18 thoughts to “TeraCopy 3.2”

  1. I’ve had frequent SQL insert errors with 3.1 so it would be handy if that could be looked at.

  2. Using Version 3.1. Would like a scroll bar to be introduced For many copy operations.

  3. key shortcuts when destination already exists (overwrite, skip or keep) were lost on v3.1, and haven’t returned on v3.2, which I think is a pitty. is it a problem with multi-language support? are there any plans to get those options back? sticking to v3.0.8 meanwhile.

    as a suggestion, the ” – Copy”, ” – Copy (2)”,… suffix when duplicating files could be customizable.

  4. Very Good job ! but i have a problem when i cut and paste in my NAS to same NAS on network by my computer in iexplore : it copy the file again :-/ it does not move the file !

  5. It would be interesting – in my opinion, for when you have to copy large amounts of data that are likely to fire the HDs – implement a special function to schedule the suspension and the subsequent resume of the copy and maybe even the partial verification (for example, 10m copy and verify, 5m pause).
    Now, however, you have to pause it manually – and this requires frequent presence on your pc – or copy only part of all files, with the risk of forgetting someone.
    Thanks for the nice program and a cordial greeting
    (translate By Google)

  6. Opening a RAR on one hard drive and then selecting files and dragging and dropping into a folder on another hard drive, terracopy still does not kick in when doing the final copy from temp folder. Could terracopy please work with this action. Thanks.

  7. Clicking SKIP deletes the source file and and partially copied destination file. On what planet is that acceptable behavior? I couldn’t uninstall this crap fast enough.

      1. What is wrong in your case I think 3.2 works great, minor issues….yes, but nothing that would make me stop using it I love this version

        1. The main issue is that skipping a file deletes the source file. It doesn’t move it to the recycle bin, it just deletes it. This is unacceptable.
          And also that the test source vs. destination is still missing as it was present in v2.3

          1. I do a ton of moving and copying files from 1 HDD to other HDD’s in which some of them already contain some of the files and when I select to skip it doesn’t delete the source files, I’m on Windows 7×64 Pro.

            The second part you have issue with…sorry I have not tested so I can’t tell.

            If you on windows 10 than that might be different, it seems quite a bit people have issues with other software functionality, that’s why I’m still on Win 7

          2. 1. Thank you for reporting, it’s fixed in version 3.21.
            2. Try clicking Skip All and then Verify. TeraCopy should give you an option to test the skipped files.

  8. when exporting failed list, i get INTERNAL ERROR 00000002

    Now i cannot get the list that failed out of a 100GB transfer… where did the list go???

  9. Cannot stop or maintain source when duplicate prompt popped up. Cancelling while moving always result total deletion of sources.Fucking crap.

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