the software works correctly its really annoying

    An important argument – apart from keeping timestamp during copying – was the “rename all” function – but I never got it to work on a greater number of files. TeraCopy always skps them instead of renaming. When will this severe bug be corrected, so that TeraCopy really does what it is talked to do?

    Exspecting your soon answer
    with kind regards

  35. sorry my english not good.

    But when i try teracopy 2.2beta 3 and v2.12 on Windows 7 x64. Taskmanager show Teracopy is run as 32bit? why?

    in Windows Task Manager\Process tab show:

    [Teracopy.exe *32]

  36. using Teracopy 2.2 beta 3 version on W 7 64 bit, works great! but i am not impressed with Pro Support, I bought 2 licenses, put in 2 bug reports, and feature requests, day later i noticed that ticket was deleted but I had not even got reply to say that it had even been recieved by them.
    For all I know the bugs I reported will remain in next versions. Please, Support, at least send us pro version buyers an email of acknowledgement that you have recieved our email and bug reports…PLEEEASE??

  37. Also not impressed with Pro Support. As with Mike above, I have bought licenses for Teracopy and Direct Folders. Both of which I love but both have some small issues which would be easily solved.

    I posted support tickets to: http://www.codesector.com/helpdesk/ on October 13 and 15th That’s nearly a month ago. I have had absolutely no response whatsoever (other than an automated ticket URL) and no response to my earlier query on this further up this thread.

    I also followed up the tickets with replies which were ignored.

    I develop my own software (www.meap.biz) and have a support forum – I feel terrible if I keep a support request from a paid customer waiting more than 24 hours.

    This treatment is just taking the pee to be honest.

  38. Teracopy 2.2 beta x(1,2,3) sometimes enumerate files/forlders during move ( even moving in same partition) and some times it does not enumerate. When it does enumerate the will be errors (no file E:\sumfolder\sumfolder only folder names are shown and not files….)

  39. Thanks for your great work. This program has been a life saver. That said I have found a feature that would be great to be implemented. I would like a option that skipped the file if transfer were to drop below a certain speed. Say transfer drops below 500KB/sec go to next file. Would be helpful in getting files off bad hd’s and dvd’s. Also maybe being able to adjust the amount of retries for unreadable files, I don’t see anywhere to change that.

  40. @superfastkyle
    One more thing be easy on these guys they are still way ahead of windows built in file manager. Redmond has had 20 years to make a reliable file manager and still haven’t come close to these guys. You know how many files I’ve lost before I realized that windows built in copy function doesn’t work properly in vista or windows 7. Just try a multiple folder copy with some of the folders already existing on the drive being copied to. No “do you want to overwrite or skip” nothing it just automatically skips all of them!

  41. I suggest that also having these features would make TeraCopy better:
    1) Speed limit
    2) Option to prevent stand-by mode (currently prevents by default)
    3) Reposition window to make all its area is inside the screen when user clicks “More” button.

  42. Hi! Thanks for this great software.
    But this happened three times and one of them is on another computer. When I was copying a large number of files, I couldn’t reopen the program in the middle of copying. So I had to wait till it finishes without seeing anything but the taskbar.
    Thanks again.

  43. Is there a way to set Teracopy as the copy handler when handling extraction from Rar or 7zip archives etc? When I drag and drop from archives, the default Windows copy handler copies the files instead of Teracopy. If not, can you try to work that in?

  44. rename problems additional comment
    Teracopy only seems to rename very few single files (with option “rename all”)
    when having to copy a larger amount of files (e.g. 1000 doc files) it only skps the files, in case the filename already exists (instead of renaming it e.g. test1, test2,…).
    Really hope, that you´ll fix that problem in the final relase
    Possibly you have to slow down the speed for that occasion, so that Teracopy can rename it properly?
    I also tried to copy the skipped files again, but always only very few (not clear why some are copied and renamed, others skipped again and again) files were copied at each re-run.
    Annoying procedure

  45. Bug when selecting folders with the browse option … TeraCopy doesn’t put the trailing slash on the path and the result in paths like [folder][file] instead of [folder]\[file].

  46. Hi again.
    Adding files to the queue while copying/moving to the same folder from different or the same sources, is a good thing. But today I was copying from two USB flash drives to the same folder. I realized that it took more than it takes in normal copying process because of adding to the queue. Flash drives are slow but hard drive is fast, so no need to add to the queue.
    “Right click to files and ‘choose’ > ‘the same drive’ and right click again and click ‘process in new window’ ” is an idea to solve.
    Thanks for this good project.

