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  1. Thanks for the new Version, but I don’t see the large progress bar. I see only the old one in green.
    What is wrong?

        1. I think it would be cool to “pin” the large progress bar so it’s always visible. I quite like the looks of it…

  2. nice upgrade ! i know this is a RC release and i hope to have it in French for the final release, ty for all those improvements, nice job

    1. Same question here. Also, as can be seen on the above screenshot, some of the UI elements scale horribly (the +, the clock, the play and the >>>.

  3. Still all blank for me like all the rest of the RC’s – really wish I knew what was causing this on my Win 7 machine, but not on the 10.

  4. How about shell integration / copy handler? I mean it is works well like it was in TC 2.3 or ruined like it was in all 3.x versions?

  5. “Add to Explorer context menu” is grey and impossible to check.
    You can only check the box, if you run TeraCopy as Administrator, but even then it simply does’nt work.

  6. Teracopy3rc.exe: Crashed immediately following install in Win7SP1. Bugreport lists an exception message: SQLite3 Error 14.

  7. I’ve had this program for years. I figured I’d buy it again to help out. Installed and works good on Windows 10. However, how do we get around the UAC without changing any UAC settings?

      1. Doesn’t work, at least not on my PC. Installed it as Administrator (right click, run as Admin). Even the 2.x version kept popping up the UAC. I don’t want to lower my UAC settings.

  8. I’ve used the 2.x program quite happily for years and have just purchased the Pro version on the Black Friday sale. But there’s no way to enter the license key on 3.0RC. I assume this will be added in the final release? Your screenshot shows TeraCopy 3.0 Pro–not yet available to us, it seem.

    1. @mjsprof, There is a hidden menu by right-clicking anywhere on the GUI, such as under the progress bar. This menu has several options. One is to enter you key code.

  9. I have just tried 3.0RC after using 2.27 for a long time. I have an issue coping from remote drives when using RC3.0, which I didn’t have using 2.27.
    My from location is \Serverfiles which is a windows server essentials 2012 machine.

    The error I received is “Error opening file: The system cannot contact a domain controller to service the authentication request. Please try again later. Code 1265.”

    I tried multiple times.

    Windows explorer can reach this remote directory and I can access files in it without any password requests.

    I then installed V2.3 instead and it worked fine even without rebooting.

  10. In Version 2, if I copied a long list of files it scrolled as It went along. In version 3 RC there is no scrolling?

  11. I installed and set it as default for Copy/Move operation and it does great over Network, USB flash and local hard disk.
    But it does nothing when I try to copy my pictures from Camera or Mobile phone.
    The Camera is Canon EOS 7D, Mobile phone is Samsung Galaxy S5 and also A7.
    Operating system is Windows 7 x64.

  12. Everything works very well on my pc. just think the ui need a little bit more work, and that taskbar icon real need to change or be refined. Thanks very much for the update.

  13. I would like to have the copy option “overwrite older” in the main window of the pop up because it is the most used one.

    1. I agree. I almost always use the “overwrite all older files” option in the popup dialog when one or more
      files already exist.

  14. i paid and installed version 3 but sadly im going back to 2.3 as the newer version insanely slower

  15. It still does not take over the last move/copy action when unrar’ing a rar. When it moves the temp file to the extracted folder it still uses Win7’s OS copy. Can teracopy step in here please?

  16. Honesty..this is just pathetic, you (the author of TC) you
    should either get this program up and running and release a final version that works as it should or close this discussion
    and the site.

    By the time you make this work if you ever get to the point
    of final version, there will be new
    Windows and then starts over again, it’s

    I’m sorry, but this is ridicules how slow you making effort if
    you even making any, to give people what they paid for, just admit you don’t
    have the time and you have better things to do or you just don’t really care I
    think that would be more honorable than
    keeping people on the loop of wondering.

  17. TeraCopy Not Replacing WIndows Default Copy Handler, windows still using it’s Default Copy handler to Copy/Move Files.. Fix this Please… :/Using windows 7 Pro.

  18. I haven’t tested it yet

    But from the looks of it i can say that a lot of users will move to tera copy now in windows 8 -10 because of the new cool UI

    By the time you’re done with a final version, this will become a software that is must have ( its already a must have , but some still like windows 8 copier over this )

    wait till they get a load of this

  19. This is a CRAP! Trying to copy 156 Gb from one drive to another. The interface is stuck for minutes, 0.0%, no progress, no feedback. Can´t stop, can´t close…. How could you create a software worse than Windows copy? Geez….uninstalling NOW!

  20. So far so good on Win7/64 but it would be good if we could edit the copy options (overwrite/skip/replace/etc) on the main GUI and have an individual option for Rename like Overwrite and Skip has, else it works as advertised.

  21. Sorry to say that but you are fooling your customers. The 3.0 version alpha 2 was out in february of 2015 when i bought my license to support your work — Now it’s end of 2106 and there are still so many bugs inside that there can’t be seen any end.

