TeraCopy 2.3 beta 2

  • Added: Support for Total Commander 8.01 x64.
  • Added: Auto-splitting files on FAT32 file systems.
  • Added: Additional check for trimming file, useful on D-Link NAS devices.
  • Added: ‘Confirm drag and drop’ option.
  • Fixed: Removing files from filelist when not enough disk space.
  • Fixed: Skip button now works on error files.
  • Changed: Flashing window instead of tray notification.

Download: codesector.com/files/teracopy23beta2.exe

68 thoughts to “TeraCopy 2.3 beta 2”

  1. I’m happy to see TeraCopy is moving forward again. It’s been almost a year since the last beta. Thanks for the update.

  2. Yay it’s still alive! Great news. Use TC all day, every day. Works perfectly.
    (wish it would work better in Explorer++.. have to right-click drag-n-drop, then it works)

  3. hi there, got a problem since beta1 and it’s not fixed in beta2: TC right click context menu is missing when moving/copying between two different explorer windows. TC 2.27 works just fine. reregistering copy handler as admin doesn’t work. any ideas?

  4. 期待已久,终于更新了新测试版,但该测试版在试用过程中仍然存在问题。

  5. 官网下载的TeraCopy 2.3 beta 2 安装包的数字签名是无效的

    1. 汗 XP要安装最新的根证书更新才行

    2. 伙计,你是中国哪里人?QQ号码多少?

  6. i love this program but this latest beta has a new bug whereby if you try to drag a file out of a 7zip archive (using the 7zip open source app) to a folder i get the error : “Open Error: The system cannot find the path specified”

  7. I would like to have a summary (amount) of files copied with OK / NOK count. In case copy a huge file list (> 10k). Also nice, would be to have the culprit files in a separated list for easy navigation

  8. Will it be possible to change the expand behavior of the “More” button. Instead of expanding downward direction, it should expand upward direction. When the user places the app nicely in the bottom left of the windows, and when the user presses “More”, the app expands off screen. So it is best if, the expand behavior is changed. Thanks.

    1. Conversely: please leave the expand behaviour of the “More” button as extending down. When the user places the app in the top left of the screen, and presses “More”, the app expands off screen.

      The proper way to handle this is for the app to check itself after expanding and, if necessary, relocate to bring the entire window on-screen. If no part of the window went off-screen, then the app shouldn’t move, and expanding downward makes more sense.

  9. The skip button still doesn’t work for me on error files. I donated after reading that in the change log out of appreciation, but here I am still stuck on a massive file, unable to continue with my file copy with 2.3b2. =(

  10. When copying with version 2.2 keeping the date of creation (and modification date) of the original files in the copy, with version 2.7 and not put the original creation date but the date on which the copy was made.

    My suggestion is that when backing ask if they want to keep the date of creation of the original files or not. There are people for whom we are helpful to keep that date (as well as the modification date that happily if stored in both versions).

  11. I would like TeraCopy to be able to rename the original file when copying/moving, not just of renaming the copied ones.

    – ‘cat.jpg’ is copied to a folder, where a ‘cat.jpg’ file already exists
    – TeraCopy has a “rename original” button next to rename
    – upon clicking it, TeraCopy renames the original file to ‘cat (original
    1).jpg’ and copies/moves the new cat.jpg into the folder

    If something similar already exists in either the free or the pro, please tell me which one has it.

    1. There is not much work to do that rename of files manually, plus the program is not only to copy to rename.

      1. It really is easy with a few files, but IMO that task can get a bit monotone with more than 100-150 files.

  12. I have an internet business. I particularly like the program, but sometimes hangs on large files or just the program closes.

    I would ask you and you can choose to load automatically when Windows starts, and you can choose to be off “Scroll Lock” is not working. It would also have an option to load could be done with Windows but the program will not work unless “Scroll Lock” is on.

    Greetings and thanks.

  13. Just to let you know, with version 2.27 every time I try to copy a file from one NAS to another NAS, I get the error that it cannot delete because the file sizes don’t match, and they don’t, the copied file is always 0kb in size.

    What’s odd is that the progress bar takes the normal time, but the files on the second NAS are always 0kb in size. No matter which NAS to which NAS..

