TeraCopy 2.3 beta

What’s new:

  • Added: Choose between TeraCopy and Explorer on every drag-drop operation.
  • Added: Moving files within the same drive without launching TeraCopy.exe.
  • Added: ‘/Report’ command line key.
  • Fixed: Problem copying some locked files.
  • Fixed: Unnecessary verification of skipped files.
  • Fixed: Conflict with Google Chrome on Windows XP.
  • Fixed: Dropping files into TC window now possible in Waiting mode.
  • Fixed: Use %UL instead of %L in Total Commander buttons for Unicode support.
  • Added: Resolving linked network folders to the real path on Windows XP.
  • Added: Option CopyCreationTime to ini file.

Probably fixed VMware problem as well. Please use carefully, it’s not fully tested.

Download: codesector.com/files/teracopy23beta.exe

Update: to reactivate the new drag-drop confirmation dialog in this beta version, set parameter ConfirmDrag to 1 in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Code Sector\TeraCopy with Registry Editor.

A rather useful tip from Andy Malcolm, you might want to test it, even if you have another AV:

Just a quick note to recommend that you suggest to your customers that they list teracopy.exe as an exclusion in Avira Antivirus on-access scanner. The reason being that I noticed full CPU usage when using your product with Avira and it was the Avira process wasting cycles, when I excluded your program from avira on access, your program, which had been somewhat unstable, started copying files 8 to 10 times faster than it had been before, my CPU usage dropped off to a more reasonable level and it seems to have resolved stability issues.

84 thoughts to “TeraCopy 2.3 beta”

  1. “Added: Choose between TeraCopy and Explorer on every drag’n’drop operation.”

    I don’t think that moving dragging through LEFT mouse button the custom menu should appear. The one from windows already displays the possibility to choose and has extra ones for unzipping for that (in fact the custom one doesn’t even respond to the action selected doing it this way). Also that the custom doesn’t offer move operations.

    On other things. Nice that a bug that was freezing the window when canceling, seems gone. But when canceling a file, still calculates the CRC for the source…

    Nice work anyway 😉

  2. How to make [Choose between TeraCopy and Explorer on every drag’n’drop operation]’s option re-present again ?

    1.  Drag the files/folders via the right mouse-button onto the target drive/folder.
      This will bring up a context-menu where you can choose to use TeraCopy/TeraMove or the default routine of Windows’ Explorer.

      1. I have checked ”don’t show this again”.
        But I want that option menu re-present again now.

        Could you tell me how to make it happen ?

        1. You need to set parameter ConfirmDrag to 1 in HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareCode SectorTeraCopy with Registry Editor.

  3. About box still shows 2007-2011?!
    Why not implement like this: “2007 – ” + DateTime.Now.Year (C# style)

    1. And what will be message if I use TC modified like you suggest after applications (hypothetically speaking) stop developing?

  4. It would be great if TeraCopy deleted empty folders after itself!

    …and treat folders containing 0kb files and/or these files as empty (user definable):


    LOVE the program! Thanks!

    1.  Those files, especially Thumbs.db, are usually locked by Windows and can’t be deleted. I think you can wait a short time and delete the folder manually.

  5. Not sure if I like the new file conflict window.
    When I have files nested under long directory names, the buttons on the right take up too much real estate and truncate the filenames on the left.
    Although I do realise I can drag the cursor over the name to see the end of it, it would be nice to see it all on screen at once.

  6. Hi

    Thanks for the tip from Andy Malcolm.  I had the same problem with teracopy 2.27.  I had high cpu usage and long copy times when using Avira Premium on my WD external harddrive, particularly on pdf files.  I attributed that to poor driver support initially.  After reading the tip, I proceeded to exclude both the exe and the process from Avira scanner.  No such delays now.

    1.  Not true.

      Download a new ZIP file, containing the updated Miranda IM binaries.
      Extract it and while selecting all folders and files, move them to the existing Miranda IM program-directory and then look into the extracted folder again.

