TeraCopy 3 Pro Crack

If you’re searching for a TeraCopy 3 Pro crack, you’ve come to the right place. Because the Pro version of TeraCopy 3 doesn’t exist yet. We feel really sorry for people who waste their time downloading TeraCopy 3 from pirate sites. In the best case you’ll get some name (not yours) in the about dialog – that’s all the difference. In the worst case, you’ll get a virus or a malware. So, save your time and just download TeraCopy from the official site: codesector.com/downloads.

6 thoughts to “TeraCopy 3 Pro Crack”

  1. any improvements to the GUI…?
    O_o… I liked the old one better…

  2. Haha. That post got me curious. Anyway looking forward to the new version when it is ready. I am happy to have paid for the Pro version when it was on sale. I use Teracopy everyday and it is one of the my most trusted and regular software in my pc.

  3. I’ve paid for Teracopy a few days ago but haven’t received a license. I’ve created a help ticket and posted to Facebook for help, but nothing. Do I need to go the “public” route, or will you let me be legitimate?

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