  14. I would like the message “29 Problem Files” to be changed to “29 Files Skipped” when you select the “Only Overwrite Older Files” option. The files listed are not “problems”. I now ignore this message all the time. I would only want to see the problem message if there was an actual problem such as the drive is full etc, then when I see a problem message I will know that there actually was a problem and not that the program is working as designed.


  15. This beta version is not keeping the settings. Any time I drag and drop files to copy, it uses the Windows copy system. All options are set to use TC for copy processes.
    No matter what I do, Windows still uses the copy system and doesn’t let TC do it.

  16. In the main program, drag and drop not working. Select Destination not working. Clicking Browse or Explore does nothing. Resets Destination to folder. Tried contacting Author, no response. These functions work on another PC running Windows 7 64bit. They initially also worked on Windows 7 32bit but not any more. Both PCs use Avast Internet Security version 8. Uninstalling and Reinstalling Teracopy does not fix above mentioned broken functions on 32bit Windows 7. Registering all the provided DLLs using Regsvr32 does nothing. All other programs are able to open select files and folder locations. What does Windows need to get these function working?

  17. If you are serious about your files, and you have files that will take 3+ hours to copy, I seriously recommend a Sync application with options like FreeFileSync or something like that which is open source and being updated. The application does the same thing except it gives more options and takes a little bit more time to learn but once you learn it, that’s all you will need. TeraCopy is buggy, poorly written, and I think it’s only 1 guy writing it and he’s not making any money off of it. It is So Poorly written, that even it’s Options.ini and PowerOff.cmd are improper! I had to manually edit those files to get my system to for example go into Sleep mode rather than Shut down at the end. This is what my PowerOff.cmd looks like

    ECHO System will automatically go into Sleep in 1 minute. Press N to cancel.
    CHOICE /M “Sleep” /C YN /T 60 /D Y
    IF ERRORLEVEL 1 IF NOT ERRORLEVEL 2 rundll32.exe powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState Sleep
    IF ERRORLEVEL 2 ECHO Automatic Sleep request cancelled.

    REM Wait 2 sec
    CHOICE /C AB /T 2 /D A > NUL

    This will make our PC go to sleep rather than shut down. It seems the app does not even call the Options.ini. And why is this crap even in Options.ini?

    ShutdownApp=rundll32.exe powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState Sleep

    === Original looks like this> and I set it to ignore.

    ;ShutdownApp=shutdown -s -c “Run shutdown –a to abort” -t 60

    For whatever reasons it was there, I changed it. Again to create a Sleep state. He gives no rhyme or reason why its there. It should simply say something to the program that shutdown mode is on, then read whats in PowerOff.cmd

    Even re-installing the app does not make it function properly.

    There are better open source alternatives out there. He just needs to release the code and let us fix this mess ourselves. Making a Windows 8 style file copier for Windows 7 would ideally be the best thing to do with added options and customizations. That solution is nowhere to be found as of yet. So Open it up and let us have at it. I can probably fix this thing for you. /Uninstall and Goodbye.

  18. I have a folder with:
    subfolders: 356,000+
    files: 3,000,000+
    total size: ~97 GB

    When I try to copy all that to a different partition, TeraCopy simply crashes.

    FreeFileSync handles the same job without a hitch.

  19. it would be nice if you can see only error in the list and not all files. when you copy multiple files (500.000+ files) it is difficult to scroll to see errors.

    also one big minus is that it does not copy files that have a path grater than 255 chars, it simply skips them and shows an error.

    on the plus side on my pc it’s almost 3 times faster than windows copy, and almost double the speed of total commander – very handy when you need to copy large amount of data – it copyed and verified the data in only 7 hours (4TB) – an impressive 370MB/s average.

  20. Please add the ability to ignore (no auto-splitting) the FAT32 4GB file limit as the Apple TimeCapsule is mistakenly reported as FAT32 when in fact it is an NTFS NAS. The default Windows file copier handles this fine. Thanks!

  21. using TC 2.2.7, it handle copy and move well, but update to 2.3 beta 2 , it won’t handle anymore.

  22. using 2.2.7 it works well, update to 2.3b2 then it can’t handle copy/move anymore.
    have to install 2.2.7 and copy all files from 2.3b2 except teracopy.dll to make it works again. don’t know the implication yet since teracopy.dll from 2.2.5 is different from 2.3b2.

