TeraCopy 3.0 alpha

Feel free to test this new alpha version:

  • Faster copy, especially to/from network locations and with small files.
  • Single tabbed interface for multiple file transfer operations.
  • Copy files using elevated Windows Service and Volume Shadow Copy.
  • Unlimited number of files, the internal file list stored on disk instead of memory.
  • Create MD5 checksum filelist after copy.

Not present in this version: moving and deleting files, displaying/editing file list, overwriting files.

Download: newer version available.

Note: Temporarily removed auto-install of TeraCopy Windows service due to false alarms of antivirus software. If you want to try it, please run TeraCopyService.exe /install in Admin mode.

59 thoughts to “TeraCopy 3.0 alpha”

  1. How about a little clearer button labels when there are files that don’t match? A button that says something like “Recopy files that failed” or something like like. Just something really clear so people know to click that button to recopy just the files that failed.

    1. Yes, I’m thinking of some kind of a troubleshooter, with options to recopy files, restart in admin mode, copy ACLs, try to recover all valid blocks in failed files.

  2. Recently paid to support the cause. Love TeraCopy. Where should I post feedback for the alfa test? Here in the blog?

      1. not only kaspersky but I have bitdefender total security installed which detects it as trojan.

  3. Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 found out a Trojan-Dropper.Win32.Injector.lbuj and deleted the file.

        1. Apparently, Kaspersky and McAfee thinks that if an application installs Windows Service it’s a trojan for sure. I’ve removed this line and re-created TeraCop installer and suddenly trojan is gone:

          Filename: {app}TeraCopyService.exe; Parameters: /install; WorkingDir: {app}

  4. Downloaded teracopy3a.exe and BitDefender IS 2024 Security complained on install Gen:Trojan.Heur2.FU@a4M40Zbk

    1. Had same issue with BD-IS 2015. BitDefender support confirmed as false positive…and the issue will be within 72 hours fixed…

  5. Add a better graphical chart and some smooth animations. Windows’ built in file copy still has a better GUI. Some of us care for appearance just as same as the performance.

  6. Glad TeraCopy is still alive 🙂

    Some suggestions:

    Middle-click to close the tabs (most web browsers / tabbed interfaces do this)

    Better batch file / command line support with more options.

    E.g when calling from command line v2 would open an instance for each call. v3 with tabs kind of solves this. Being able to specify a file with a list of files and passing that as cmd line argument would be very nice. E.g. Unstoppable Copier does this. Format could be: source file path|target directory. It would make scripting backup jobs easier.

    1. Thanks, you can already specify a filelist by prepending “*”. For example:
      TeraCopy.exe Copy *C:Tempfilelist.cmd “C:My Documents”

      1. Thx, I know about that option. It allows for different source files, but they must go to the same target folder. I meant that you could have a list of different source files / folders and target folder. something like:

        c:tempfile 1.txt|d:temp
        c:filesfile 2.txt|d:filebackups

  7. version 2.3 repeatedly gave me an annoying 292 error. Is that one and its internal causes probably be remedied now in this alpha? Thanks for an answer.

  8. suggestions: In 2.3 error 292 occurred and the pgm stopped with current file list obeviously lost (see lates post). Can you please catch such errors in a way that an automatically created and updated export file with successfully copied files to that point can serve as an input exclusion file for next round? Meaning that when the copy command is identically repeated after reopening the pgm, all the files in that exclusion file list are just skipped?

    Anyways, please integrate an easily accessible error list in the help function also giving some hintes for eventual work-arounds. I couldn’t find any details for my 292 error. Thanks.

  9. please provide a way to display the complete source resp. destination path in the pgm tab headline since theses might be very long in a NAS.

  10. new alpha version again: just got an “error trimming file” error according to shown bug report. Pgm crashed, at least could’t successfully skip problematic file in order to continue.

  11. Greetings and Happy New Year 2015.
    Avast Antivirus also detects this file (teracopy3a.exe) as a virus and deleted it once the download finished. Maybe because is in alfa development state, can not wait for further development. THank you for all your efforts.
    Long Life and success

  12. There seems to be an issue with the copied file’s last modified time. It’s minor, but makes a difference when comparing files based on last modified time and might affect the ‘overwrite older’ function of TeraCopy as well.


    {2014/12/22 03:41:48 PM}
    Date: {2014/12/22 12:00:00 AM}
    Day: 22
    DayOfWeek: Monday
    DayOfYear: 356
    Hour: 15
    Kind: Local
    Millisecond: 794
    Minute: 41
    Month: 12
    Second: 48
    Ticks: 635548597087943421
    TimeOfDay: {15:41:48.7943421}
    Year: 2014


    {2014/12/22 03:41:48 PM}
    Date: {2014/12/22 12:00:00 AM}
    Day: 22
    DayOfWeek: Monday
    DayOfYear: 356
    Hour: 15
    Kind: Local
    Millisecond: 794
    Minute: 41
    Month: 12
    Second: 48
    Ticks: 635548597087943456
    TimeOfDay: {15:41:48.7943456}
    Year: 2014

  13. Hi Oleg, I bought TC about a year ago and I’m very happy you’re developing it again. Top of my head a few suggestions for your consideration:

    more overwrite options, not only if newer but also
    if older
    if different size
    (maybe even a hash check “if identical”)

    provide an option for a “quick copy” if it’s an NTFS Volume for making a hardlink if the destination is on the same volume (similar like the quick moving on the same partition)

    provide keyboard shortcuts (alt something) for the overwrite/skip/etc messages for better keyboard usability (so you don’t need the mouse or to jump with Tab)

    That’s for now. I’m looking forward to the 3.0 version.

