TeraCopy 3 beta



  • Queue transfers for the same physical drive.
  • Wait for network or device recovery.
  • Insufficient space warning.
  • Save checksums to a file.
  • Panama, Tiger, RipeMD and Whirlpool hash methods.
  • Support for CRC32 in the file name.
  • Better reports (html and csv format).

File list:

  • Show skipped/failed/transferred items only [Pro].
  • Remove all transferred files [Pro].
  • Keyboard navigation and menu.
  • Error messages below file names.


  • Progress in the taskbar.
  • Windows 8/10 notifications.
  • ‘Rename all older target files’ mode.
  • Replace mode and hash options.
  • Timer in the replace dialog.

Download: newer version available.

74 thoughts to “TeraCopy 3 beta”

  1. Yes! Thanks for the update. Is installing and will report bugs and suggestions.

  2. Start of TeraCopy is much longer than before (so work with files starts slower), it is the first thing i have mentioned. Will be testing further 🙂

    Also TeraCopy doesn’t handle files operation when a drag and drop files from archive (WinRAR for example), they are handled by Windows 🙁

    1. The reason for this could be a slow connect to WMI services. Try running wbemtest.exe from command line and click Connect button. It should be instant, try to restart your PC if not. I’ll think about how to cache this information, it’s required for mapping logical to physical drives.

      1. Connecct through wbemtest.exe is instant but start of TeraCopy near 3 seconds (Win 7 SP1 Ultimate and program files including TC on SSD).

          1. I too have the same slow teracopy start up with this new beta. I’m coming from v2 final to this new beta and it is very slow in starting up for a copy, like 3 seconds like SlayerM mentioned. Sent the 3 TeraCopy.tx* files also. Hope it helps.

  3. Still TeraCopy can not copy files to network mapped locations. Teracopy: “Unknown device (L:)” and then “Target: The system cannot find the the path specified”. My Network drive is a NAS drive, copying works fully e.g. with Windows Explorer and Total Commander. But not at all with Teracopy. Secondly, TeraCopy launch takes “ages” on my Windows 10. Way longer than e.g. Microsoft Office apps…

      1. Did as requested, looking forward to response and analysis 🙂

      2. I am using the beta on win 7 x64.
        Using Synology network shares and have no troubles with copying the files.
        Fast start too.

      3. Uninstalled TC 3.0b1 completely, reboot, install TC 2.3. No copy issues between Synology SMB shares and Windows 10 x64 (admin)!

    1. Also here on Windows 10 x64, same situation! Teracopy runs as service, .exe as admin. Worked for some days but now get the same error message. Doesn’t change any system setting but got a big update from Synology for my NAS (the mapped network drives)!

  4. Just to let you know that Norton classifies the beta download as a virus and auto deletes it, maybe you should look into that.

  5. This Beta is promising–it’s actually working without crashes for me, unlike the previous Alpha’s. I really like the idea of saving checksums to a file after a copy/move however it doesn’t appear to be working. When setting-up a copy or move, I go to the Options tab and enable “Save checksum file on finish” (with MD5 or CRC32 selected), however no file is generated. How should this function?

    Also, I notice that there is an option “Save checksums” in the right-click context menu of the panel, and it generates an MD5 file in the source location–sometimes it is actually populated with the MD5 hash, other times it does not have the hash value.

    Currently testing on Windows 10 Pro 64-bit.

  6. How to disable floating window notification in Windows 8.1 Pro on the Right top corner ?

    1. I support this,those floating notifications are annoying as hell.

    2. Would these notifications be more bearable on the long transfers only (more then 10-30 seconds)?

  7. There is no option to change the colour of the progress bar by default which is in “Yellow”.

    1. Yeah, t would be nice to be able to either customize the progress-bar colour, or at least inherit it from Windows to better fit in with the OS UI.

  8. “Replace all older files” is now in the “More” submenu? 🙁

    That is the most common copy option I use, and one of the main reasons I love Teracopy. Any chance it can be moved into the main set of option buttons (or even better, allow users to select which options they want as main buttons)?

    1. I would like “Skip All” to be the default, as I’ve requested before. So
      the most accommodating solution would be to be able to select any one of
      these options as your personal default and have it remembered for each
      launch of TeraCopy (rather than reverting to “Show dialog on filename
      collision” each launch). This is important, because if you are carrying
      out lots of copying it is very annoying to have to always open the
      bottom panel, click on the Options tab, and then open the dropdown list
      to select your desired option. It may be tolerable if you only do the
      occasional copy, but quite unacceptable (far too many mouse clicks) if
      you perform many copy operations.

