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  1. I really can’t wait for TeraCopy 3 to be completed! I’m looking for the feature list and…WOW! Amazing! Congratulations guys!

    1. Me too. Windows explorer works fine for most things, who needs tabs when you’ve got multiple windows. But the copy/move lacks any control, and then when it asks what to do with duplicate files … Nobody can make sense of those new dialogs in W10 as you should be able to at a glance. I can’t believe how badly designed it is. TeraCopy is as clear with it as can be. If it were just that it would already be reason enough to switch. 🙂

  2. Can you do a port to Mac OS X? 😀
    I’m not a fan of apple, but land up having to support them and copy lots of stuff to/from and REALLY, REALLY miss having TeraCopy to do it properly/efficiently.
    So after you’ve completed TC3, could do a port later? Even if it had just the basic 2.3 functionality… it would make using macs a lot more tolerable! lol

      1. Damn… It seems like you have to pay EVERYTHING when using Apple stuff eh! 🙁
        I’ll give it a trial…
        It would be nice have a free + pro bit of software to do it tho 😉

        1. But.. but.. you’re Rich! Besides that TeraCopy also costs for the Pro edition (which is well worth it).

          1. LOL! I WISH!!! :'(

            Having the free AND pro versions is a very nice setup that we enjoy more so in the PC world… Helping people out plus earning some beer tokens rather than just thinking about the money… Humans can be very kind and generous.

          2. Freemium is actually a good business model, not sure what stops companies from using it. Found recently an interesting online task planner, but did not shared it with my friends because it only has a trial version. Free version really helps spreading the word about your product.

          3. Freemium is a fickle mistress, give too many functions to the free crowd and they won’t need to upgrade; too few abilities of the free version, and they complain and look for something else.

  3. I didn’t try tera copy 3 yet , but after using the great teracopy 2.3 for a long time now , I am missing a very important option at my opinion , When coping a large number of files (say 20000 files) , after completing the test the program find some errors (say 150 files) , after pressing cleanup i have to manually copy every corrupted file after looking at its location , which is so unpractical , we need a button to re-copy all the failed files automatically !

  4. I had an issue recently copying to a NAS where halfway through, the NAS would drop the shared drive completely. 3.0alpha4 hung at that point. New NAS is working fine, but “yanking the cat5 cable” would be a good test for you. Also, I’d like some verification that the “Verify” is actually doing something. Does it check as it goes, check at the end, what? I can’t tell.

    1. I have the same issue for years with my Netgear ReadyNAS. It only happens with really large copies though, as in going on for at least half an hour. All the shares are dropped.

      The only solution that seems to work is to reboot the NAS. Thankfully I can still get to the management interface from the same PC running TeraCopy.

  5. I don’t know if this is already done, or if it’s more of a research project: dynamically variable thread count. So if it sees it has 100,000 or more files, it trys copying with 10 threads, 20, 40, whatever, for the first five percent of the files. Sees which garners higher speeds, then moves towards that. Maybe checks again if the nature (size) of the files changes. Recently did a copy of 4 million image files from a security camera, I’m sure it could have been tuned in this method as they were all right about the same size.

  6. I tried version 3 beta 4, AND I dont need or like all the GUI (I am again back to V2.27 “Not Pro”. WHY?
    It takes up too much deskstop space and the graphics makes me want to study each of the transactions way too much most of the time.
    I realize HUGE directory transfers will be better now along with other issues but How about a settings radial I can click ON/OFF
    that keeps it simple as in the infamous STUPID policy? Maybe I just have come too use to its former slim like appearance and most here are accustom to lots of Bloat….Any thoughts Folks/Codesector

  7. will we be able to trigger a move/copy to selection with an incomplete formated command?
    I remember I was once able to by omitting the target, when I tried that last I received only an error message however.

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