TeraCopy 2.3 + 50% discount

The final version is just released with minor bugfixes and UI improvements. Please test big files fragmentation, it should be lower now.

Download: codesector.com/files/teracopy.exe

New Google+ Community for TeraCopy:

50% discount is available at Bits du Jour this weekend (December 7-8):

We’ll be running another sale at the end of this month, stay tuned!

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  1. What the changelog between this final version and 2.3 beta 2, since beta 2 still have a lot of bugs, and will you still developing this? since beta 2 released a year ago…. will probably wait for your answer before i buy thanks..

    1. I’ve been a little busy, since last update I took IELTS test, moved to Australia and completed the first year in UTS. We’ve developed a new Android application (not yet on Google Play) that probably will work with TeraCopy in the future.

      Please post bug report here:

      I’m getting about $2.5 for each Bits du Jour order, so I probably won’t beg you to make the purchase πŸ™‚

      1. Shame you get such a small percentage as the discount finally allowed me to afford TeraCopy. Here’s hoping that you get to find some time for it because it really is a fantastic utility.

      2. Welcome to Australia mate! I have been using Teracopy for a few years and love it – and I am very happy that you are continuing its development.

  2. Version 2.3

    Minor bugfixes and UI improvements.

    Version 2.3 beta 2

    Added: Support for Total Commander 8.01 x64.
    Added: Auto-splitting files on FAT32 filesystems.
    Added: Additional check for trimming file, useful on D-Link NAS devices.
    Added: ‘Confirm drag and drop’ option.
    Fixed: Removing files from filelist when not enough disk space.
    Fixed: Skip button now works on error files.
    Changed: Flashing window instead of tray notification.

    Version 2.3 beta

    Added: Moving files within the same drive without launching TeraCopy.exe.
    Added: ‘/Report’ command line key.
    Fixed: Problem copying some locked files.
    Fixed: Unnecessary verification of skipped files.
    Fixed: Conflict with Google Chrome on Windows XP.
    Fixed: Dropping files into TC window now possible in Waiting mode.
    Fixed: Use %UL instead of %L in Total Commander buttons for Unicode support.
    Added: Resolving linked network folders to real path on Windows XP.
    Added: Option CopyCreationTime to ini file.

    Version 2.27

    Added: ‘Remove other’ to remove non-selected files from the list [Pro].
    Added: Better handling multiple copy processes.
    Added: Multiple retries to delete source files and folders after moving.
    Added: Tray notification when adding files to the existing process.
    Fixed: Problem with some non-latin filenames.
    Fixed: Copied files now have a correct creation time.
    Added: WaitBeforeMinimize option to ini file.

    1. This is my problem with teracopy 2.3 :
      – i have Windows XP PROFESSIONAL 32bit .
      – i have two hard disk , C: (windows system) and D: (data)

      If i copy o cut from D: to C: , Teracopy works fine . From D: to D: , dosent works … Never happen before . Thanks fro your help , and sorry for my bad english

      1. Hi Guyz! I’ve got a bit solution for Teracopy 2.3 problem. Go to the installation folder and Right click in the exe file (it means Teracopy.exe) and go to the Compatibility tab and check the Administrator privilege and try to copy smthg. You’re supposed to choose between three alternative.
        That’s all. Enjoy!!!!

  3. This isn’t (probably) the right place to report and i’m sorry for that but i don’t know nor look for other to be true.

    Anyway i use TeraCopy since a long time ago and all versions since 2.3b have a really annoying bug, this is how to reproduce it:

    – 1) right click and hold a folder or file (it doesn’t matter);
    – 2) drag the item to a JUNCTION and drop it;
    – 3) the Explorer will crash.

    Explorer Crash Error:

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
    Application Name: explorer.exe
    Application Version: 6.1.7601.17567
    Application Timestamp: 4d672ee4
    Fault Module Name: TeraCopy64.dll
    Fault Module Version:
    Fault Module Timestamp: 4f24df33
    Exception Code: c0000005
    Exception Offset: 00000000000776d3
    OS Version: 6.1.7601.
    Locale ID: 2070
    Additional Information 1: 25cd
    Additional Information 2: 25cda237203c8137d41f6bc28aec2bd3
    Additional Information 3: e111
    Additional Information 4: e111acf159a410d0edd6c71860b3ccf6

    I tried this in four different computers, 3 of them with Win7x64 and the other with Win7x32. The results is always the same.