      Result: Folder “Icons” and “Plugins” stays there, although being empty, since all files where moved to the program-directory.

  7. Hello. I’m a registered user of TeraCopy. I’m using Windows 7 x64 Ultimate.

    After upgrading to version 2.3 beta I had the following issues:

    1) After installation I restarted my computer as the program suggested. When I started Teracopy I noticed that it wasn’t self registered and I had a message saying ” License key copied to “Application DataTeraCopy” folder, please restart TeraCopy to register and after pressing OK I had the About box opened to re-enter my key again to register the program.

    2) TeraCopy has stopped working as the default copy handler although I have enable it in the preferences menu ( The Only when Scroll Lock is OFF option is unchecked ). Every time I try to copy something always starts the default windows copy.

    3) The new drag’n’drop confirmation dialog isn’t showing.

    4) The ConfirmDrag parameter in registry wasn’t present. I added ConfirmDrag as String Value under HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareCode SectorTeraCopy to registry and set it to 1 but the new drag’n’drop confirmation dialog still isn’t showing.

    5) When I drag a file with the right mouse button to a copy location the TeraCopy Here and TeraMove Here options aren’t showing in explorer’s context menu.

    I changed back to version 2.27 and all worked as they supposed to.

    P.S   How difficult is to add an Export Copy/Move List button of the remaining files in TeraCopy’s main window ? This is usefull if, let’s say, you have to leave home and must shut down the PC ( The Copy/Move operation for all files must be started all over again and just skip the copied/moved ones). In this way we save time and disk usage.

    1. Just a small suggestion:
      I use the ‘shutdown when transfer is complete’ in those cases, or the Skip All function.
      However, I can see that an export remaining tasks list can be very useful in some circumstances.

      First time I learned about TeraCopy was in the HiRen BootCD. And now, I can’t imagine living without it. I do hope that this will not become blowware.

    2. All of the symptoms you describe appear on my system, however they happen with many versions of teracopy, tested back a few of them. It’s very frustrating not being able to use teracopy as the default handler. I’ve tried a lot of things, reinstall, uninstall, registry, you name it. If anyone can offer help with this I’d appreciate it!

  8. Since I installed TeraCopy, I believe that there is no better program of this type. I look forward to future versions and improvements. I can also help in translating new versions into Polish.
    I greet and thank you for this great application.

  9. Jeff, as you announced a few months ago, are you going to give away license keys for translators?

  10. I just tried the 2.3 beta and have experienced two problems — one minor but one fatal to the use of the program.  The setup for my test was to create four folders on an empty partition, and then to try copying four different partitions into the four folders in the empty partition.  Each such copy (one partition to one empty folder) was done by a drag-and-drop.  This results in four separate teracopy operations and four separate teracopy windows.

    I ran this test twice, once dragging the drive icon representing a partition into the empty folder, and once opening the drive, selecting all of its contents (Ctrl+A), and dragging the collection into the empty folder.  The first time I got an enormous number of error messages about invalid paths; that is why I went to the second mode (Ctrl+A of contents).

    But the problem is that teracopy stops 2/3 of the way through the first copy, reporting read errors, and then sits in a cpu-bound loop forever.  It does not complete the copy.  On the second try, I get lots of “Read error: Invalid access to memory location” reports in the log, as well as lots of “Read error:” with no further information after the colon. This happens on one of the partition copy attempts.  So I cancelled it and went on.

    The minor problem is that after all four copies were created, teracopy spends some time reading the directories, and then all four copies go into “copy waiting” mode — none actually start copying.  Similarly, after a copy finishes, or a copy is cancelled, none of the other pending copies starts up.

    Finally, a request for separate color settings for the two progress bars.  The progress bar for the single file is much to flashing — files are completing instantaneously and so the progress bar blinking is distracting.  For this reason I set the colors to white (for all states of the progress bar) — it stops the blinking.  But I wouldn’t mind having progress shown on the job-as-a-whole progress bar.

