Upcoming TeraCopy 3 features

A new version of TeraCopy is currently being rewritten from scratch. The goal is to make it faster and more extensible. Planned features include:

  • Unlimited number of files, keep file list on disk instead of memory.
  • Immediate start of copying instead of waiting for calculation of total files size.
  • Verify copied files with MD5/SHA-1 instead of CRC32, option to create .md5/.sha file list.
  • Show file list as browsable folders, show only failed files.
  • One window for multiple file transfer operations.
  • “Save bandwidth” mode

TeraCopy 3 beta is expected to be released early next year.

Update from December 7:

The new copy engine is ready and shows a good speed with both large and small files. Testing was done with a single 8 Gb file and 9 000 small files (300kb in size). In both cases speed was on a par or slightly faster than in Windows copy. MD5 hash calculation was on during the large file copy. Small files copying speed improved a lot after disabling Windows Defender.

Update from December 12:

TeraCopy now can avoid UAC prompts while reading files usually requiring elevation. This will eliminate possible ‘access denied’ errors in a middle of the copy process. For security reasons this feature will be available only to non-elevated administrators, users with a ‘standard account’ will still be required to start TeraCopy with admin privileges.

Update from December 17:

Copying using Volume Shadow Service is ready. Used usually in backup applications, it allows you to copy files locked by other applications.

58 thoughts to “Upcoming TeraCopy 3 features”

    1. If you decide to alter the appearance, please do NOT go the way of Microsoft (and others) who choose flat designs and colours that would make Teracopy more difficult to use one a daily basis. For example, Microsoft made a major change of appearance in Office 2013, and many users including myself found its new look and feel (including colour choices, or lack of them) so hard to live with that we reverted back to Office 2010 in order to maintain our efficiency and sanity.

      1. There is nothing inherently wrong wit he flat, simple loo, if it’s done well. It works well enough for users who only run a few taks at a time (which might be the great majority of users). However if you’re a “power user” and have many windows open on multiple monitors then using Windows 8’s default theme the window border/title colours were badly chosen and small windows can effectively disappear from sight inside larger windows, so it can be a major struggle to relocate particular windows across multiple monitors. I now use WindowBlinds (from Stardock) to make it all look similar to Windows 7, and it is much easier to use. Beauty is “in the eye of the beholder” of course, but in terms if usability I have been in the IT industry for about 45 years and, with a little modesty, think that I know a little bit about good versus not-so-good application design.

  1. Please don’t forget to add an option to copy “only bigger files” (the same way as “Only older files”. Thank you.

  2. That’s Great news, i thought my license was a waste :D, Thanks a lot guys for your efforts. I love Teracopy. <3

  3. “Immediate start of copying instead of waiting for calculation of total file size”
    Please make this feat optional or at least let us any way to toggle it off/on because I like to know in advance if there is enough room to fit the load since photo and video is tricky when stored in directories to keep them sorted.
    Please favor power and usability over beauty, simplicity over flamboyancy.
    I really enjoy TeraCopy.
    Long life and success in all your projects.

    1. Good point, I’m thinking of a button that will force start copy. For cases like copying entire disk to external drive, you don’t want to wait half a hour and then figure out that your drive plugged in USB 2.0 socket instead of 3.0.

  4. This is wonderful news!!! Hope to see XP still supported in which case i’ll gladly purchase a license! 🙂

  5. Thank you for the will and determination to change the software.
    I’m already happy with the changes promised that truly give a new era this darling software copying. Nonetheless I would like your permission provided suggestions to make the power advantage of future beta.
    – Please make our design more flat soft;
    – Reduce the memory usage in favor of the processor;
    – Edit an app purely for x32 architectures 32 and a soft x64 x64 architectures (ca will optimize code and operating side but especially the full use of Material Resources pc);
    – Avoid reading sources before any operations;
    – Improve the bug trigger procedures for rendres user friendly and very understandable;

    Thank you for your understanding and good development.

  6. I have been a avid user of teracopy for some time now.
    I would like to report a bug with current teracopy which I hope it can be fixed in upcoming version.
    Apparently, when teracopy is used as copy handler for NETWORK Transfer (such as //192.168.1.x ), the speed is effectively halved!

    I tested using two SSDs on two separate desktops with 1Gbps connection. With teracopy as copy handler, I only get 40Mb/s. With windows default copy handler, I get 95-98Mb/s which almost 1Gbps connection speed.

    My initial analysis shown teracopy actually did TWICE COPYING for network transfer instead of direct copy.

    1. I have a problem with Teracopy when marking two or more files in a shared folder using Explorer and then rightclicking on them, the explorer freezes for a minute. Can you confirm this?

      1. Yes, it freezes for few seconds (2-3 seconds) in my case when I select more than 1 file, then right click on them.

        Generally, I just use keyboard CTRL + C / V for copy paste stuff.
        >.< I more worry about the teracopy doing double copying on mapped network drive.
        In addition to error when extracting file from 7zip archieve.

    1. Thanks, I’ve found a better way to calculate hashes, so TeraCopy 3 will support MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256 and SHA-512 algorithms. First three should not delay copying process (tested up to 200 MB/s on i5 processor).

