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  1. After upgrade now it cannot find sat. Keeps jumping from 1-7 and back to 0. Using DROID x. Going to uninstall and try again. B4 I delete 4 good.

  2. I was having trouble finding “settings” on my free version so I paid $2.99 for Pro but still dont have settings to change units, do the trip travel, do the 1/4mi time etc…Where did all that go??? There is NO settings function in this app anymore…Im using an HTC EVO View 4G tab with Gingerbread….thanks!

  3. Interesting problem with my new HTC One-X. The readings seem to be resolved so quickly that the speed gets the jitters. I’m sitting typing this and my speed is varying between 0 and 8 kph whilst my heading shifts through the compass at random. It would seem that the program is not compensating for the extreme speed of the new breed of phone, and is not averaging the speed over a sufficiently long period so it fails to smooth out the normal GPS jitters.

    One for the next upgrade perhaps ???

  4. radiotrib, I’ll look into it as soon as I’m done working on a new version. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

    David John Hill, please let me know what device are you running the app on.

    Fishfulthinkin, I believe I’ve answered you through our support system.

    Tim Brotzge, we haven’t touched the part that searches for sats for a very long time now, and there’s not much to break in the first place as all it does is listen to what the GPS receiver in your device reports, so… the problem probably lies somewhere else on your side.

  5.  Hi,

    Great app! However, what is the maximum speed it will register? I want to use it this summer to monitor speeds on a TGV train that can go up to 190mph. Will it register this or stop at 160.


  6. Valerider, it doesn’t have the limitation of what max speed it can register, but you’ll need to uncheck the “Narrow speed range” option in the settings to see speeds above 160 mph.

  7. how do you make it do 1/4 mile an 0 to sixty,cause my buttons dont work for that

  8. How do I quit Speedview? When I am done tracking my trips, I need to shut the app down to preserve system resources, but there does not seem to have a “quit” or “exit” option. The status bar kept reporting that “GPS is unavailable” no matter what key I have pressed (“Back” or “Home”). The Task Manager does not show any open apps, but the status does not go away. I am using Android 2.3.5.

  9. Hi, I have the same problem as David John Hill: I cannot find the way how to change unites from miles to kph or nautical miles. Can you advise? Thanks.

    1. On the version I have it’s under:

      Menu (on Android 4 that’d be the three dots at the bottom of the display) -> Settings -> Display Units (the first option on the settings page)

      1. I just got an update and my advice is now wrong …

        On the latest version, tap the speed graph … settings are behind there in Open Settings – there;s also a help section you can access from there. If you long hold the speed graph the full menu pops up.

        1. Thanks, after latest update (3.0.2 FREE) I can see Open Settings button as well and set Km/h. But it was not there in previous version. Problem solved, application working very well!

  10. Sorry I forgot the phone info:
    – HTC ONE V
    – OS Android 4.0.3
    – Display 480×800
    – Free app (so far… If upgrading to Pro will help I will not hesitate).

  11. Is there any way to clear the track data? I would like to create separate files for different occasions throughout the day i.e. driving to a destination, then a new file for a hike once I get to the destination. Basically I don’t want the driving data in with the same file as a hike, or the previous days data mixed in with a new day. I’m wanting to export these files to Google Earth or ArcGIS and the only way around this I find is to uninstall and reinstall the app every time I want to do this. Thanks!

  12. Oh, Can you explain exactly what the “feet” indicator is?
    Like when I have the HUD up on my windshield, The bottom display on the right says something like “732 feet”, and it changes..
    What is that indicating? feet to what?

    1. Feet above sea level 🙂

      GPS provides full three dimensional positioning because it’s based on the intersection of several spherical position ‘lines’ each being the absolute distance from a satellite. The ASL info is present on the data stream from the GPS chip so you may as well display it.

  13. Is it possible to have an option to display 0.1 MPH increments for low speeds. This would be useful when cycling or walking. Perhaps support 0.1 increments to a maximum of 30 MPH.

    I can’t find any GPS speedometer apps that currently do this.

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