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  1. Hahaha just saw your first post in the forums. Anyway thank you very much! Also just bought it 15 minutes before it expired on BitsDuJour. Did not even knew it was on sale. Anyway thank you very much!

  2. I never reported this but it is VERY annoying: Basically teracopy does
    not work with 7-zip. Everytime i try to simply drag a file out of a
    zipped container into a directory teracopy comes up saying there was an
    error opening the file path. Is this just me? Hence i have to disable teracopy using the scrolllock key.

  3. Hey, can anyone tell me how to get support to respond? I have registered several tickets but no response. My Pro 3.73 has stopped supporting Opus. Thanks. PS – please reply to jeff@jeffruday.com.

  4. I can’t find where to report bugs. So I post it here. It’s not about XYplorer. It’s just TeraCopy.

    Use XP search or UltraSearch or SearchEverything to search on every disk , choose files from multi-disk, in my test it’s fileA.txt in c:folder1 , fileB.txt in d:/folder2 .Then paste them to c:folder .

    TeraCopy will freeze by error ,and can only close by taskmgr. And if paste the files to d:folder no error happen.

    I use TeraCopy 2.3 free version test on Windows 7 64bit.

  5. I have been a TeraCopy user since v2.27 and really like it. Thanks a lot for writing TeraCopy!
    Is there any way I could talk you into changing the way TeraCopy copies files to be more like it moves files? Currently TeraCopy will move a file and verify it, move a file and verify it,… Currently TeraCopy will copy ALL of the files in it’s queue and then go back and verify ALL of the files in it’s queue. That means we the users have to wait to do any post-copy processing on those files if we want them verified. 🙁
    Also, is there any chance of an option to automatically start in “More” mode instead of “Less” mode? A “Maximize” button in “More” mode would be really nice too. 🙂
    Thanks again for all of your time and effort writing and supporting TeraCopy.

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