TeraCopy 2.27

What’s new:

  • Added: ‘Remove other’ to remove non-selected files from the list [Pro].
  • Added: Better handling multiple copy processes.
  • Added: Multiple retries to delete source files and folders after moving.
  • Added: Tray notification when adding files to the existing process.
  • Fixed: Problem with some non-Latin filenames.
  • Fixed: Copied files now have a correct creation time.
  • Added: WaitBeforeMinimize option to ini file.

Download: codesector.com/files/teracopy227.exe

109 thoughts to “TeraCopy 2.27”

  1. Congrats for trying to fix the moving files bug! let’s give it some time to see the results.

    1. Do you mean stolen license key? Make sure it’s actually working, one of these “hackers” uploaded the key I’ve already blocked in this version 🙂

          1. LVUWAASAAAw+rC28xqUEja7DowVzMbZBUkVij+pW5lCOmynWrNYyPxcy87BuKqIu

            whut r the features from teh pro edition? and why should i buy dis edition?

          2. Read the download page for features. The main features of PRO are:
            1) Ability to select files to copy.
            2) Copy by selected extension.
            3) Use for commercial purposes.
            Cracks are often broken or viruses. Cracks and copied keys are a way to steal the work of the author. TC is obviously a lot of work to write, update, and maintain. 

            The Free version works great and supports everything necessary for home use.

  2. love this app, hate that when you move some files, some stay in the source, i hope they fix this

    1. When reporting a bug, always specify the version of the application, the version of the OS (for example, Wnd 7 sp1), whether TC is running as an administrator, and any other pertinent information.

      My experience is that this only happens when there is a problem copying the file. You should see a list of files after the copy. The button on the lower left removes the successful copies (you might have to click on “More” first).

      Sometimes, TC cannot delete a file because of file security. Often, TC cannot delete a file because the OS is slow actually closing the file (either source or destination). Some attempt has been made to fix this in version 2.27

    1. Please translate to English for the rest of us. Do you mean that “The Chinese translation is not garbled in this version?”

  3. I am glad to see the new version.
    I thought this program was abandon.
    The only problem i have had is when you copy from one HD to a different HD some times it will move it instead of coy.

    Is this a (was ) a bug???

  4. Portable mode isn’t completely portable as FileList.dat still gets written to Application Data

    1. What OS version are you using?

      This is complex in Vista or later, because of restrictions about writing to Program Files. You would always have to run TC as an administrator (file properties).

  5. I’m running TeraCopy as a portable app, extracting the contents of the installer. I noticed that this executable is version, same as v2.22, the last release.

    This is what I found, not sure if it’s a problem, just wanted to mention it.

    TeraCopy.exe (v2.22) – in Properties as v2.2.2.0
    Size: 1322016
    MD5: B4C55640E829150C49E390731E339D05

    TeraCopy.exe (v2.27) – in Properties as v2.2.2.0
    Size: 1243280
    Md5: 1598DF83E5B2F3A1E6763B6F95A42F83

  6. still teracopy can´t move files with weird characters in the name of the file, i hope this gets fixed someday, thanks

  7. Hello folks,

    Thank you for Teracopy it’s excellent. Could you make the right-click TeraCopy GUI load from “Option.ini” (in portable mode) its display language. I ask that because when running in portable mode only the TeraCopy.exe GUI load the language selected in “Options.ini”. The right-click GUI doens’t.

    Best regards,


  8. Hi, really great programme, thanks for your work.

    A bug I found: if I move a directory from the trash to another folder it gets renamed to e.g. $RBMX472

    1. great to avoid the CRC32 collisions… It does happen.  For example, RAR recovery volumes have the same CRC32

    2. This feature is for detecting bad copies (hardware errors during copy or bad disk sectors). The OS, RAR, and ZIP use CRC32 to detect modified files. The chance of missing a change during copy is less than 1 in 1,000,000,000. It detects all changes for normal sized files.