  7. I use Teracopy in conjunction with Directory Opus. When I use Teracopy to copy or move anything, the dialog box doesn’t start off minimized even though I have unchecked the “always on top” option in the file menu. I have to manually minimize the dialog every time I use it. Can you fix this in an upcoming version?

  8. Oh cool – an update! The silence has been deafening, but it’s good to see you’re still working on this great project!

    Possible fixes to implement:
    1) Not sure if it was ever fixed in a beta, since I’m still on 2.27 I think? When copying something, then copying something else to the same folder, if TeraCopy is already to the test phase it doesn’t copy those files. It adds them for testing, but doesn’t copy them.

    2) I would prefer “always open a new copy window” as an option, since sometimes I am copying lots of little files and also a few big files, and sometimes the newest file to copy is most important. This might not seem like a big issue unless you consider a scenario like copying 190GB of footage to a USB3 external, plus 400,000 time lapse webcam shots. Suddenly you have to leave an hour early, or maybe you just didn’t realize how long 400k webcam shots would take – but with the option to have separate copies, I could’ve had two windows open, and then paused the webcam shots and allowed the footage to complete on time.

    3) TeraCopy crashes on volumes with large numbers of files. Could be lack of memory (though I have 32GB…) or could be something else. I had a camera take 2MP shots and compress/save them to an HDD for a while… 6 shots per minute, 8640 shots per day… TeraCopy was not able to properly copy 6,000,000 JPG photos, so I had to use robocopy to move them.

    4) Long path support would be nice. I’ve hit the limit a few times when working in my hierarchical downloads folder, and sometimes buried deep in Steamsteamapps. Some games feel the need to stick their data 8 subfolders deep. (Usually the same ones that don’t bother to zip everything – instead they just clutter your hard drive with 200,000 more separate files.) Chrome cache also often hits the limit, so copying your User Data folder (to back it up or transfer to a new PC) often spits out errors.

    Love the option to calculate MD5 checksums and store those. Will there be a verify option, so that you can go back later and make sure no bits decayed?


    1. Attached a preliminary design, each tab on top represents individual file list. A new job will be added to the new tab and started/stopped independently.

      Current version keeps in memory both internal file list and Windows ListView data, I suspect latter can’t handle millions of items really well.

      New engine will keep only information about one file at any time, and if you need to browse the file list, TC will dynamically load and display only portion of all items.

      When copy is complete, TC will allow you to save .md5/.sha file list, exactly like in Total Commander (Files > Create checksum files). Clicking on that file later will open an associated MD5 app to verify files.

      1. Very cool, Oleg! Does more, but doesn’t look any less sleek than the last version. Nice!

        That said, I’d be fine with separate windows. I run a modified taskbar that copes with large numbers of windows just fine. 10, 20, 50, 280 – doesn’t matter.

        suspect that you’re correct about it being the GUI list that gobbles up
        memory, since with that many it can take minutes to “clean” the list to
        find problem files.

        Hmm.. memory is cheaper than extra I/O’s –
        to a point. I’d suggest either making it configurable, or just caching
        it all to RAM if it’s under a certain amount, like 32MB.

        think that the power users that would find TeraCopy most appealing would
        have alright hardware. Most people are now on PCs that have quite a few
        GBs free, when it isn’t being wasted by bloated web browsers or other

        Keep up the great work!


        1. I have no idea why that split all my lines onto new ones. Weirdness.


  9. “Show file list as browsable folders, show only failed files.”
    great addition! what about adding a button to retry to copy the failed files? thanks!

  10. 1- I’m also have the problem of crash after some copies…
    2- I will like a feature to skip (and log) files that take too long to copy… with adjust of copy time or transfer speed or file size or retries (or all :-)) (useful when something is bad… file, HD, interface or anything)
    3- Mutithread option may be good.
    4- I feel like TeraCopy using excess of resources sometimes (priority set ?).

  11. Please add the option of sorting files (e.g. biggest files first). Thank you, it’s a very good software.

  12. Things that spring to my mind:
    1) Enable the Maximise button! A small thing, but…
    2) Deffo consider function before fashion… The GUI needs to be clear & usable. and pretty ok as it is. So new looks has to be for the right reasons.
    3) Behavior Options: The way TC works right now is ok, and it’s quirks do have their uses, so if you change any behavioral stuff, add it as an option. I don’t care if the new way is on by default if i can go and set it the other way.
    4) Option for New tabbed vs Old multi-window… both with have their uses.
    5) Right-Click – force next… If a file (or selection) in the list is suddenly more critical, the option of jumping forward to do them next would be very handy. Useful for big jobs.
    6) +1 for the Force Start button, great idea.
    7) Configurable renaming for duplicates. It’s good at the mo but sometimes it’d be great if it could do it in subtly different ways.. with/w/o underscores, a different separator, start at different number, etc. Handy for versioning.
    8) A nice speed graph would be cool. Seeing the throughput is probably the No 1 feature for us all! 😀

    9) A Mac port! I have to support macs more and more and the lack of a comparable tool is a royal PITA! …Only when you’ve finished v3 on on PC tho 😉

    Knowing you’re still working on the tool i use the most is very good news! Much appreciated!

