Cyber Monday sale

Starting now, and running through Monday November 30th, we are offering 50% off all our software.

The fine print:
– After you purchase TeraCopy Pro it may be used indefinitely.
– Upgrades to future versions of the software will be free for the lifetime of the product.
– TeraCopy Pro is licensed per user, so if more people are going to use TeraCopy Pro you will need to purchase additional copies.
– Each license allows installation on all owned computers, and TeraCopy Pro may be used at exactly the same time on each of them.
– Transfer of a license to another owned computer is allowed.
– License activation isn’t required.

27 thoughts to “Cyber Monday sale”

    1. It does say above that “Upgrades to future versions of the software will be free for the lifetime of the product”

      1. yes but in my experience “major releases” does not share the same licence. Can we have a feedback from the owners please? Thanks.

        1. I’m using the 3Alpha and the code I purchased works. However, even without that evidence the statement is very clear and says “lifetime of the product” and “All future releases” How could that possibly be any clearer? I’m sorry if you’ve had poor past experiences with purchasing software in the past, but if you don’t believe those statements above then I don’t see how anything else the developer says will convince you since your question is already answered..

          1. but no joy if you’re an XP user as the newer version doesn’t support it. another reason to upgrade to Windows 7.. i don’t like the look of Windows 10 even if its being given away for free (with future upgrades being $).

  1. Lucky timing. Just checked to see if there was an update to the 3.0alpha3 I’d been testing, and not only found alpha 4, but a sale on the pro version. Obviously the sale was too good to pass up.

  2. I
    just purchased this deal using PayPal. I got a receipt back from
    BitsDuJour and PayPal, but I cannot find a key code to unlock the
    software in either receipt. Is it coming in another email? I tried using the key recovery feature on your website, but it could not find my name in the database.

    1. Same thing for me. It sends me a “download link” which just goes to the codesector web site. No key in sight. How do I get my key?

      1. I am beginning the think that since this promotion was extended for another day (from yesterday according to BDJ) that someone didn’t get the message, hence the email receipts without any registration code section. I’ve sent a query to BDJ through their Contact Us link at the bottom of their promotion page, but have not received any reply.

        1. Dave, BitsDuJour actually contacted me and provided my serial number. If they haven’t contacted you about this I would send them an email. They were proactive in fixing it for me.

    2. You should have received an email from BDJ titled “BitsDuJour Software Receipt” that has the download link and also registration information in a shaded box that you can copy and paste into the registration field of the program.

  3. i am quite alarmed at the lack of support and the number of reported bugs / problems with the TeraCopy product. I have previously used Microsoft RichCopy (freeware) without issue. I fear that TeraCopy isn’t going to run without issues..anything short of 100% reliability is just not good enough.. I still use XP and see that the new version 3 doesn’t support it. I’m disappointed as i just purchased this product. But i may install Windows 7 and dual boot with XP some time in the near future.

    1. You do realize that update support for Windows XP has ended, and that it will not be patched for any new vulnerabilities found? There’s a reason why software developers are no longer supporting it as an OS.

  4. I have bought Teracopy Pro license for Teracopy Pro 2.3 (2014). Do I have to buy new upgrade license for 3.0?

        1. Yes I can, maybe my english is weak but I did not found answer. Is it so hard to just answer my question? Or do not, I propably stick with v2 while I lost my interest for v3 day by day.

  5. When will you put a switch or eliminate, the feature, that copies all my Jpg’s files to its own personal file?

  6. i have 2.3 installed on XP but sometimes i can’t disconnect an external drive letter before i shut says that there is an open handle and gives the file name TeraCopyExt.dll.

  7. I’d like to buy Direct Folders, but as you have ignored all the bug fix requests and haven’t updated it in over 4 years I’m not bothering.
    It’s a shame of your stance on this software, I couldn’t use my PC without it, but your lack of support and updates prevents my purchase…even at 50% 😉

  8. Oleg, thank you for TeraCopy. I’ve been using 2.3 as a copy replacement for Windows file copy almost a year. I see in 3rc signed the binaries, great! After installing 3rc, SysInternals shows the DLLs still highlighted pink for issues with the signature. Probably because publisher and Description are missing, but that’s just a guess.

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