        1. Same here πŸ™
          The must annoying thing about it is that I’ve network-shares with junktions where I store all my stuff… almost impossible to use TeraCopy at the moment because of this bug πŸ™

          I hope it will be fixed soon, TeraCopy is great πŸ˜€

          1. Same problem here Ò€” crashes explorer on junction copy.

        2. 5 months have passed… any news about this really annoying bug?
          A fix maybe? Anything?

  4. I never reported this but it is VERY annoying: Basically teracopy does not work with 7-zip. Everytime i try to simply drag a file out of a zipped container into a directory teracopy comes up saying there was an error opening the file path. Is this just me?

  5. Hello,

    When or if TeraCopy will support md5 or sha for verifying? Currently it’s only CRC for source and target verify.


  6. If we’re discussing must-have features, I wouldn’t mind support for paths > 255 characters. πŸ˜‰

    1. The must-have feature is detecting when the destination paths would exceed 255 characters, and avoid a doomed copy task.

      Windows Explorer certainly doesn’t check for this problem until too late.

      Regrettably, this version of TeraCopy has crashed 3 times copying from a remote drive on Windows Server 2008R2, so I am falling back onto WinMerge.

      1. i used Microsoft RichCopy (freeware) and i’m sure it detects paths > 255 characters. very useful to know.

  7. Missed out on the discount πŸ™ – any sign on another – its getting near the end of the month πŸ™‚

  8. When I trying to copy a file, Windows Explorer copied by default, although I set TeraCopy is default copy handler.

  9. Hi folks, I’ve a lot of problems with TeraCopy 2.3x Pro on Win7 x64
    – there are no context menu entries installed (copy/move using TeraCopy).
    – Buttons in option menue are always disabled even with admin permissions.
    – Checkbox “use TeraCopy as win default” has no effect

    So I will use V 2.27 which works fine.

  10. I have a feature request. Would it be possible to have a list of favorite folders that can be selected from the drop down menu when for the Copy To and Move To buttons? The list would need some sort of UI for adding and removing items. I tend to move stuff to various archive folders daily and it would be convenient to always have a predetermined list of locations in the drop down menu in addition to the last location and locations in the Explorer windows. Thanks!

  11. I move TeraCopy window to left bottom of screen and want to stay there between different copy jobs.
    TeraCopy 2.27 – It was ok. Even there was errors, TeraCopy window wasn’t change location.
    TeraCopy 2.3 – If there is an error, TeraCopy window shows error list and move it’s window to upper position and stay there.

  12. TeraCopy 2.3 don’t work on Windows Home Server 2011 (based on Windows Server 2008 R2). Install work. Start work. But integration in Windows Explorer don’t work. Is there an solution?

  13. Teracopy version 2.3 is temperamental (hangs) with Windows 7 64-bit, but works well with Windows XP.
    I have reverted to version 2.2.7 on Windows 7 64-bit.

  14. In the replace file menu, non advanced users get confused. Maybe you have to highlight the option that are similar to the windows menu and the cancel button.

    I am the user that finished the translation for teracopy application to Greek language.

    Please read my suggestion

  15. Is the programmer out to lunch? Teracopy is a great program that has issues and no response or fixes from codesector. Really frustrating, esp when you pay for it.

  16. On the free version is there a file size limitation of 4Gb, I move a lot of video files and get disc full at exactly 4Gb on the copy.

    1. Check the file system you are copying to, sounding like might be FAT32 which has a maximum per-file size of 4GB

      1. Thanks Andrew, Although the disc reported as NTFS I had not formatted it and when I did my problem went away so as you said it was obviously running as FAT32


  17. A WASTE OF MONEY…..I purchased Teracopy Pro a few months back. They advertise on the site that it allows for printing a report of the results. IT DOES NOT PRINT ANY REPORT. FALSE ADVERTISING. I emailed the company several times and they no longer return my emails.

  18. Problems in this version with the verify feature… “Always test after copy” does not always test and has skipped the file verification on files in destination with the same name as source files… v2.2 wouldn’t do such a thing!

    I have hundreds of thousands of files that didn’t pass verification because someone (idiot) forced a change to the verification process instead of making it a USER CHOICE!

    I am downgrading since this seems to be a “planned” issue.

  19. i used Microsoft RichCopy without issue. whats so good about this paid TeraCopy product? is it reliable? comments seem to suggest it is not..

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