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  1. Sorry to be pedantic… but it’s spelt ALPHA, other then that – It looks great 🙂

    1. Perhaps Code Sector was eating alfalfa sprouts while choosing a name for their new release?

  2. looks better than the current version, but a bit too ios/mac-ish to me, it will be jarring on the ‘flatness’ of windows 8 and above…

  3. Wow, I find this literally 2 hours after the 50% off sale. Great software. Any chance of an extension on the sale? 😀

  4. Personally I don’t like it – it doesn’t fit the windows look – flat and square.

      1. Hehe that’s what I meant – the rounded edges do not fit the flat, square look of windows.

  5. Love the new design. I was just about to suggest a throughput history graph. I had no idea there was a 50% sale. I saw the twitter pics so I came here and saw the sale. Picked up two more licenses.

  6. Is there something funky going on with the teracopy 3 alpha? Kaspersky is deleting the file immediately after it appears on my drive. Says there is a nasty Trojan in the executable.

  7. Too much customization to the UI, I think it’s better to keep aligned with the OS native UI for buttons, checkboxes, progress bars, and other controls. Anyway, congratulations for making the best file-copy utility on earth.

  8. The design looks nice, and the concept for multiple simultaneous download is great but I think you must let the system give the appearance to the windows and use native libraries for this. This will ease your work and let you focus in what makes TeraCopy the great program it is: Performance and ease to use. Please focus your work more in the engine that in the design, optimize your engine for the different scenarios the program must face, like the different media (HD, SSD, Flash, Ethernet LAN, WiFi) and different processes like copy/move in same partition, different partitions, hard drives, ect.
    Long Life and success.

    1. Absolutely agree with this. Don’t do the same mistake many other developers do and put too much time on the visual than on the inside. Everybody have opinions on the appearance, so let the current theme in the OS decide the appearance. And give everything to make this the best copy handler there is.
      Your work is much appreciated!

    2. There is no native control for progress bar with text or graph inside, for example. And sometimes it’s easier to make your own control than deal with native one 🙂 Anyway, now it uses Direct 2D (faster, no flickering) and easily customisable.

      1. Greetings Mr. Oleg.
        Thank you for all the hard work you give to this program. I am not a computer programmer. But I have to handle files from several media to store and burn them since I find myself the only one in my family who feel comfortable doing this job so I have to manage in a certain way all the data at home.
        I did not knew the progress bar for example was a custom made app. I really love the three colored progress bar and I also like this wonderful program to calculate if there is enough space to move data. This program is a wonderful replacement to the copy/move main explorer.

      2. Progress windows should be tabbed or as they are now: on top of each other – this strange win8 one, with multiple windows one under previous is unusable.

  9. Please dont remove CRC32. It already included in my file name, so easier to check if they is same with source or not. Please, make it option. Dont remove it. CRC is stable and reliable enough for error checking. Please…

  10. – I always select “Always tests after copy” but I see no visual indication that it is doing this. Nothing in the message log, nor the ‘old-style’ CRC values for source|destination with little green ticks. I can’t even see the sort of disk activity that suggests it’s verifying in the background. Am I missing something?

    – “An MD5 verification manifest/logfile in the destination folder would be perfect for eDiscovery/Forensics work.”. I see this is in… awesome. Now shut up and take my money 😉

    1. Yes, I agree, that should be corrected. Not a giant deal, but should be corrected anyway.

  11. Would be great if the complete (or reduced) filelist and the file-states (copied, skipped due to >255 characters, etc.) would be available/evaluable after copying and moving, or certain commands/operations can be used on files with certain (selectable) states.
    e.g. I would like to zip files which get skipped due to >255characters and
    copy them zipped to the network-location next to the other files.
    New Version looks promising, great Teracopy evolves..!

  12. I don’t know what everyone’s issue is with spicing up a UI. I think it makes an app look more professional to pretty much anyone except programmers and developers. Especially considering that ‘flat’ is hands down the worst trend ever in UI design. Ten years from now we’re gonna look back and all this flat crap is going to be like the Zubaz or parachute pants of UI design.

