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  1. Awesome,Thank you Oleg for the update, always nice to see even small improvments

  2. i wish to report an issue – when copying and there is an automatic verification and i choose rename them – the program verificate the old targeted files not the new renamed ones and give me an error on verification not copying = Big thanks for your hard work

  3. In TeraCopy 3.21 I get the following message
    Teracopy is unable to access SMB mounts.

    Version 2.x was able to access smb mounts such as \

    What has changed and how do we fuix this problem.

  4. When a file already exists in destination, Teracopy gives several options, one ist to keep both, i.e. rename the newly copied file. Unfortunately I have to accept this option for every file. I would like to have “kkep both” be applied to all files.

  5. This has been a very useful File Copying utility for me in the past but I still can’t run it on my version of Windows 10 x64 (1703, OS Build 15063.674).

    When attempting to load the program from the start menu, nothing happens. When doing file transfer tasks through the shell integration menu, the menu options exist but nothing happens.

    The Teracopy service seems to be running though.

  6. Just wanted to bring up an issue I had with moving my backups made with Acronis TrueImage. Be sure to go in and add Teracopy.exe to the allowed applications in the “Active Protection” tab. I had a problem copying where it would only create a zero byte file and then I would have to go into safe mode to delete it. By adding it, that allowed the copy/move to work.

    Teracopy 3.1 and Acronis TrueImage 2018
    Excellent all around program and I’d be lost in moving files around without it!

    Joe Ross

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