  47. The only feature that teracopy doesn’t perform that I really need is an option to do a file comparison when a file of the same name already exists. If the files match, then either do nothing accept mark as complete (for copy), or delete the source file and mark as complete (for move).

    I certainly wouln’d mind it being a pro feature only.

    Great app. Thanks!

  48. found another *BUG*

    When I move a file from a volume, say C:\, to another volume that is mounted as a subdirectory in previous mentioned volume, say C:\mymountpoint\, TeraCopy *cannot* move.

  49. This release doesn’t work for me.
    1.) Shutdown option doesn’t work at all.
    2.) It crashes frequently if a second teracopy window is waiting to begin the copying task after the fist one would end.
    I stay with the 2.1 until next release.

  50. Wow, this program really sucks! (Sorry) Installed it under Win7 64bit, and tried to copy/move files to the my WHS: Nothing happend. The program hangs, I even couldn’t stop or skip copying a file. Close the program? No chance! Only by killing it through the taskmanager!

  51. Using this on WinXP sp3 on 2 systems… It seems to perform much better than the default windows copy when copying large files (300-600 MB per file) to USB disk.

    Thanks! Looking forward to a stable release though (for the peace of mind 😉

  52. The transfer log for has an extra blank between every character, the text is cut off before the end of the text and has no end of lines. Will be reverting to the stability of version 2.1.2.

  53. I have a feature which I’d love to see implemented, but I can’t find a contact e-mail address for you. Help!

  54. I pressed the button delete in teracopy, the file disapeared, is there some way for recover it with teracopy or otherwise?

  55. This is a wonderful deal for a critical article, I truly discovered your blog by mistake when researching on Msn for something diffrent closely connected, in any case prior to I ramble on too much I would just like to say just how significantly I cherished your article, I’ve saved your web site too as obtained your Rss, Yet again thank you really much for your article keep up the terrific work.

  56. When copying folders from hard drive to NAS device – timedate stamp is not preserved.

  57. using 2.2 b3.

    no complaints, no obviously silly question here, just to know if the eject will actually eject the cd/dvd drive in the final version?

  58. I tried to read files from my NAS (Sans Digital M2NL). I got lots of network errors. Writing doesn’t exhibit this quirk. Could it be that there is a hidden option to use OS buffers which would prevent this. I had similar issues with FastCopy which this option solved.

  59. Well What I want is a 64bit installer or msi for win7 as it seems to install only the 32bit version if I strip out the program from the install I can get the 64Bit to install right.

    Rather annoying.

  60. @Phil

    Just to confirm that I have the same problem – (which first appeared after “updating” to Windows Live Mail 2011). I updated my version of Teracopy to the newest version and the problem still exists. Would be good to see a fix for this in a future version if possible (or if not, a “single key” override button – at the moment on a laptop pressing “screen lock” at same time as moving the mouse requires 3 hands)

  61. First, I LOVE this program! Its been a very long time since I’ve found a utility the works as nicely as this. That said…
    Just a quick question…I use Zentimo/USB Safely Remove. Is there a conflict with those and this beta? It seems reduindant and usb drive recognition is slower with TeraCopy running.
    Also, not a bug but a suggestion. I copy and move files and folders quite frequently on my desktop. I hate “Auto arrange”, but often use “align to grid ” as desktop view to keep things neat. When I move files quickly from one folder to the desktop, TeraCopy auto arranges it! Can I change that?? Can you???
    Finally, is there a way/plaxce that I can purchase TeraCopy Pro in US dollars as the conversion charges are quite high right now, and I am on a fixed disability income. I love the program, and I’d like to support it and you. If you could accept US dollars , just give me the amount, a name and email. I will pay immediately! Thanks for the great work!!

  62. notice how the other stuff he releases gets like 1-20 comments… but his TeraCopy releases get 90+ EASY… you would think he would pay more attention to it, market it more, and make more money overall…

    but then again thats just my observation…

  63. My logging file still unreadable in this version. Looks like this:
    7 : 2 6 : 3 1 7 : 2 6 : 3 1 P M T a r g e t F o l d e r : [ N T7 : 2 6 : 3 1 P M R e p l a c e m o d e s7 : 2 6 : 3 1 P M T e r a C o p y 2 . 2 b e t a 2 7 : 2 6 : 3 1 P M O p e r 7 : 2 6 : 3 1 P M D i f f e r e7 : 2 6 : 3 2 P M R e p l a c e m o d 7 : 2 6 : 3 2 P M C o m p l e t e d i n

    So i can’t see what failed and what happened in the backups at all

  64. Jeff :
    Thanks for all bug reports, final version will be released this month.

    Final Version yet?? I’m looking to buy if bugs are fixed.