      MD5 is intended for cryptographic signatures and is a much more complex algorithm and takes much longer to calculate (around 16 times longer). The purpose is to detect deliberate tampering, not accidental changes. The chance of missing a change is less than 1 in 10^18. SHA256 is the current “highest security” signature and the chance of missing a change is 1 in well over 10^43 (greater than the number of atoms in the earth).

      Some files (like RAR recovery volumes) are identical files. They would have the same signature (hash) for all algorithms.

  9. can you integrate with windows UNDO function?
    ex. after accidentically move the some folders to another one, i need to bring it back with undo function. undo function works if I use a normal windows mover, but not works with teracopy.


    1. I also have accidentally moved when I meant to copy.

      This would be a great PRO feature. Perhaps a history log with the ability to select files to copy back.

      If you set TC to stay open after move, you will (at least) have a list of what you moved.

  10. File EnterKey.exe in the installation folder of teracopy is virus (WS.Trojan.H)
    My Norton Internet Security detected it.
    Please fix it.

    1.  thats because Nortons is a piece of crap.

      Open note pad and build a file put one word in it and name the file keygen.

      Norton will flag the file as a virus.

      Use Microsoft security essentials.

      ITS FREE
      scan it with malawarebytes another free virus program.

      1. Exactly! 40 antivirus programs on http://www.virustotal.com is Ok with this file.

        Moreover, I signed the file with digital certificate from www.verisign.com. If you go to this site, you can see “Now from Symantec” at the top of the page. WTF is that? Antivirus from Symantec don’t trust applications signed with certificate from Symantec? Why they sell it then for $400/year? 

  11. 以前在 windows7 64bit 下拷贝有时会停止响应,更新后终于好了!Thanks !

  12. Is there any chance of adding an option to turn off the creation time ‘fix’? When I make a copy of a file, I want the creation date to show when the original file was created, not when that particular copy was created. This was the reason I bought TeraCopy in the first place.

      1. Could the option be “Keep original file times?”. This would keep both the Modified time and the Creation time. The directory (folder) Modified time could be the copy time.

  13. I’ve just downloade release 2.27 and Symantec detect a Virus inside !!!!

    File Enterkey.exe.  Virus
    WS.Trojan.HPlease, can you check it? Thanks in advance

  14. TeraCopy: Undesirable folder merging

    OS: XP Pro 32 SP3

    General description:

    If I copy a folder called “TEST” and paste it in the same location where I copied it from I get a folder called “Copy of TEST” or “TEST_2” but if I paste it in a different location the system handles the paste operation in quite a different way.

    Concrete situation (which describes what I mean with “undesirable folder merging”):

    I have a folder named “HERE” containing 3 subfolders named “Test 1”, “Test 2” and “Test 3” each subfolder contains 2 files named “This” and “That”.


    I have a folder named “THERE” containing 3 subfolders named “Test A”, “Test B” and “Test 3” each subfolder contains 3 files named “This”, “Tom” and “Jerry”.

    IMPORTANT: All files in all sub/folders have the same extension.

    If I copy the 3 subfolders from “THERE” and paste them into “HERE” I get the warning that (inside the folder “Test 3”) the file “This” already exists and I have the usual overwrite, rename and skip options.

    Why don’t I get the warning that the folder “Test 3” already exists and get the overwrite, rename and skip options for the folder?

    Sometimes while copying/pasting large amounts of folders (with subfolders inside) is not always possible to know which one (target/source) of the files contained in the folders/subfolders is the one to keep, so it would be actually nice if the user could configure the copy option in a way to get a warning about the existence of a folder with the same name rather than a file (inside a folder/subfolder) with the same name.

    In fact in the situation described above (after the copy operation) it would be more logical and convenient (in the “rename” scenario) to find at the destination location (beside the others) the subfolders “Test 3” (containing 2 files named “This” and “That”) and “Test 3_1” (containing 3 files named “This”, “Tom” and “Jerry”).

