• Silent Rain

    In the file “Options.ini” is not saved this option: “Add to Explorer context menu”!!!

  • Michael

    What does the following mean, it is under “Menu > Options”:

    Use system write cache

  • Logan

    Are we going to get a XMAS pressie of a new version (beta or otherwise) from Jeff?

  • Harald

    Found a very “special” behavior of 2.01 and 2.07 beta when used for copying large files (4 GB) under XP SP3 from a local very high speed SSD in a DELL Precision M4400 to a THECUS N7700 PRO NAS:

    1. When Firefox is not running the same time:
    Copy of a 4 GB file from C:\ to NAS iSCSI -> app. 40 MB/s
    Copy of a 4 GB file from C:\ to NAS SMB/CIFS -> app. 55 MB/s

    2. When Firefox is running the same time with http://www.n-tv.de in a tab:
    Copy of a 4 GB file from C:\ to NAS iSCSI -> app. 60 MB/s
    Copy of a 4 GB file from C:\ to NAS SMB/CIFS -> app. 75 MB/s

    First I couldn’t believe TeraCopy’s behavior. But then I verified situation 20 times…

    In the Task Manger it can be seen that TeraCopy use much more CPU% in case 2..

    A solution of this problem should make sense. It can also be seen when certain other programms a running: E.g. EDIUS.

  • Greg

    Locks up for me when copying 7 files over 1 gig each.
    All on the same drive.
    Copies about 10meg and then locks up the computer.. XPpro SP3.
    I had to reboot (power button on for 4secs) to get it to respond.
    When it does copy – smaller files it is very slow to load up before starting to copy. TC 2.07.

    Keep trying,

  • Anonymous

    put some water on ur comp

  • Tom Kruzze

    Not a big deal, but the Inno Setup option to change the Start Menu group (/GROUP=””) no longer functions. It worked fine in v1.22 but is now broken.

  • sparky

    more abandonware? how about opensourcing it…

  • Anonymous


    I read an article about USB3 an problems with the powersaving function of modern CPU. When CPU was unter 100% load (not in reduced speed step) copying to /from USB3 drive was faster then without CPU-Load. Switch of powersaving CPU modes in BIOS and test again.

  • Nathan B,

    @sparky: 2 months of no beta updates and you call it abandonware? WTF?

  • Joelle

    More like 6 ‘updates’ in a year with at least two of those updates introducing serious bugs.

  • As I’ve noted before Teracopy is much better @ 2.07 then previous versions… Still the occasional lockup but my computer is under such immense load I don’t know who to blame lol.. Anyways.. Hoping Teracopy 2 will move out of beta soon!..

  • @Yatti420

    Just caught up on the comments.. Can confirm a slow network transfer (7 \ 32bit here) wired or wireless.. Sometimes when fileserver is sleeping etc teracopy will fail to transfer or cancel.. Teracopy seems slow to initialize.. Hoping for big improvements next version and to leave beta lol!..

  • To All Users Who Think TeraCopy is a virus..

    My suggestion is you uninstall your cruddy commercial anti-virus suites and get Microsoft Security Essentials.. Top notch product from Microsoft which is updated way faster then your commercial suites anyways.

  • juanca

    Please Let us to choose vista style or Clasic Style for Teracopy because I hate actual “Teracopy vista style”

  • Hi Jeff,

    what happened to TeraCopy 2.08?
    Where did all those feature request I submitted (and you confirmed as being on your “todo-list”) go?

    Also, on Win 7 you copy ACLs with the folder (i.e. copying FOOBAR from my desktop to C:\Program Files means it’s a writable directory, because it doesn’t inherit Program Files’ ACLs.. :(

    Additionally, I found a strange bug: if files cannot be overwritten because they’re opened by some 3rd-party application, TeraCopy says “CRC mismatch” instead of “Damn, that file is write-protected! Maybe it’s opened by 3rd-party stuff?”

    Please don’t let us (paying) users down and keep a) requested features coming and b) fix bugs like the one I mentioned above!

    Thanks and Merry Christmas,

  • Allen Hall

    I love tgis app … use it regularly for copying files on remote computers. The ability to resume after a system hang is great. Please consider adding a log file that would enable you to reconnect incomplete sessions after a system hang or crash. That would be a great help

  • Logan

    @ Jeff – Can we get any insite from you on how development is progressing? Anything at all?

  • Phillip Urso

    hi, not ttryed 2.07… last 2.06b was bad(stps copying when copying a lot of files. iv gone back to 1.22 pro(reg version) which you cant download.

    its been a year. i was happy to buy the program.. but you should put more time into it.. and release final version.. (working).

    1. why i baught 1.22 pro.

    a) fast copying.

    b) tags more files on same list.

    c) can pause)

    new feature i like.

    e) still tages on files on same list.. creats new copy window, if files afre from diff hdd (source + destination)

    f) can verfy

    g) can edit list

    h) checks for space..dest.

    keep up the good work.

    as a x programmer (+ qul tech), fix xp bugs, then vista bugs, then win 7, dont add new features. if you have not fix existing problems..

  • Phillip

    p.s. MERRY XMASS + HAY NEW YEAR 2010,

    REMEMBER 500MHZ INTEL P3 at year 2000 (jan) fastest cpu..(i overclocky my cel 450 to 700) + air con on it.. first starwars new release.. 3dfx voodo 2 12m (tnt 2 32bit)…

    8g 7200 wd hdd..dvd teac scsi burner (800$+)

  • Phillip

    need a new keyboad.. keys down come down

  • Ken

    Please continue on the page for Teracopy 2.1 version.

  • fooladi

    can teracopy or other Apps (perhaps teramerge!)do this:
    by right click merge contents of multiple folders(more than 2) in single folder which its new name will be foldername1&foldername2&…
    and for files by identical name ask to: replace, replace all, rename, rename all?

  • BOB