TeraCopy 3.3 beta


– Added: copy security information (ACL, Owner, Audit).
– Added: relaunch TeraCopy in elevated mode.
– Added: append a part of the source path to a target path.
– Added: an option to bypass Windows write cache.
– Fixed: a few minor errors.

Note: a newer version is now available.

9 thoughts to “TeraCopy 3.3 beta”

  1. Wow! the 3.3 beta has some very useful functions, this is already a tool you can’t go without, its getting so much better, thank you

    1. Just close all panels that you no longer need and TeraCopy will delete all related files on exit. It’s kind of like tabs in a browser.

      1. So I had misconception on how the “Never keep history” works and how is applied in TC. I thought that the tabs which containing the history would close automatically if I chose the “Never keep history” upon closing TC so if I would to e.g. forget to close previous tabs and went to do next task someone behind me can see what was done previously.

        So if this is by design, can the automatic previous tab closing be integrated or implemented to “Never keep history” and so on, if not, that’s OK, this is already super program.
        Thank you very much Oleg.

  2. One bug I am experiencing with this new beta is when trying to drag and drop from same drive and sometimes other drives, the file or folder does not copy, but reports it has copied. Had to drop back to v3.26 for the time being as this version is unusable for me.

  3. I have been using Teracopy for years and love its speed and
    functionality. One question: can Teracopy be used to replace the
    built-in Windows copy service? My weekly backup program uses the Windows
    copy service to transfer files from my main system to a network server
    and it frequently hangs while copying large files. Since Teracopy
    transfers files as smaller buffered segments it does not encounter this

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