    Currently (after the copy operation) beside the others, I find a single “Test 3” subfolder (containing 4 files named “This”, “This_1”, “Tom” and “Jerry”). In other words the (target/source) sub/folders get merged with each other.

    Can this behavior be changed?

    In case of conflict (rather than folder merging) I would prefer to have the option to rename the folders/subfolders and then decide which folder to delete and which one to keep.

    I hope the above description is clear enough, if not please let me know.

    Thanks in advance for your creative feedback,

    Eta Beta

    1. For me, this is one of the advantages of this TC over copying with Windows Explorer.

      You have the “Always Ask” option in the current version.

  15. Cut/Past from “C” to “D” on the same HDD
    “Impossible de déplacer le fichier vers un lecteur de disque différent.”
    Impossible to move the file to a different hard drive.

    Windows 7×64 Sp1
    Antivirus disabled when copying

    1. Unable to edit my message
      It happens when i select “ignore all” when replacing.

      1. Check the security properties for the file.

        The message is standard and does not pinpoint the actual problem unless you include the actual error code (check the log at the bottom after clicking on the More button). An example code would be “80040005” or “C0040005”.

  16. when a copy job changes from waiting to working, would it be possible to move the window foreground? otherwise it stays minimized. thanks

  17. well i am glad to see its still developing.
    I spent the 21.10 for it.
    I have had only one time lately when drag and drop to onother Hard drive it want to move instead of copy.
    You just have to keep eye open.
    its still the best out there 

    1. When there is an error like that, it is often an OS (Windows Explorer or Clipboard service) error.

      If it happens again, try restarting your OS before copying.

  18. My anti virus suspect this Version have virus. Can you tell me why?
    I use Norton Internet Security.

    1. Check it with two other Antivirus programs (such as PCtools free antivirus and Comodo free antivirus or Comodo internet security).

      Never trust virus reports from “Heuristics” or the “Cloud” without rechecking them. These are not confirmed. Also, never allow a program to check for viruses while downloading (only after the file is downloaded).

      Submit the program to Symantec (the company that owns NIS). They will test it and add it to the exclusions. In the meantime, add it the the exclusions in your copy.

      When reporting this type of problem, always include the version of the program, the version of the antivirus part of the security system, and the antivirus database version.

  19. Crashes when trying to copy 300 Gb of small files from local to network drive in a win2008r2 x64 with 4 Gb RAM

    1. I have a simular problem. I have Win7 x64 and TC crashes when I try to copy a lot of files, type >100 (small and big files), from one hd to another. I had this problem over 10 or 15 times now. Can not trust TC for sensitive copy/move work nomore. Please fix this. I used TC for a long time and liked it a lot until this happend. I can not remember in what upgrade it started thou. I use version 2.2 now.

      1. What OS and version?
        Are you using TC 2.2 Free or PRO?
        Do you have DLC set for TC?
        If you are using Windows Vista or later, do you have TC set to always run as an administrator (properties on TC or on shortcut). Do you have UAC on?

        This is minimal information for reporting a bug for any program.

        I had the same problem for Windows 6.1. (“7”) sp1 until I set TC to always run as administrator (UAC always prompts me).

        1. Dear Dr Bits:

          I don’t know you, but anyway since you feel that I did not give you enough information, I update you with this:

          As I already wrote in my question:

          I have Windows 7 x64 I can only add that it is sp1.

          I use TC 2.2 Free, if I used PRO I would have wrote that.

          I don’t know what DLC is.

          Yes TC runs with administrator priviliges.

          Yes I have UAC on.

          Now that you have all the minimal information and that I have told you what happens in TC 2.2 that did not happen before in other versions, maybe you got a clue what have changed that make this happpen and a possibility to fix it.

  20. I just downloaded 2.27.

    TeraCopy is a great program but completely useless because it tries to CRC compare files that have been SKIPPED.