    1. Just installed Windows 10 and little shocked. Honestly, Microsoft, this is not the ‘flat’ design, this is ’10 years old with Paint’ design!

  13. I love the new design. I don’t think it looks iOS at all. It looks great. There is some depth without being overdone. Sparse use of color. Without trying to be argumentative, I don’t see how this design is “jarring.” I’m not even sure how a clean design, even one that doesn’t use native controls, can be jarring.

    Keep up the great work and I’ve love to use the new designs beta when released.

  14. not nice leave the old design in there so customer can choose himself what he want, i tried out version 3.0 alpha, terrible to be honest i simply try to cut a file and copy it elsewhere…it did not do that…it can not cut a file…the way v3.0 alpha works sucks big time with the tabs 2.3 is very good when you copy and it is finished it closes DONE! v3.0 alpha does not do this it’s a mess to be honest tried out for 3-4 days than i got really sick of it reinstalled 2.3 will stick with that…from 2.3 to vXXX it will probably go downstream, useless changes that nobody wants besides the creator of the soft

    1. I hope you sir reading job offers more carefully than this blog, otherwise you can find yourself in a job like in this photo.

      “This car really sucks, no aircon and radio doesn’t turns on..”

  15. It looks gorgeous. As long as the UI is consistent with functionality, I go for it.If it is faster with the Direct 2D framework, it is even better.

  16. Hi Oleg.
    Do you need any translators for your app? I can contribute with translation to Swedish if necessary. Or have you intended to do an English-only app?

  17. As long as it still verifies copies!!! I rely on your work since x64 NTFS drivers change file contents when copying big stuff.


  18. Whats Obsidium?

    I found reg entries, a AppData folder,

    AND the


    was modified to add a entry for Obsidium…
    the creation/modifying time stamps place it right after my trial install of

    TeraCopy v3…. I didn’t like the new UI or the missing CRC32 checksum, data MD5 checksums would be much better just they need to be shown..

    so out of concern I AXED all Obsidium entries on my system…

    as they say I RUN A TIGHT SHIP!

  19. Will the previous UI no longer be available? You mention in the comments it’ll be easily customisable, is that via options dialog to change things like colour…or do we have more control via a language?

    Some of it looks pretty nice, though the switch component seems a bit big. Is there an advantage over regular button or checkbox/settings? Quite likely personal preference but the error red is a bit strong, softening up the colour and a little rounded corners would be neat. The ‘Retry’ button looks completely out of place and damaging to the aesthetic, I get these are alpha screenshots and not the final UI so hopefully that’ll be corrected.

    The bottom bar is grey with no separation to distinguish the individual UI elements, this doesn’t encourage usability and feels like interaction with those elements are disabled. Perhaps a light blue or teal with a corresponding darker colour or white for the text/icons will help that, alternatively giving the elements a border/bounding-box/separator could push them out to clarify the separation.

    The tabs, progress bars, icons, result list otherwise all look pretty great 🙂 I find it a little confusing that there is additional close/minimize buttons in the UI as well as the native ones, is the progress/copy component going to be stacked with multiple ones? Or are you intending to remove native OS decorations and make the app frameless/chromeless? I’ve done the latter with some apps in the past but I’m not sure if it’s suited for the user base of TeraCopy, that would probably be pushing the boundaries a bit with the design/professionalism. If you’re not going chromeless and the action buttons are not for multiple component instances, then I’d be confused as to why they’re there in the first place(again it’s alpha screens and you seem to be just trying things out so it’s hard to provide solid feedback).

    Watched the video, it’s for multiple instances it seems, it’s not clear UX wise(or necessary?) until you add another one. A ‘Cancel’ button I feel would be more appropriate, or presenting the ‘x’ button a little differently, especially not with similar window controls like ‘minimize’ which adds to the confusion. Was there a reason/benefit that separate instances was scrapped in favour of the merged one?

    1. Dimensions and paddings, colors/gradients, rounded corners.. The bottom buttons looks a little better on semi-transparent background (like in Chrome browser). Will make them a little brighter.