  14. Hi Oleg.
    Have not tried the new alpha version yet. But just wanted to say that I am really glad that you are working on a new version. Your work is very much appreciated! Have been using earlier version of Teracopy and I just love it. Will of course buy the pro version, just to support your work.
    Keep it up.

    Best regards,
    Mikael G

  15. Feature request: Close Tab using middle mouse button (like in every web browser)

  16. Is there a way to sort the file list so the copy operation occurs in some order? I have 100K+ files I need to copy with an ETA of 1.5 days and they are all sequentially numbered but the default behavior is copying them in a random order.

  17. Hi, I’m a free user. but when I use “TeraMove here” the process doesn’t start. “TeraCopy here” command works as intended. TIA.

    1. “Not present in this version: moving and deleting files, displaying/editing file list, overwriting files.”
      Can’t understand why people have difficult reading the information provided in the post. I feel sorry for the developer trying to pinpoint real bug reports, when people write garbage.

  18. Hello Oleg,

    great to see process! I wrote two bug/annoying fault entrys and never got a reply for 2.3 – unfortunately. I thought you stopped the development completely.

    Happy to see TC still lives. Might I suggest two things, still regarding v.2.3:

    1) Include unicode support for registration information. Absolute gibberish doesn’t look well placed in european names with ä, ö, ü etc.
    2) make the “embedding” in the explorer/desktop/contextmenus etc. based on a .dll and its own configuration file instead of registry entrys. This prevents reset or lost/forgotten “primary copying function” settings.
    I have the problem on two professional and reinstalled systems with Windows 7, it changes the “default copying function” from TC to WIndows file copy process every now and then if one switches between users or reboots.

    Thanks alot for your great tool!

    Best regards,

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  20. ive been using this for a while . and this software is pretty coool… i have a simple idea of a program i think it will a great one. if u guys are interested please send me info of contact details.. the idea is simple and could have a greater market..

  21. I bought a licence in support for Teracopy. I have used it for more than 4 years now. Thanks and keep up for the Teracopy 3

    1. “Not present in this version: moving and deleting files, displaying/editing file list, overwriting files.”.
      Maybe start with reading the information he provides about the alfa version?

  22. allow me to make some suggestion:

    1) copy / move files to new folders naming folder after name of source file using drag & drop
    fm x:folderfilename123.ext [timestamp: 12-01-2015 09:00:00]
    select file, drag&drop into elsewhere,
    then get option to:
    a) copy or move creating folder after filename
    b) keep timestamp of the file

    y:filename123 [timestamp: 12-01-2015 09:00:00]
    folder containing: filename123.ext

    2) copy / move Folders to [new] folders to another location using drag & drop
    option to keep the same timestamp of the original folder.



    select FolderABC FolderDEF
    copy or move to drive E:Subfolder1

    the new folders to have the same timestamp as the ones on drive D:

    3) context menu integration WIndows Explorer, Opus, Total Commander, etc

    keep up the good work!

  23. I tried to download teracopy3alfa.exe from the link above and it fails with this output:


    You don’t have permission to access /files/teracopy3alfa.exe on this

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an
    ErrorDocument to handle the request.

  24. Is there a chance the new version will allow the use of the features that version 2.x didn’t allow such as sometimes you cannot use the context menu to undo move or undo delete? That has been my only dislike with Teracopy.

  25. Avira gives a warning that the downloadable .exe contains a virus. Could you pls check that?

  26. it sucks tried it for 3-4 days the entire tabs system is a mess, it does not close after a copy is finished, the way it looks sucks as well, my question is …what have you done?? praise version 2.3

  27. i forgot to mention…1 positive thing but there is where the soft is made for to copy fast its a lot faster than previous version, the rest for me you can remove it i use the soft for to copy fast in an easy way not to have tabs , messy making it difficult and beautiful colors stick to where it is for

  28. It would be nice, i musn’t disable Teracopy when i’m copying locked file / system/ or when they’re in access… windows can do it… why teracopy can’t 🙁 please fix it. thank you

  29. Can’t copy the same file to 2 different destinations at the same time. The source file is locked until the first one completes.

  30. I know its clean, and I already white listed it but…

    McAfee VirusScan Enterprise, DAT 7709.0000 2/11/2015

    Artemis!F2B94A4C32FE Trojan

    Also tried reporting it to McAfee but… sometimes reporting to them is worthless from a user standpoint… at least its different from the previous detection!

  31. I’ve been testing the alpha and while it’s faster than the old version I still see memory issues (probably). I tried to copy 2 million files (mostly .jpegs and .pngs) with a size of around 1.3tb over night and in the morning teracopy was stopped in the middle of the operation and using around 1,5gb of memory (old version was sometimes up to 3gb when it stopped it’s operation).

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