  23. TeraCopy puts an entry in my Windows Explorer context menu that cannot be removed by the UI. Nor can I find an entry in the registry associated with this menu item. How do I make it go away? It’s really quite annoying and useless.

  24. I had a 7.5GB file that I copied to a FAT32 pen drive and it got split into two files ( .zip and .z01). How do I get the original file ?

  25. Hi,

    There is the ability to change the colours of the progress bars. Could you also provide the option to use windows default progress bars instead?



  26. can’t make it full version in windows xp… i entered registration key and still not going full version.. i’ve faced this problem only on XP..think i experienced this problem from 2.27. plz fix this soon…

  27. Big ups for this piece of software! Suggestions for improvements:

    – Would be nice if the skipped files weren’t counted as “files with problems” after the completion.

    – Additionally to the option “copy only older files” sth. like “synchronize” would be great. By this I mean completely overwriting a folder with the new one (with subfolders etc.), but without rewriting the existing files. I hope I said this clearly!?

  28. Last month I put a 3TB backup drive into a W7 box and the OS recommended that it be formatted as a GPT partition in order to have full access to the entire disc. Using Tera, I then copied my music collection as a single folder (360GB) containing several hundred sub-folders, each filled with 12-20 MP3s or FLACs, plus logs and scans. All seemed to be well, but I did not check every sub-folder. Today I wanted to listen to something I had not heard for a while and I was shocked to find that the particular sub-folder was empty. I checked further and found that in quite a few cases Tera had copied only the folder names without the contents. Altogether, about 4GB of data had disappeared during the copy process. I still had my source plus an external backup so there was no great loss. I don’t know if the errors were due to the size of the folder or to the type of partition, however I thought you might be interested to know.

  29. Hola les voy a decir una cosa el mejor copiador es teracopy sin dudas mejor que el supercopier y que extremecopy en fin mejor que todos pero hay miles de personas como yo que no podemos utilizarlo por unos simples errores aqui les van los ejemplos para que los puedan arreglar:

    1- Para sacar el pendrive esta bien, pero seria mejor si el cartel ya es seguro desconectar el dispositivo se fuera solo que no tuvieramos que darle la opcion aceptar.

    2- si tenemos un pendrive de 4gb le mandamos a copiar una pelicula de 1gb perfecto esta copiando ahora si le seguimos añadiendo archivo el copiador sigue aceptando archivos hasta 100gb o infinito y cuando llega a los 4gb es que te dice que no caben mas archivos …seria mejor que apenas le añadas 3 ,4 y 5 pelis cuando le añadas otra el te ponga que no te caben mas archivos…en fin no esperar a que copie hasta lo 4gb para que te diga que no cabe mas es mejor que te le diga apenas vayas añadiendo..

    con estos 2 errores corregidos tendran miles de usuarios mas…yo actualmente tengo que usar supercopier que es mas lento pero tiene estas opciones que les comente..por favor corrigan esto errores y tendran el mejor copiador del mundo gracias

  30. Hi I’m going to say something is the best copying TeraCopy undoubtedly better than supercopier and finally ExtremeCopy better than all but there are thousands of people like me who can not use it for a few simple mistakes here I go examples that can fix:

    1 – To make the pendrive is fine, but would be better if the poster it is safe to disconnect the device was just not give you the option we had to accept.

    2 – If we have a 4GB pendrive sent him to copy a 1GB movie perfect if you are copying now we are adding the file copying continues to accept files up to 100gb or infinite and when it reaches the 4gb is says you can not fit more files. serious .. better than barely vintages 3, 4, and 5 other movies when the vintages will put you that do not fit more files … well not to wait until the 4gb copy to tell you that there is no more is better tells you just go adding ..

    with these 2 errors corrected thousands of users will have more … I now I have to use supercopier which is slower but has these options that I comment .. please corrigan this error and will have the best ripper in the world thanks

  31. Wanted to say I adore TeraCopy, and I come with suggestions. It’s nice to be able to move the TC window to wherever on the screen, and have it stay in the same location for every file maneuver, but what would be truly badass, would be to perhaps add a menu item (in the same neighborhood as about & preferences) where a person can press it and the TeraCopy window will automagically center in the window, and perhaps even remain centered no matter if its in the tiny form factor or the big list-oriented one. And what would be extra superb, is if you happen to use this suggestion, if I got a thank-you in the credits someplace 😛

    Thanks for your time, and making such a kick-ass product.


