5 thoughts to “TeraCopy 3 is ready for translation”

  1. @Oleg,
    WebTranslateIt fails to accept my translation for
    {“one”=>”%d item”, “other”=>”%d items”}
    with the message:
    Validation check failed: a variable may be incorrect in the plural segment.
    Are you sure you need this?
    Sure you don’t mean: {“one”=>”item”, “other”=>”items”}

    Same for
    {“one”=>”Delete %d file from disk?”, “other”=>”Delete %d files from disk?”}

    Could it be because it expects twice %d in each translation string?

    1. I guess it’s a bug, please check ‘Skip validation’ before saving your translation.

  2. I would like to purchase pro version of TeraCopy for use with my Win XP Pro system. What version should
    I first download and install for the XP Pro system? I see in your downloads dialog that the Win XP is not included in your platform candidate listing for ver 3.8. I am currently using 2.27 and it seems to be working
    fine although somewhat slow for large volume transfers.

    1. No need to install anything, just purchase the license key and use it to register the application.

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