InDrive 1.2

  • Run in the background
  • Enable track logging
  • Min distance between points
  • Min time between points
  • Disable Poweramp integration
  • Mute notification sounds
  • Vibrate on press
  • Quickly view album info
  • The app now remembers the last used screen

Note: If you are experiencing the issue with the app randomly closing without any errors, try disabling integration with Poweramp in the app settings. This is a confirmed problem in Poweramp that unfortunately affects InDrive when integration is enabled. It should be fixed in the next Poweramp update.

42 thoughts to “InDrive 1.2”

  1. I’d like to suggest a few things:

    1. The two diamond shapes in the GPS view are a bit distracting and serve no real purpose except maybe for aesthetics. I’d love to see them removed or toned down somewhat so that they don’t “fight” with the rest of the containers.

    2. The arrows on the Apps view are too little (even if their hit area is big they should be more visible). Although I would rather navigate the apps by flicking gestures (even if it’s up and down) rather than tapping arrows. I find it feels more natural to flick in order to navigate/scroll between pages in an App.

    Keep up the awesome work 😉

  2. I do agree with Ricardo. I would prefer to swipe between the diiferent tabs of the apps.The arrow is far too small. Can you display the speed in the header or footer of the app?

  3. Hello, indrive is a very nice app for telefon access and car related information during driving. But i’ve got a little trouble witch the tracking. The tracking works very fine when you are in the indirve screen but after launching another application like the google navigation (i placed it in the shortcuts) or something else no more datapoints were taken until i go back to the indrive screen although the option tracking in background is turned on. I’m using a Samsung Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.2.1.

    Futhermore it would be a nice feature if you could place something like a trip-o-meter.
    So the app recognizes if the car is stopped for more than 10min and re-starts counting km or miles or driving time from zero and adds a new track. This is only a thought.

    Nevertheless this is a really good addplication.
    Thanks a alot

  4. I’d like to see the current street name displayed on the GPS page. Also enable us to flick vertically through the apps shortcuts, rather than having to press that tiny arrow.
    If these features were included you’d have yourself a new customer 🙂

    1. The current street name is already displayed on the GPS page, at least I’m seeing it where I’m located at the moment. As for the flicking vertically, yes, it’s a planned addition.

  5. Power Amp integration is great, but use of screen space is poor. Layout does not resize to cope with different resolution devices.

  6. I can´t install the free version on Samsung GT-S5670L, but the paid version don´t have any problem to install. Like you say, its better to install the demo and test first and after that, install the full version. Can you helpme?. Thanks in advance.
    Samsung GT-S5670L

    1. I fix it! I donwloaded the .apk manually to my phone and after install it, everything is going fine. Thanks!

      1. Well, officially your phone is not supported as it has a smaller display. But we of course cannot prevent you from sideloading the app and using it at your own “risk”.

  7. I noticed sometimes the street name wont appear on page (instead telling me how many satellites it can find) even though I have gps and mobile data on.
    This could be due to mobile data dropping once and the app not recovering or rechecking that it has access again?

    I dig the app though, well done.

  8. Is there anyway to put a notification icon to know that the app is runing ??

    1. InDrive only displays notification icon when you check “Run in the background” in the settings and start some other app from the shortcuts screen.

  9. I would love to see an option to swap the album art to the other side of the UI so the controls are on the left. Reaching that extra few inches matters for left side drivers 😉

  10. I was keen to try out InDrive on my Galaxy Tab (GT-P1000) that I have as a dedicated GPS in my car but Google Play tells me its not compatible. Can you tell me why that might be? It says it is compatible my Galaxy SII.

  11. Love the clean design; A couple of issues though:
    1. If I add messaging to the apps and use it, when I try going back or launch InDrive again, it stays stuck in Messaging – have to reinstall InDrive to get back to the main app screen.
    2. Have unchecked ‘Keep screen on’ – but it doesn’t have any effect – is it possible to turn the screen off? (Would be delighted if the screen could go off but the lockscreen stayed disabled).
    3. Is it possible to choose the startup tab? I’d prefer the apps, not the tripmeter.

    1. 1. Doesn’t happen on our end. I’ve just used Messaging and went back to InDrive without any problems.
      2. I can’t replicate this as well. I’ve checked several times and it works fine on our devices.
      3. InDrive remembers the last tab you were using before exiting the app.

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  13. Love the app. Good design and meets what i was looking for but i have some ideas:

    .The apps tab should be in circle. it needs a lot of swipes to get to the last page.

    .A list of google tasks would be awesome, like a splash screen when the app starts and by pressing a button, and the possibility to mark as done.

    .Sometimes when in the apps tab, the menu bar is off and presents as if it was in the gps. Think this happens when i switch from another task to indrive.

    Thanks, great app.

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