Maverick 2.6

Maverick 2.6 is just released with map tiles downloader. You can “paint” areas to download with one finger or select a rectangle block using multi-touch. Select on the left all zoom levels you want to download. Tap and hold to select at once all zoom levels up to the selected level.


Download: Pro versionLite version

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  1. i have samsung galaxy 3 and Maverick Pro 2.6.
    When I add waypoint to folder /sdcard/maverick/waypoints that doesn’t seem to work, I can see this point when I browse the folder at first time but when l exit from it and return again i can’t see the waypoint which I addeit. Could you please assist?thanks in advance.


  2. I have ave the same Problem. I add a new waypoint. At first it will be displayed as waypoint 49. I rename it and exit Maverick. When i start again the waypoint is gone. When i make a New One it will be number 49 again

  3. Tiles downloader woks fine for me, now i can do without preloading maps using Mobac. Thanks for that. Norgeskart already offered this feature, and i am glad to have it for Maveric Pro too now.

    Next feature should be a Maveric-owned directory on external SD-Cards for those who use Kitkat and can not store the tiles on the sd-card any longer. Aready implemented in Norgeskart 😉

    regards Joachim

  4. When discussing new features, state which version they apply to. The last two updates are features that are not added to the Lite version.

    When you discuss a new feature, then say “Download Lite Version” at the bottom, it makes it appear like you added it to the lite version. In addition to making it clear in the discussion, Maybe:
    Download Pro Version (2.6) * Lite version (2.4)
    Thank you.

  5. Hi
    i have problem with recording tracks when speed goes higher than 330 km/h the blue tracking line will be hide so i dont have it visually like the other version

  6. Somewhere in the beginning of November 2014 Maverick Pro 2.61 stopped seeing “external SD card” on the device ASUS Fonepad Note 6 (ME560CG). Writes “no card detected”. SD card – Kingston 64 GB, the file system is ext3. It worked before. The phone sees the card.

  7. I have two suggestions:
    1.) Track color should be selectable (blue color can be confused with streams)
    2.) Enlargement of a given map zoom level can be done with the switch between the loupes (turns red), i.e. 14×1 -> 14×2 -< 14×3. This should also be possible with minification, i.e. 16×0.5 down to 16×0.25. Some WMS maps are quite big and can be viewed better in minified size.

  8. I have been using this app for years, especially the OS Explorer maps which have been great. Over the last few days, to my horror, I have found the OS tiles now longer download and I get some useless road map tiles instead. Why is this? Is it a temporary fault? Is it some issue with permissions from the Ordinance Survey? Please tell us what is going on. This has totally changed the usefulness of the app for me. The next best maps are the OSM cycle maps which do have contour lines and footpaths but not the same detail as the Explorer maps. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. How silly and naive of me. I assumed that if I used a blog about Maverick hosted by the makers of Maverick I might get an official answer to the request/complaint I posted. I week has gone by and all I have had is another contributor with the same problem but an official stony silence! What is the point of an official blog if no one from Maverick/Code Sector contributes to it? If anyone one else wants an app that does what Maverick does and still has the OS Explorer maps available let me recommend AlpineQuest GPS Hiking. The paid for version (£6.49 so less than a single paper OS map) has similar features to Maverick including recording a track, zooming in and out and lots more. The OS maps load extremely quickly. It also has similar maps for lots of other countries. Perhaps by recommending a rival app I might get a response from Maverick, but I’m not holding my breath!

      1. Great! I noticed an update for Maverick yesterday and that the OS maps loaded properly after applying it. Cynical old bugger that I am I wanted to wait a day or two to check that it carried on working before expressing my joy but here we go, I’m over-joyed! I don’t know if you (erich) are a Maverick team member but whoever fixed it thank you ever so much!

  10. Is there any chance of adding a zoom feature to the rendering engine? Maverick used to be my absolute hands down favourite navigation app but after upgrading to a Galaxy S4 with its high density display, the fonts are too tiny to read! and there is no option to increase the scale of the rendering. I’d love to be able to switch back to Maverick.

  11. Hi
    When using ordenance survey maps all is well except around my location maps don’t load !
    Can any help ?

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