    With this progess this piece of software will never be ready to use or may be at a time when no one remembers windows being an operating system. Even things that were working in teracopy 2.3 seem to be far away from working in this crap.

    You should be honest enough to tell everybody that you are not really working on this project and that everyone who buys a license has to live with teracopy 2.3.

    1. You are right all the way… I have bought 2 licenses to support his work and I have yet to see any improvements and broken promises.

  22. Can you move the file info/total/speed?

    Mine has the standard green progress bar instead of the orange/dark orange you show above, so i cannot see the text as a copy job is in progress

    Can we simply move the line to the TOP of that area? It just makes more sense, maybe eben put the speed BELOW the copied/total/% line.

    Another thought, it doesn’t scale, didn’t peak past 10MB to one of my flash drives (old 2.0), and it stayed in 1/5th the area the entire time.

    food for thought, still bought my copies TYVM

  23. @Kerry Coleman
    You can switch to the other progress bar by double-clicking on it.

    Still a little more progress on developing the app and more interaction with us users so we know bugs and suggestion are acknowledged (or not) would be desirable.

    The RC is more buggy than the beta 2 for me. It has serious problems with moving to folders with files that already exist at the target and hangs indefinitely. This happens also when the target is on the same partition and native Windows moves it in an instant.

    As a previous poster already wrote. Hiding the skip/overwrite/keep dialogue in the bottom (and mostly hidden) window is awkward. It should be accessible easily from the main window.

    The “files progress” window should scroll with the progress of the copy/move operation.

    Also it’s not so intuitive to have the “button” for expanding the files window in the title bar. This should be for maximising. IMO it makes more sense at the bottom of the window.

  24. Did you know teracopy 3 alpha is released on 30 december 2014, and it’s now 30 december 2016 and it’s still should not be used as default copy since it still not working properly, i know you are a lone single coder, but you should at least spend some more time to work on teracopy, at least make the program working correctly when doing standard copy/move file since the data could be important and any bugs should be properly fixed before teracopy can call itself RC or even final release

  25. I have 24 failed files in a large 1TB transfer. I keep the window open and look at these. You can select one and it highlights the text as blue and also the background. But when trying to ‘select all’ only one entry has the blue background. Although ALL show brighter blue text, it would be a good idea to also highlight all the backgrounds as well to show ‘ALL selected.

    Once this is done, ‘Select ALL’ failed hash check files. How does one tell terracopy to retry and then verify these failed files. A simple button or option to retry the copy/move action and then verify again.

    Plus, why are these errors occurring with terracopy with large transfers? I won’t renew my licence until this new version is working smoothly and is safe for large transfer actions.

  26. I must be doing something wrong – I can’t see a separate progress bar for individual files in a bulk copy/move operation, as I could in the earlier versions. Also, there’s a strange behavior in which earlier copy operations seem to persist. In other words, if I copy 5 files, and then later copy 3 files, it looks like I’m now copying 8 files.

  27. My virus and malware service detected the following with the installation file, anyone has comments?
    “Malware.Heuristic!ET#93% (rdm+)”

    For curiosity, I had them scan the Teracopy v2.3 installation file, and it returns the following:
    “”Malware.XPACK-HIE/Heur!1.9C48-s53Xh35me6R (cloud)”

  28. Hello. I tried the RC for a few weeks on Windows 7, but had to reinstall 2.3 the other night, because of a nasty bug I’ve run into a couple times, where it would just completely lock up in the middle of a small transfer (typically a folder with a portable program exe and associated files that I was trying out before moving into a permanent folder on the same partition) and fail to complete what should be a simple job.

    This never happened with TeraCopy 2.3, as far as I can recall. However, I do sometimes get “Access Denied” errors in 2.3, when trying to move similar folders as above (of course, I make sure I’ve closed all affected files before trying to move them). It could be that 3.0 RC is tripping over the same error, whereas 2.3 is a little more graceful, in that it gives me a dialog popup asking me to try the move again or copy the files then delete them. I’ve gotten no such feedback in 3.0.

    Also, I anecdotally found 3.0 speedy on small transfers (like under 500MB-1GB, I guess), but I recall one time when I tried to copy or move a ~10GB selection of music files from one partition to another on my 7200RPM HDD, 3.0 became abysmally slow like 20% into the process. It started off anywhere between 20 and 50MB/s transfer speeds (maybe higher), before degrading massively to under 5 MB/s, and frequently under 1 MB/s. I don’t recall ever seeing such terrible performance on 2.3, but then again, I thankfully rarely have to do such large transfers.

  29. I am having an issue with 3.0RC. I have installed it in a VMware VM running Windows 7 64 bit where it works with no issues. However, on my host machine, also running Windows 7 64 bit, when I launch the application, the display is an amalgamation of the part of the different windows that are currently open on the desktop. (see attached image).

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled without any change. I then proceded to uninstall 3.0RC, rebooted my laptop, deleted all remnants of TeraCopy, and reinstalled the application. Unfortunately, I still see the same issue.


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