    Thanks for a handy program (2.2 Beta 3 is the release I use, because all subsequent ones have failed for me during large copies).

    If I can help diagnose the problem, I am happy to run some tests.

    1.  An update — it turns out that 2.2 Beta 3 fails the same way, as does 2.12.  Windows explorer and XXCOPY both copy the partition without problems, and the files for which TeraCopy reports read errors are in fact readable.   

    2.  If I set the ini-file to say ForceSameDriveMode=1 then the copy completes without problem (tested both on this 2.3 beta as well as 2.2 Beta 3).    

    3. I am seeing pretty much the same problem, trying to copy to the root of another disk. Is this a known issue?

  11. You should be able to set a throttling threshold during the copy (like ultracopier) to prevent saturating WAN links. 

  12. am reporting for lack of support. when they don’t like your comments, they delete them

  13. When will you fix the problem of TeraCopy not keeping the Security ACLs of a moved file? Whenever I move a file, I need to-readd the permissions for “Everyone” to the files. Win 7 x64.

  14. I’ve been using this for over two years now with no problems at all, in XP and 7 Ultimate. And yes with Avira too. I love it to bits and it’s one of the first things I install in a fresh Windows.

    The “unnecessary verification of skipped files” … can’t speak for anyone else of course, but I’ve actually found that quite useful a couple of times. Can we have it back please? At least as an option.

  15. The first guy that posted expressed his wish for empty folders to be automatically deleted. PLEASE do not integrate this without an option. I want my empty folders to be copied.

  16. My freeware copy of Teracopy 2.3 is no longer moving files.  Its border is now red and abruptly ends  the process before files are moved.  What can I do to correct this error?

  17. Also Avast and Comodo antivirus detect it as a malware.
    I wonder why! 

  18. Please fix the Verify options on not copied files.
    Examples. I’ve copied lot of files from ntfs to fat32 external hd.
    Files over 4 GB was not copied, correct. But after the copy session
    I clicked verfiy and these options checked all not copied files also,
    instead skipped those files. It costs lot of time and as surprise,
    TeraCopy give an error, because it could not find the destionation
    file. Logically, grrr. Please fix it soon, and I’m your customer. I Promise.
    TeraCopy need lot of time to skip locked files. Please fix this also.
    Thank you very much 🙂

    1.  Important, TeraCopy must check the destination copy for exists, before beginnging verify. Because, i coulde delete the file on destination drive.

      1.  It’s a limitation of Fat32 to limit file size to under 4GB.  Format your external HD to exFat or NTFS if you use Windows exclusively and you won’t have to worry about it.

        1. I think the TS already knows this, but sometimes reformatting a drive is not an option (i.e. in a non Windows application).
          Peter probably means that TC should not verify when a file is not copied, because that’s unnecessary and time consuming.

  19. Hi, did you know about customer care? I want to be a new customer, but with no answer and bug fixing…. 🙁

  20. Is there a way to disable the Fat32 check, and copy anyway?   I have an apple time capsule NAS that reports itself as a fat32 drive to windows clients, but is in fact, a modern file system that can handle arbitrarily large files. Right now, I am unable to copy files larger than 4Gb to it due to this check, where the windows explorer can do it fine.

  21. 单字节文件夹复制会产生BUG 比如 c:/c/**.** 复制到 N:/ explorer.exe 会崩溃

    1.  Write in English or Russian. Jeff can’t read any other languages or signs, AFAIK.

  22. I’v noticed TeraCopy’s integrated drop and drag does not work right when attempting to reorganize the start menu from inside the start menu itself. You have to open the destination folder and drop it there. it errors when dropping directly back in the start menu.

  23. Using 2.27 on xp, moving folders and files together often result in files being treated as folders.

  24. It would be nice to have an option to retain folder structure when using a file list. Currently the tool allows a list of files but only copies to the files to the current target folder. The folder structure is lost.