  9. I have installed the latest beta, but the application does not start. The previous aplha worked. I’m running Win10 64bit.

  10. I used to be on Windows 7 x64, but as soon as Windows Updates got Windows 10 upgrade ready, Teracopy has needed 10 seconds to wait before processing. That’s including SSD to SSD or even HDD via USB 3.0. Previously, before the Win10 upgrade, Teracopy would start instantly.
    Unchecking “Check For Free Space” doesn’t make a difference.
    Unplugging my external drives to copy from SSD to SDD in my desktop will take about 5-7 seconds to start the process. When the external drives are plugged in, every drive takes a turn spinning up then stopping.
    I’m a single user on a home desktop. No guest or extra accounts, not on a server. Always have been Admin.
    Win10 UAC is different, I’m learning. On Win7 with UAC disabled, it was no issue.
    I’ve set Teracopy to run as admin at all times from right-clicking on it and setting it to run as admin.
    I have also completely uninstalled Teracopy, rebooted, then installed the newest beta.

    1. This version queries WMI during start to map disk volumes to physical drives. Looks like this causes significant delays on many systems. Next version will store and re-use this data.

      1. The issue has actually gone away after removing Comodo Firewall.
        I previously had Comodo Firewall installed and Windows 10 disabled it partially, after the upgrade. I could not re-install Comodo and had to a full uninstall with Revo Uninstaller.
        Now TeraCopy 3.0 beta works instantly.
        It seems there’s a lot to fix once upgrading to Windows 10. The entire system is crippled.

  11. Teracopy beta can’t handle my copy if i copy file it always windows default copy dialog not teracopy

  12. I’m using Windows Server 2016 Preview 5 on my home server and getting a message of “Free version of TeraCopy is not permitted on server systems”

    I have a paid copy of TeraCopy 2, will that fix this issue with the 3.0Beta?

  13. Dr. Web Security Space 11 detects Trojan.Muldrop6.42990 during the installation process in the following folder – C:program filesteracopyis-XXXXX.tmp, where is XXXXX – random symbols.
    If I stop protection while installing and restart it after the installation has been completed, Dr. Web detects the same trojan in C:program filesteracopyteracopy.exe

  14. Moving files (“cut” not “copy”) is doing always by Windows, not by TC 🙁

  15. I like what I see so far. I’m replacing my 2.3 with the Beta as my defaul copy handler now.

    Regarding the last post by SlayerM (cutting/moving by Windows on the same partition) I guess that’s intended. If not, please keep that anyway since it’s desired and much faster to let Windows move just changing the index entries).

    On the contrary I’d like to suggest an option for TC that a copy on the same partition can be made by creating hardlinks since it’s similar fast like the aforementioned moving by Windows.

    (This could be a unique feature for TC. AFAIK no filemanager or copy utility offers that so far).

  16. I ran into a situation a few minutes ago with TeraCopy Pro 2.3. I was consolidating a large number of files in various directories into a single directory, and there was a number of duplicate files in the move. My options are Overwrite, All, or Older Only. I would like an additional possibility: Checksum matches. If two files are identical, I still want to move them, regardless of which copy is older. By the same token, I don’t necessarily want to destroy an older, non-identical file. And I don’t want to individually approve some 500+ files after checking them by eye.

    Does this sound like a useful feature?

  17. Minor quibble concerning the UI design. I liked it better when 2.x Teracopy showed for the transferring file xxx of xxx files and x.x GB out of x.x GB. Now it’s just counting down the files and data amount without showing the total.

    I hope you change that back.

  18. I am holder of a license Pro from June 2015.

    So far Teracopy had always gone very well. both XP and Win7 Ultimate. I
    had to reinstall the system (Win7 Ult) and therefore Teracopy.

    The version 2.3, and TeraCopy too , however, no longer carries out copying and closes in
    mid-operation. I installed, always as an administrator, the Beta version
    and the opening gives me error (see attached report).

    Only difference from before is that I have installed antivirus software –
    that were in conflict since the latest updates – but only Microsoft
    Security Essentials. I also installed Total Commander, but I
    never use it to copy files, except when I want to synchronize folders.
    Error screenshot in Codesector Help Desk

    Thanks for the help, why should it need to urgently restore the data files stored on another disk.