  65. Does Code Sector answer its support tickets?? I submitted one on Nov 13 and still haven’t received a reply, even after a follow-up message.

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  67. is it possible to reset files attributes during copy ?
    to be sure not have hidden or read only files copied…
    also files that i’m not owner…

  68. It would be nice to manage favourite folders in a different way, I mean, after you choose a folder by the menù, you can’t click on the yellow star because the manù close up and file transfer starts. So you have to open up the menù again and click on the star near the “Last used” option.
    I think this isn’t an “user-friendly” choise for this awesome application. You could just add a “choose folder” field at the bottom of the fav folders side.

    This is just a little suggestion, I can’t wait for the 2.2 release. Ty for the app ^^.

  69. Thank you for this great software 🙂 I have a question on the md5 feature: when I try to check a file with its md5 by using the explorer association (typically opening the md5 file with TeraCopy), I’m always getting “Test FAILED”. For example, after downloading some files with their md5 in the same dir from this site: http://felix.apache.org/site/downloads.cgi
    Where I have wrong?

  70. is there a portable version of the 2.2 beta 3 that can be run from a USB drive life the earlier version? Or a PortableApps version?

  71. If I copying files to a network drive with drag and drop, the folder on the network drive does not refresh automatic. I must every time press F5…

  72. Hello there,

    i used Teracopy under winxp sp3, in two machinese (desktop and laptob)
    in both machine the progress bar vanish when moving between copy from file to the following

    for ex. if i’m copying 5 files with one copy process, after the 1st file the progress bar color vanish and start from 3% then , again after the second copy and start again from 15% and so on

    teracopy 1.22 have no problem with me before, i have this problem with 2.1 and 2.2

    any one have the same problem?

    thanks in advance

    1. I’m sorry for that mistake , it’s my mistake (there are 3 colors settings hahahahaha)

  73. Hallo,
    any hope for releasing a bugfised version next time???
    It would be much more important to have a bugfixed version 2.12 (in whicht teracopy e.g. “rename all” feature is really working , also at a great number of files)
    than getting additional features like were announce for v. 2.2. –
    It seems that there are many additional problems with 2.2beta3,
    so please first concentrate on the bugfixes of previous – pro versions instead of always announcing “will be released next month”.
    I bought teracopy pro many nonths ago, and still can´t use the “rename all” feature, nor I ever got an answer from the support – that´s not a good advertising for your company, which could have much better recommondattions, if the software would be bugfixed and the support would answer the tickets.´
    With kind regards

  74. It looks to me that when I copy a bunch of files, teracopy first deletes these files in the target computer and then copies the new files. Is there an option to make it go one by one, even if it’s a little slower? When I update the contents of, say, the image folder in a live server with the one from a staging server, visitors get lots of ‘file not found’ until the copy is done. A granular copy will give this message only to visitors that try to open the file that is currently being copied, which is much better.

  75. I’d like to see the timestamp copying ability for files and folders. I think it’d be a really good feature for Teracopy.

  76. noticed some problems with 22b3 as follows- (1) copying from a NAS drive usb drive to another USB drive attached to same nas box or another comes up file copying problem. v1.12 worked although was flaky. also detects the space free wrong. nas boxes are thecus and NDPro. If duiring coping PC hibenates although you have paused it.. on resuming it looses it way bit time with drive not ready even though one can access the drives in explorer.exe I dont think v1.12 suffered this.. come come back out of hibenation and unpause it fine. I guess its doing a more check on drive states then before. however one should be able to cancel and say copy again using same list so I dont have to requeue it all but it wont do it.. tries to but gets stuck at same point.. serious bug. also now this version combines the queue instead of another instance I find annoying.. preferences doesnt have a option to say if want it that way nd try shift key hold down and ctrl incase it queued it differently but didnt.. maybe theres a direct ini hack can do.. to change it back to the old way but I can see the benefit of both ways would be good to choose via right click… like teracopy (non combined)

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