  32. Copying a 1.5GB file over gigabit lan -> ramdisk:

    Teracopy: barely 30MB/s
    Win7: ~57MB/s

    Not running avira’s AV either. Pretty disappointing =/

  33. Hi, i love this software so much and want to always use this software in every copy tasks in my daily computer life. One feature i want so much in this amazing software, the ability to adjust buffer size up to 1 Gigabyte. I recently always use teracopy v2.27 portable version and override the Options.ini to Force Same Drive Mode (i love this feature so much), but i cannot adjust the 30MB default buffer to the size i desire. When i copy via network, teracopy buffer automatically increase to 256MB, how could i use this 256MB buffer size when i am not copying via network? I know that buffer use the free RAM available on the system, my request for the next version of Teracopy is the ability to adjust the buffer size to any size (Assume that users know their free RAM available and set the buffer correctly). Thanks in advance.

    1. I agree, other copy utilities have the ability to change the buffer size, why this Teracopy didn’t?

    2. hi, you want a copy utility that have that ability? try FastCopy by Shirouzu Hiroaki, the new version of FastCopy is stable. it has the feature that buffer to any size you want and the same HDD mode available for ya’, it also has file mask filtering, and the most you can get, it is Free of Charge.

  34. Copy music folder to my phone 5.55mbs Windows Explorer. Teracopy 320bps (extremely slow). W explorer says there are 7456 files in the music folder, teracopy says there are 6328 files.

  35. This works great in Win 7. However, not so well in Windows 8. The built in file copy is much faster and more reliable. Please update.

  36. thank you for this great work, Please consider adding crash recovery. if the i lost power i loose all the files in the terracopy’s list and the progress of the files . specially if i collected multiple files from multiple sources.
    Thanks again

  37. hey I cant move a file to the same directory just because it has the same name (different versions). Rename has to be manual when it should automatically be Designated (2) ect. No chance I’ll get payed edition because of it because any time saving in copying is 5x more than lost having to edit name.

  38. Hello developers,

    Does teracopy leave a log file of all copy/move operations?

    Will teracopy change the “date accessed” timestamp of source file?

  39. I’m on win7 64. When i right click and drag a file/folder somewhere, i see on top of the menu “TeraCopy here” and “TeraMove here”. I want to disable those two menu lines from that context! How? I’ve disabled everything in the options and i still see them.

    1. I’m having the same problem. In my menu in WinXP there are four options (TeraCopy here, TeraMove here, copy here, move here) Well it’s more about comfortable using than serious issue but it would be nice and more user-friendly to have there only two of those four options.

  40. I’m using Teracopy 2.12 to try and recover files from a hard drive that crashed in my DVR. The files are video files about 4GB in size. The old drive is on a USB to SATA adapter. When copying files from good sectors I get 20-30 MB/s, but when a file resided in bad sectors the transfer rate drops to 20 KB/s. When I see it stuck on a bad file, I can hit skip and it continues, but I cannot sit here and babysit this for days. I skip a bad file, go to work, come home and see that it’s stuck on another bad file (not really stuck but so slow it’s making no real progress). This has been going on for 5 days now. I would really like an option in Teracopy that if the transfer rate drops below a user specified number, that it will auto skip the file. Would this be difficult to add? I’m willing to make a donation up front for your effort in this. If you send me a paypal address, I will send you some cash before you start writing code.

  41. Any ideas how to force Windows 7 64bit to use TeraCopy as the default copy handler? I’ve tried reinstalling, disabling-enabling the preference options. Nothing seems to work.

  42. I’d like an option to automatically hash both files when there’s a name conflict and delete source [during a Move] if they match [Skipping but marking preexisting-match, OK for copy operations]; and there were sub-options for (auto-rename / prompt user / skip) if they don’t match.

    Additionally MD5 instead of CRC would be a nice option…

  43. Why i can’t download teracopy23beta2.exe?, please fix the link, is thr most stable version,

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