  25. When using Teracopy to perform a Backup copy, it would be usefull to reset the Archive attribute in each file that was copied.

    Is it possible to include this function in future releases of Teracopy ?

    Kind regards,

  26. I tried TeraCopy with command line options.
    when I copy A:Map1 to B:Map2 [teracopy Copy A:Map1 B:Map2 …]
    files are copied to B:Map2Map1 in stead of B:Map2
    I tested this with 2.27 and 2.3Beta.

    1. It looks like you could be trying to copy the folder instead of its contents

      You could try A:Map1 or A:Map1*.* instead of A:Map1

      1. Thanks for your reply.

        A:Map1 (and/or B:Map2) does not solve this.
        A:Map1*.* (and/or B:Map2*.*) result in syntax errors like:
        “Target folder is not available B:Map2*.*”

        I tried this also with A:Map1* (and/or B:Map2*)

  27.  Hello:

    I purchased some time ago a license of Teracopy 2.27 and now try to test the beta version of TeraCopy 2.30, install it but it could never function as the Default Copy Handler though the option was enabled in preferences.
    Install and uninstall Teracopy and was never the Default Copy Handler.
    When will be released the final version of Teracopy 2.30? Thank you. Nelson

  28. Hello! Love your program, but one thing is a bit annoying: Whenever I move folders, but it skips the files on the destination, it “forgets” the skipped folders and tries to delete them without success resulting in “unable to delete folder “C:…” “. While not deleting the originals still full of files is good, it takes about ten minutes for about ten folders… so a lot of time is wasted… (other instances have to wait) Has this been corrected? (this was not an issue in 2.10) Thanks!

  29. I’ve had a problem for quite a while when trying to copy more than 5-10 GB of files. Many times it would error out. I will try the trick you mention about excluding TC from my Avast AV. Hopefully, that was the problem.
    Also, I’m SO GLAD you allow moving to a spot elsewhere on the same drive without TC starting up. TeraMove on the same drive was always SO SLOW compared to Windows Move.
    Lastly, when the file conflict window comes up, The OLDER ONLY button seems totally useless. Could you change it to be NEWER ONLY?  Most of the time when I copy, I am intending to overwrite older files with newer files. This way newer ones would be copied. and equal or older would not.What would be really nice is if the file size/date/time are equal, the file is simply skipped. Furthermore, if TeraCopy was chosen, a totally equal file would be just skipped and left at the source, and if TeraMove was chosen, a totally equal file would be skipped and then deleted from the source.
    Oh, a quick side note to support one of the other people who posted this, could the layout of the file conflict box be changed so that you could more completely display the full path and filename of the files? Either moving 10 of the buttons on the right straight down so that the source and destination filenames can extend into the area where those buttons used to be?  I would imagine that TeraCopy is such a boon to people because we tend to be copying/moving lots of files with very deep file paths and they are typically truncated with TeraCopy. (and yes, I know that you can click on the file name and drag to the right in order to reveal the full info, but doing that for lots of files is extremely tediuous and inefficient.)

    1. I’m copying larger files (mainly HD-movies) without any problems at all. Right now, I’m copying and moving files to (and from) my new NAS (Synology DS1512) and also copied files from (and to) internal and external drives (eSATA, USB) and have not encountered any problems. I moved approx. 15 TB the last 2 weeks, mainly using TeraCopy.

      Perhaps you are trying to copy files to FAT 32 partitions?

      Furthermore, in conflicting situations, the button ‘Older one’ refers to overwriting, not keeping. There is an option to overwrite older files by default, too (file replace options).

  30. Something seems to have changed…

    I use TeraCopy to copy old hard drives into a folder on new computers. I’m pretty sure it used to copy everything. Now I find that it doesn’t copy critical user folders (folders that say access denied if opening manually). However, TeraCopy doesn’t tell you that it skipped these folders. It should either take ownership and copy the files or it should report that it couldn’t access these files.

