Maverick 2.5

New National Geographic map:

National Geographic

Also added:

  • MapQuest Open Aerial
  • NOAA RNC Charts
  • Esri/ArcGIS (World Topo, USA Topo, National Geographic)
  • Canada Toporama
  • New Zealand Topo
  • OpenSeaMap
  • USGS National Map
  • UMP-pcPL
  • (Tourist, Terrain)
  • GSI (Japan)
  • Ordnance Survey (NPE, 1st Edition, 7th Series)


  • OSM Labels
  • Lonvia (Hiking, Cycling, MTB)

Download: Pro versionLite version

6 thoughts to “Maverick 2.5”

  1. I can´t open .kmz files, i create the files with a quantum gis and plugin; and with the Google Earth. and I can´t open files .kml

  2. It so nice to have it but one thing there is no bold letters for streets every time I Zoom in the letters get smaller and smaller hopefully there is a function in settings to make it bold or the size of the text.

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