    I copy 15 files of which 14 already exist at the target.
    I choose “Skip All”
    TeraCopy copies 1 file and then CRC compares 15 files (= 14 unnecessary compares).

    1. You are reporting a minor bug.

      That does not make it useless. It does what you want. It just wastes a little time.

      CRC32 is very fast and the comparison does not change the modified or creation times of the files.

      Do you have Verify (the check mark) set?

      1. I too wish to report this bug.  I have a folder of my music on my laptop that I often copy to my work machine over the network.  I often copy the entire folder across when I have added new music to my laptop with Verify set and then choose Skip All when prompted about duplicate file names.  It copies a couple of new songs in less than a minute but then verifies 1000’s of others by reading the source over the network to calculate the source CRC.  This takes many hours over a slow network which is not “a little time”.  I use TeraCopy because of the verification feature, but this bug makes this feature useless to me.  Perhaps the dialog prompting to overwrite, keep both or skip, there could be a 4th option to verify the duplicate.  That way you can choose to either skip OR verify that one file or all duplicate files.

          1. Hi,
            That’s not a bug!
            Please add feature “verify only new” but don’t remove the ability to check all files (even skipped). I use it when copy a lof of files and want to check everything again.

  21. Love this little proggie. Bought a pro license sometime ago. I have 2 questions:
    1) Can I use the license on 2 pcs (my desktop and laptop) or do I have 2 buy 2 licenses?
    2) On one of the pcs, when I click the browse button, the browse window is like the normal windows explorer window. But on the other pc, the browse window is like a list of folders only. Is there some setting to use the normal window explorer window?


      1. 1) The yes means I can use on two pcs or does it mean that I have to buy 2 licenses?

        2) One of the pc runs win 7 and the other win xp. I think that on the win 7 pc, the browse button showed the explorer window when I was running a previous version. I updated win 7 and then updated to version 2.27, and noticed that the “normal” explorer window” turned to the “vertical directory list window”. So I don’t know which of the 2 caused the change? Is there some setting in windows I can use to get the “normal explorer window”?


          1. 1) Nice, thanks.

            2) Well, on win 7, I do not get the explorer like window; I get the vertical directory list window. Any ideas how I can fix this?

          2. The format of the list is a function of shellXX.dll, which uses the options from the registry entry for Windows Explorer.

            Make sure that you have set the default for opening a new explore window to “Explore” instead of “Open”. Make sure you has set your Windows Explorer options and then applied Windows Explorer Tools -> Folder Options -> View -> Apply to Folders

          3. Sorry for the late reply. Can you please tell me how to “… set the default for opening a new explore window …”? Also, which Windows Explorer options should I be setting?


  22. This may be an idiotic question but a question none the less. I am using TeraCopy 2.22 (will be upgrading to 2.27 today sometime) to copy DB backups from a local server to a remote drive. I am doing so using batch files which run as scheduled tasks. I am using the /OverwriteAll switch however it seems what is happening is it is taking the backup files from the local server, and moving them to the remote server but copying the folder along with it. I simply want to copy the files from c:backups to \ipaddressshare without copying the folder.

    The batch file is written as follows:

    “C:Program FilesTeraCopyTeraCopy.exe” Copy “C:backupfolder” “\” /OverwriteAll /Close

    What i want is for the copy job to move the files in c:backupfolder and put them in the remote backup folder without creating a subfolder in there called backup folder making sure to delete the existing files first.

    Any help with what I am doing wrong would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Try changing the target directory (folder).
      “C:Program FilesTeraCopyTeraCopy.exe” Copy “C:backupfolder” “\” /OverwriteAll /Close

  23. Glad to see the update. Unfortunately the creation time fix isn’t for me either. Will have to stick with the previous version for now.

  24. Problems:

    1. “Close window when transfer is complete” is selected, but window stays open after transfer 🙂
    2. I have multiple file transfers that start in random order. I would love the transfer queue to stick to the same order I pasted the files in their respective destinations.