  13. The new copy engine is ready and shows a good speed with both large and small files. Testing was done with a single 8 Gb file and 9 000 small files (300kb in size). In both cases speed was on a par or slightly faster than in Windows copy. MD5 hash calculation was on during the large file copy. Small files copying speed improved a lot after disabling Windows Defender.

    1. any ETA on a BETA?

      2.3 still not fully functional because some times, even if setted to ask waht should be used to copypast task, explorer still takes the job!

  14. This is such great news. Thought TeraCopy was totally dead! I will absolutely buy the latest version once it’s out.

    Would love to beta test!

  15. Need category sort to actually work. I like to verify first, then copy – but need to sometimes cull directories that got caught up in the process in the first place. Also, when clearing a bunch of files from the list, the UI will just lock and hold until it feels like it’s done. Some sort of wait or progress status (clearing xxxxx/xxxxxxx files) on delete would be very helpful.

  16. Great news! Luckily bought the lifetime free upgrade license last year. Kindly please make sure it works on Windows 8.1, cheers 🙂

  17. TeraCopy now can avoid UAC prompts while reading files usually requiring elevation. This will eliminate possible ‘access denied’ errors in a middle of the copy process. For security reasons this feature will be available only to non-elevated administrators, users with a ‘standard account’ will still be required to start TeraCopy with admin privileges.
    I’m planning to release an alfa version without file list display and settings, but make it able to copy every file. The next aim is to use Volume Shadow Copy to copy locked files.

  18. All this is great news!

    One thing I always missed in TeryCopy: Could you include an option for testing that let’s you only test the newly copied files, when replacing older files? That would be very helpful and timesaving.

    TeraCopy is a great tool and I’m really looking forward to the new version!

  19. Awesome news. Guilt led me to purchase my license a couple of months ago, after “evaluating” for some time *coughs!*. And now suddenly a new version after years of silence! Karma 🙂

    An MD5 verification manifest/logfile in the destination folder would be perfect for eDiscovery/Forensics work.

    It may only be a couple of months, but I’d pay again for v3.

  20. In case of a huge file list & failures, it would be nice to have a separated failure list … just to grab in a 17k file list it’s not easy task..

  21. AWESOME! Can we expect this in January? I never understood why my teracopy 2 stopped working as default handler when moving from Win8 to Win7…

  22. Could I put small issue on the wish list? 🙂
    I have some big files (RLV) which I have to transfer from time to time between NAS and laptops. Hashes for all these files I have stored in single .md5 file, to check if everything is OK (both after copy and “sheduled” checks).

    It would be very usefull to put copied hashes of copied files in single file, it would allow to check if file is copied correctly, which files were already copied (even if moved!) and which shall be skipped during copy operation.

    Could it be implemented in 3.0?

  23. Great to hear of the updated version,
    looking forward to the immediate start, biggest pain point for me,
    also feel’s slow copying over a WAN connection, but could be my settings

  24. Hi, if I buy TeraCopy now (v2), will i have to pay again once v3 is released?

    1. TeraCopy Help/FAQ:

      “I’m interested in buying TeraCopy Pro and was wondering if
      I will get free updates to newer versions, I have to re-buy it, each time it is

      All future updates are free for registered users.”

  25. allow me to make some suggestion:

    1) copy / move files to new folders naming folder after name of source file using drag & drop
    fm x:folderfilename123.ext [timestamp: 12-01-2015 09:00:00]
    select file, drag&drop into elsewhere,
    then get option to:
    a) copy or move creating folder after filename
    b) keep timestamp of the file

    y:filename123 [timestamp: 12-01-2015 09:00:00]
    folder containing: filename123.ext

    2) copy / move Folders to [new] folders to another location using drag & drop
    option to keep the same timestamp of the original folder.



    select FolderABC FolderDEF
    copy or move to drive E:Subfolder1

    the new folders to have the same timestamp as the ones on drive D:

    3) context menu integration WIndows Explorer, Opus, Total Commander, etc

    4) portable version

    keep up the good work!

  26. The status list is now NOT sortable, i.e. you have to scroll for finding prpblem files.
    Please make it sortable in order to find fastly any entry different from OK.
    I support all other features in version 3.
    Go on!


  27. I bought the Pro version. Entered the code. It says Pro is now running. And I do not see ONE difference between this and the free version. Not even a tiny one. Is there is magic incantation? I have another whole set of problems with the Pro version of Direct Folders. But for now, I will stick with TC issues.

  28. will the new version provide an option to copy the largest files first,
    and perhaps also while doing that, read the small files in the background, which seems to be the achilles heel of speed, as-in, available transfer bandwidth is lost as large numbers of small files are read ?

  29. Will it play well with NFS shares accessed from Windows (on Ubuntu lts using NFSv4)?

  30. Useless on Windows 2008. Crashes with out of memory error, current version. Downgraded to 2.3 beta, – drag and drop doesn’t work.

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