InDrive 1.3

InDrive - Night mode

  • Swipe up/down to scroll through shortcuts.
  • New display modes: Day, Night and Auto.
  • Auto switch between modes at sunrise/sunset.
  • Quickly change songs by swiping up/down.
  • Improved track recording.
  • Added option to clear the log file.
  • GPX files now contain track segments.
  • Fixed: Pandora shortcut does not work.
  • Trial period increased to 30 days.

InDrive is now on sale.

We are lowering the price of the InDrive Unlocker to just $0.99. Moreover, 20 randomly selected people who place an order over the next few weeks will receive the Pro version of SpeedView as a gift. Winners will be notified by email, and their names will be posted here.

This is a limited time offer, so act quick!

10 thoughts to “InDrive 1.3”

  1. why i can see in the play store that there are taps for songs and albums but i don’t have them? so the biggest reason to buy this app is not there :'(

    1. Do you mean the albums and tracklist screens? If yes, they are accessed by tapping on the “Playlist” icon at the top right of the music screen. Single tap brings up the tracklist, long tap shows the albums.

  2. Are you planning on making changes to allow us to customise the interface – colours font size etc? Would be nice.

  3. I’m using one of the android based head units, and this looks like exactly what I need. I don’t care for the interface of the other car dock apps. Unfortunately, InDrive doesn’t show up in the play store on my device, and when I download the apk manually, I just get the “Application Not Installed” error with no additional details. The head unit runs 2.3.7, but what other requirements might be keeping me from using InDrive?

  4. Love the app. Good design and meets what i was looking for but i have some ideas:

    .The apps tab should be in circle. it needs a lot of swipes to get to the last page.

    .A tab with a list of google tasks would be awesome. This would be the first tab and have the possibility to mark as done.
    .Sometimes when in the apps tab, the menu bar is off and presents as if it was in the gps. Think this happens when i switch from another task to indrive.

    Thanks, great app.

  5. It would be nice if you can connect to OBD adapter via bluetooth to display some car computer information

  6. Noted elsewhere on the blog…”. However, we are sorry to report that we will no longer support this app and there will be no further updates in the future. Some of the features of InDrive will be incorporated in a new version of SpeedView, which is planned to be released in the next few months.”
    So, been a long-time user of SpeedView, and I’m really looking for a GPS View like InDrive has in SpeedView.
    Any hope of seeing this in the near future?

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