      Good idea about hiding the close button if there is a single instance only.

      Stacked UI is more familiar for users (used now in Windows and Mac) and it’s easier to control multiple transfer operations inside one app than use inter-process communications.

  20. I often use Teracopy not just for copying but to verify that files are the same in two different folders by using the test functionality with CRC checks. This is _really_ useful but somewhat cumbersome and not that straightforward in the current version, naturally since the program is made for copying at firsthand.

    But it would be great if you could make and enhance a “test mode” of Teracopy since i believe a lot of people would find it really useful to be able to check the “correctness” between files in two different folders with the help from a nice GUI for it, “statistics” after the check (which files differs etc) and checksums. The best checksum method you know of that doesn’t have to/should not (?) be CRC. Would be great with different options for the checksum method. What do you think?

    Thanks for great efforts so far!

  21. I downloaded teh ALpha build but I think you need to make it better with verification:
    When it completes if you select “Run Test when complete” There is list test like an .sfx it seems to make an .md5 you never see.

    I decided to use Teracopy vs Cloning the disk due to speed but at this rate it will take forever. Just a thought!

  22. If I buy TeryCopy2 now, can I upgrade to TeryCopy3 without extra fee or I’d better to buy it when TeraCopy3 has been realeased ?

  23. Ola tento instalar esta nova versão mas não consigo pois meu antivírus esta acusando vírus No Kaspersky Internet Security
    (Trojan-Dropper.Win32.Injector.lcmi) e no Avast (Win32:Malware-gen) se possível poderiam corrigir este problema para eu poder usar esta versão?

    Google Translation:

    Hello I try to install this new version but I can not because my antivirus accusing this virus
    In Kaspersky Internet Security
    Avast (Win32: Malware-gen)
    if possible could fix this problem so I can use this version?

  24. Ola tento instalar esta nova versão mas não consigo pois meu antivírus esta acusando vírus No Kaspersky Internet Security

    (Trojan-Dropper.Win32.Injector.lcmi) e no Avast (Win32:Malware-gen) se possível poderiam corrigir este problema para eu poder usar esta versão?

    Google Translation:

    Hello I try to install this new version but I can not because my antivirus accusing this virus

    In Kaspersky Internet Security



    Avast (Win32: Malware-gen)

    if possible could fix this problem so I can use this version?

  25. so Oleg, any ETA on the release on TC v3? or new alphabeta build’s?

    avira still point to download as malicious (taken care of that with an exception :p )

  26. Problem – TeraCopy & Total Commander (8.51a) with spaces in path of coping files/folders (v2.3 & 3.0 Alpha 2). Has solution?

    PS. In command line Total Commander –
    CopyMove *%L %T

  27. I decided to try out teracopy because windows 8.1 couldn’t handle long filenames well. It won’t let me copy. It only gave me options to skip and I had like 1.8g worth of long filenames apparently and theres no way of mass finding/sorting this out

  28. Too bad the author feels the need to make the UI follow the craptastic look of Windows Ate.

  29. Make it bigger, so I can see it filling my 3 monitors. C’mon, I will stay with the old one.

  30. I am having trouble with TeraCopy 3.0 2 . it is dropping out in the middle of copying and if there is already a file it comes up with errors on locks up. also you can not close the program. I sent this to customer sevive, but they did not get back to me.

  31. Please retain the 3-color progress bar (completed/written; read; to-go), and the current file progress bar at the top, near the overall progress bar.
    This allows the collapsed view to see the current file progress, as well as provides the full application width for it. This is especially important when copying multiple GB files.

  32. Please also do not remove the ability to choose the ‘File Exists…’ handling via a user-initiated menu. Having to wait until the application pops up a modal dialog is unacceptable because that could be hours into a large copy or move operation.

  33. Plea don’t remove the information displayed in the title bar. This is very valuable to be able to see on the taskbar. High information density is one of the reasons I use your software so much, and is probably very important to your target demographic or power users.