    So now, I have to TeraCopy, manually see what didn’t copy, attempt to open and let Windows “permanently get access to this folder”, create a blank folder at the destination, select all, TeraCopy the contents of each folder.
    Didn’t TeraCopy used to automatically get access and copy everything??

  31. TeraCopy doesn’t work with 7-Zip. When dragging files out of 7-Zip window, TeraCopy says “Open Error”.

  32. Version 2.27 (I don’t like using beta software) doesn’t work with Nikon D3100 still uses Windows copier even after setting TeraCopy as my default application. Maybe something to look into ??

    1. I think it uses virtual filesystem, i.e. only Windows know how to copy files from your device.

  33. After copying or moving files, running VERIFY, the verify rates in MB/s is NOT updated.

  34. A great program!  Thank you.  I’m wondering if it is possible to add files to the queue through a console?  I use TeraCopy in a python script to automatically create or find folders based on filenames.  Each time there is a different destination folder, I need to start a new instance of TeraCopy.  Because it doesn’t rund in the background, whatever I am doing is interupted with each new instance.  It’s working great if I run it while I’m away from the computer, so no complaints.  but if there is a better way I could be doing it I would love to know.  Thanks again.

  35. Hello, I ask : When will be released the final version of TeraCopy 2.3?,

    I think TeraCopy is a great software but the time it takes for the release of versions is too long.

    Thank you.

  36. Documentation needs to explain what should be the value to the right of: “CopyCreationTime=”, PLEASE. Where is documentation for ALL variables read from “Options.ini”?? TIA

    1. I cannot BELIEVE how TC has destroyed creation dates for almost 1TB of files MOVED to another drive. INCOMPETENT, says I.

  37. TeraCopy is a great product but the version 2.3 beta has many problems,
    would be ideal if Teracopy publish new updates at least annually.

  38. Even in this version Teracopy still compares skipped files.

    Do you actually use your own program? This is the most buggy file copier ever.

    Useless for copying into existing folders (because of the comparing skipped files bug), and hangs when one presses cancel.

  39. We are looking forward for 2.3 final release, please give some attention to TC!

  40. Hello,
    The progress bar is not very “easy-to-read”. I would suggest colors more explicit, closer to the default Windows theme, like:
    0 – 255 – 0 (green) for the left part
    128 – 255 – 255 (light blue) for the middle part
    So when the copy is completed, the whole bar is green (i.e. OK).

  41. Why does it report FAILURE when it skips files? Failure should be only for ERRORS in reading or copying, not for skipped files (which are there already and presumably OK so no ‘error’ exists). Maybe another status besides OK, but not FAILURE…

  42. TeraCopy seems incompatible with ASMedia SATA controller. I copy files from harddisk connected to Intel onboard AHCI controller to another harddisk connected to PCIe ASMedia SATA3 controller having only 7.5MB/s, but when I use FastCopy I get ~80MB/s.

  43. any ETA on final version of teracopy 2.3? it’s açmost an year since lauch of beta version… is the project “frezzed”?

  44. theres a bug (maybe?) that is strange. teracopy 23 is set to be the default copy manager (instead of windows explorer) but explorer keeps poping during copypaste operations….

  45. Love this program!
    I only have one thing I would like to see fixed. Please remove the limitation of >255 characters when copying folders and files that have numerous sub-folders and therefore the entire address that it is pulling from is going to be a long name and won’t be copied due to this limitation.

    I just recently had to move 1.5TB of info from a quickly failing drive and ran into this problem so many times. The drive was a combination of three other smaller drives and did not have time to verify all of my files were there before sending it back to WD so I just wanted to be on the safe side and move everything even if it was duplicate information. But many things were nested in sub-folders because they needed to be organized this way but this limitation prevented them to be copied in their native locations. Very frustrating, would love to see this fixed for future releases.

  46. Is a shame that this program has no more updates, maybe be a good idea that codesector sell it to another company that if can update and serve better to their customers

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