TeraCopy 3.0 alpha 3

What’s new:

  • Moving files.
  • Delete/wipe files: youtu.be/MD7uVEofY0U.
  • Create a new folder with selected items using Explorer context menu: youtu.be/qwGwf779D1Q.
  • Select hash method for testing files.
  • Verify against hash in clipboard: youtu.be/geLuL2PE2_I.
  • Accept ‘license’ file from application folder (useful for portable version).
  • Fixed panels auto close bug.

Not present in this alpha version: file list, overwriting files.

Download: newer version available.

22 thoughts to “TeraCopy 3.0 alpha 3”

  1. Clean Install: none of the issues that plagued alpha 2

    BIG BUG REPORT: Very initial testing so i will need to test some more (currently doing important file copy’s so more will have to wait), however when doing a Copy operation (might happen in other cases, more testing required) I minimized the window, did some other things then unminimized it, at this point only the actual buttons seem to be valid area’s, otherwise when I tried to click on the title bar to move the window (works before minimize), it acts like its not there and I started running programs on my desktop that where behind it!

  2. Interface doesn’t look normal/good when Aero is not activated in Windows (i use Win7 x64 with classic theme).

  3. The command line interface seems to have problems with non English letters which are UTF-8 encoded in the file handed over to TeraCopy. The following three lines don’t work. I tried to make it work since TeraCopy 2.27, so it’s not speific for TeraCopy 3.0 alpha 3.

    Z:My SeriesAliasAlias S01E05 Doppelgänger.avi
    Z:My SeriesAliasAlias S03E15 Façade.avi
    Z:My SeriesAliasAlias S04E07 Détente.avi

    See attached screen shot.

    1. Ok, now… my fault. After I changed the format of the file, which I handed over to TeraCopy, to UTF-16 format using the little endian byte order, it worked at least with Russian and Thai characters…

  4. sooooo, is it safe to use for normal copypaste or movepaste task? does the write over and ask to replace older only work?

    i’ve been running 2.27 because 2.3 task manager not always work well (windows vs TC copymovepaste tasks)

    1. It should be safe, but still it’s better to copy important files instead of moving. File Replace dialog is not ready yet, so this version will just skip files in case of conflicts.

  5. I noticed that when copying or moving files with the v3 alpha that the taskbar progress indicator is no longer present. Can this be added back to the code as this was very useful in a multi-iwindow environment. Thanks

  6. After copying 7GB with photos with Test checked it froze after Verify pass – displaying Verifying 1287 item(s) in 2006, 0 s left
    Not sure whet it is – the program is working but it wont’s close that session – there is a scamm filled circle inside circle in fron of the text.

    Both “stop” for the session and “X” (close) for the program don’t respond

  7. I use the 3 apha 3 (pro licensed)… I’m in trouble, the file list is empty…

  8. Do you need any help in programming this ? The progress is really very slow. So maybe i can help.

  9. I feel the older design in version 2.3 beta 3 was ok, at last for me, now it crash very often, anyway i wil wait till next releases, also now favorites folders are not easy to keep, or maybe i’m too dumb to understand how it work.

  10. I already bought the TeraCopy Pro to support you guys half a year ago. Do you have an update for us? Thanks, Tommy

  11. I use 2.3 beta 3, and will not test till final release of then new 3.0 is out, no news?

  12. I love the new design of Teracopy but having too many problems with the Alpha 3, so have had to uninstall 🙁

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