  34. Basically: Please do not remove any features or information display that currently exists in v2.3xx!
    I have seen many applications sacrifice information display and functionality in the name of a ‘clean look’ or ‘modern’ interface, but I am certain that the customers of this program care far more about information and functionality than beauty or ‘cleanliness’ of the UI.
    Sorry for the post -blasting, but I have 2 Pro licenses, and use TeraCopy every day. I will gladly pay more (or again) for a new version that performed better, as long as it retained all of the features. Otherwise, what’s the point of a new version since the old one works so well?

  35. Love Teracopy – unfortunately I get confused by the new UI – also it takes too much space on screen – I immediately reinstalled 2.3 again

  36. You new product doesn’t support XP, you suck! Now I need to spend an hour of my precious time reverse engineering your crappy work and fix it so the rest of the world can use your shitty product.

    1. Support what? 13 years old system, not supported by Microsoft 6 years already?

      How did you fix it exactly? I would like to learn more about your marvellous work.

  37. Ok, so I just gave 3.0 Alpha a try.

    And then removed it.

    1. Love your new look, BUT, I have to agree with others that losing several of
    the Ver 2 design elements left me at a loss of how to use it and what it was
    actually DOING.

    The new UI is kind of like the classic “Dumb Blond” – Pretty, but not
    very smart.

    Before you get angry and treat me like you did “johnny” (not very
    nice on your part, raise your Professionalism please), I’m NOT here to bash the
    product or your work, and neither are 90% who comment. We’re honestly trying to
    HELP you make a better product for all of us, and really DO appreciate your
    hard work.

    2. I think that, IMHO, you’re missing your target audience.

    The people who are drawn to this program are Techs & Pros of various sorts.
    The numerous comments about it having an ” iOS ” look, or bashing the
    new appearance, are people who are frustrated, as I was, by it’s complete lack
    of feedback. Ver 2 gave great feedback. I’d wager 90% of your audiences are
    Power Users. We’re control freaks, and want to see and control what’s happening.

    3. Orn Wilson pretty much summed up my feelings. Losing the drop down to choose
    action if “File Exists”, and the display at top are real game
    stoppers for me.

    4. Put back a menu button. Hiding the preferences in a menu that was designed
    for Windows 3.1 is absurd at best.

    5. It crashed numerous times on me. No problem, it’s an Alpha, I get it. I did
    not choose to share the crashes since I deal with business files that are

    Finally, I want to restate the importance of actually listening to the people
    that take the time to give you feedback. Mocking them is NOT the way to move
    forward. Most of them, (like me, who predates DOS) are professionals and Techs.
    Give them some respect.

    ROCKING product. Great work! Please give some thought to the changes mentioned,

    Peace Out, PuterPro

    1. 1,2. Most features from 2.3 will be implemented. Only some of them, like big progress bar, is already designed.

      3. It will be included in “Unattended mode” in Options tab.

      4. It will be added to title bar or status bar.

      5. Please try alpha 4. You can send only first part of the crush report, info about hardware and running apps usually useless anyway.

      Thanks for feedback, for some reason just got the notification about your comment.

  38. Anybody else having problems creating a copy of a file in the same folder? Kept throwing up an error.
    Other than that, slightly confusing with the multiple move/copy boxes and would definitely prefer a more classic-looking interface. Still enjoying the program though!

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  40. This new look is downright ugly. The buttons used to be available to just point and click without the application taking up too much screen space. Now I have to click on ‘More’ before clicking ‘Overwrite Older’. This is following suit with other software where the UI is just big, bulky, ugly, and not easy to navigate like it used to be (AVG, AVAST, Malwarebytes to name a few).
    I love Teracopy and what you have done with it and use it all the time. WAY better than Windows built in copy handler! However, I think I will be sticking with the older (less screen space taken up, buttons nicely laid out to just click, progress bars are reasonable size, etc.) version if this is how the new UI is going to look!

    1. ‘Overwrite Older’ can be selected by clicking on ‘Unattended’ checkbox, pretty much the same as before. Future versions will include a few themes with different sizes and paddings of UI elements.

  41. Why use so much customizable new controls?
    I didn’t like it… I just installed a new TeraCopy 3.2… but tomorrow I will go back to some older version.

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