    (Translated by Google)

  19. Two more for the file list.

    Clicking in the scroll bar on the right above or under the “cursor” should work like pageup and pagedown, not jumping to the destination you click in the bar.

    It’s good that the file list generally is static (for selection or other tasks)

    But it would also be nice to have back the automatic scroll to the file which currently is transferring. I’d imagine a button similar like the verify one for scrolling on/off would be useful.

  20. The icons inside the program look blotchy on high DPI screens, I imagine they look smoother on lower resolution screens.

      1. Windows scaling is set to 150%. My monitor is a 3840 x 2160, 27″ screen which means it has a DPI of 163.18.
        It sounds like Windows decides to use the 100% icon and scale it up instead of the 200% and scale it down -.-

  21. Thank you very much)! App TeraCopy SUPER!

    If you can PLEASE add function: Menu/Preferences ? “Hash test files with the same name” after click button “skip”. ???

  22. “Your service was Installed sucesfuly”

    should be:

    “Your service was installed successfully”

    1. In a few weeks. I’ve figured out a way to enumerate physical drives without WMI, so the main problem with this beta is solved.

      1. It would be nice to have a new beta soon if you’ve figured out the startup problem. I have often delays of 8 to 10 seconds for simple and small copy jobs.

  23. In my opinion, this new beta is just too darn slow to act when you do even the simplest copy or action. It takes up to 5 seconds to show the GUI and do the transfer…plus then verify. And the GUI look needs another do over I think to better smooth out things inc choice of colors. Looks awful at high DPI.

  24. If I am buying a teracopy licence, will this be lifetime/updates included?

    1. Nevermind, fount the option inside the 50% Discount blog post. 🙂

  25. For a long time I’ve been watching development of this
    application and further improvements and discussion in this thread and I can
    tell you guys, the developer (Oleg) is playing everyone for fools, at least it
    seem that way don’t expect any better speed of moving or copies with TeraCopy
    vs native windows function I don’t see it happening.

    You must see that the support in here next to non and he is just dragging his feet and everyone else
    with it, why not just discontinue this program
    and quit giving people hope for something that won’t happen, I’m sure anyone
    who paid for this would like to eventually use it and I mean sometimes in this

    Nonsense I tell you.

    1. I am using this tool since a very long time…
      It has some rough edges, windows integration is sometimes not working properly.
      About the speed … I can’t say for sure anymore, since I haven’t tested it for quite a while.
      But when I started using it, the speed was better than windows 7 copy.
      Especially for many many small files. (This was what I installed it for)

      But today I am not looking only on the speeds …
      I like it because of the management of your copy jobs.
      Checking the files after copy, pausing, skipping, etc pp.
      I am not yet running windows 10, so I don’t know how well the native function there is working.

      I can’t tell anything about the support, since I never contacted him.
      Is this even a full time dev group?

      If you know any alternatives to this one, giving the potability to manage your copy queue, I have a open ear for you.

      1. Wait, I have started using this on XP. There was the copying of many smaal files very slow.
        Don’t know windows7/8/10…

  26. I’ve been using Teracopy alpha versions for a while. I upgraded to Beta 1 about a week ago, but all of a sudden today it told me “Trial copy expired” and refuses to load. Any time I try to load it (or copy a file with it), I simply get a “Trial copy expired” message, and that’s it.

    I tried uninstalling and re-installing to no avail.

  27. Windows 10 Pro 64bit, intel
    Copying to a mapped network drive (Z:) with {skip all} enabled.
    All timestamps on source files are reset to 1970-jan-1 01:00 am.

  28. Pause button is broken, when clicking on it, the button disappears and TeraCopy does not pause.

    Also, the choice of “Copy” or “Move” should be presented while the file list is built, and not after the file list is ready. If you’re copying a large amount of files (several hundred thousand) then it can take several minutes to build the file list.

    If multiple panels are open and expanded, and you try to resize the window vertically by dragging the top of the window, the window changes vertical size.

    If you have multiple panels open, expand one panel, resize vertically to show more, the panel expands. That’s as expected. However when you then expand another panel, the window grows considerably, possibly spilling out of the desktop area. Instead I think the other expanded panel should shrink a bit (though of course an expanded panel should have a minimum size).

    1. Also, if you specify a non-existing directory as the Target, it will just fail on all the files, rather than asking if you want the directory to be created.

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