  25. Three suggestions:
    1) Rename the installer to include the version number. This makes it easier to avoid multiple downloads.

    2) Change the web site to specify the advantages of the PRO version in more places (such as on the download page). The purchase page says
    “TeraCopy Pro Free utility … 14.95 € Buy Now”
    This is a contradiction. It does not mention why one should pay.

    3) Add “Check for update” to the Help.

    (Ordering PRO to support your work.)

  26. Hi, I’m using VMware en when I copy something from a virtual machine and past it to my machine it won’t copy when Teracopy is active. 

      1. Just copy (Ctrl + C) in the virtual and past (Ctrl + V) in the host, or just drag and drop. Or are you using the XPmode?

  27. There is a bug in TeraCopy
    When delete files or folders to recycle bin, then go to recycle bin then click on files or folders cut to paste it into another location TeraCopy rename this files to:
    $RHREAH1.txt ( before was New Text Document (2).txt )
    $RZEMIMO.exe ( before was teracopy.exe )
    $R4XOHLY    ( before was New Folder ) 

    I’m using windows 7 sp1 x64 with no UAC enabled.

  28. I added 
    WaitBeforeMinimize option in the ini file but Teracopy window stays visible. I thought it would minimize the window after x seconds? Please provide more info. Thanks

  29. Hi Guys, great work!
    Is it possible to add an additional feature of deleting the files in the target folder that are no longer in the source folder?
    Of course this option should be selectable or it should be possible to view with files are no longer in the source and have the user decide to delete them in the target also.

    I encounter that demand, when I restructure my source directory or when I delete some pics which are not so good. They are still in my backup.
    Now I would have to delete the backup and create a completely new one.
    With teracopy and the new feature I could do that while updating my backup.


  30. When copying a lot of data, i get fragmentation when it start filling up a disk as the files copied, which are good single fragments, have a gap between… Which then causes fragmentation later when the gaps then get utilzed but the files are bigger than the gaps…  Can you set it to copy files sequentially? with no gaps? Especially big files like avi, etc, which never get edited/increase in file size.  Cheers!

  31. Подключил через Ext2fsd v 0.51 том EXT3 (2TB). (Windows 7 Корпаративная x64)
    При попытке копировать/переместить папку содержащую 273 папки (3062 файла) общим объемом ~1.79TB часть скопировалась, но большая часть отменилась с ошибкой (дословно сейчас не смогу указать). Скопировал все через Far Manager 2.0 b1807 x64. Для проверки целостности повторно запустил копирование через TeraCopy с пропуском имеющихся файлов. Собственно суть моего сообщения:
    Физичиски разные диски, HDD источник X (RAID 0 на SATA 300) и HDD цель Y (USB 2.0), но подсчет CRC идет последоватьно т.е. сначала подсчитывается на исходном потом на целевом что imho не рационально т.к. скорости интерфейсов заведомо разные.
    1. подсчитывать в разных потоках паралельно CRC исходного и конечного файла (с сохранением в массиве RAM и последующим сравнением этих массивов).
    2. по возможности сохранять CRC в потоке файла чтобы не пересчитывать CRC повторно при операциях с этим же файлом.
    3. возможность опционально включать лог ошибок (без указания успешных операций), для возможности передачи разработчику.

  32. TeraCopy isn’t letting me use an ftp address as a target folder. I am using my Playstation 3 and mozilla and windows explorer lets me copy files to the Playstation 3 in ftp mode, but in TeraCopy I get the error message “Target folder is not available
    GAMES on”

  33. Hello!
    It is very a pity, that in version 2.27 date of creation of an original file has ceased to be duplicated.
    It is possible to make so that manually to include or disconnect copying of date of creation of an original file?

      1. Thanx! It’s very-very good. Sometimes it is necessary to keep ALL attributes of files constant. Teracopy – greatest program.
        Happy New Yeah!
        P.S. The program was absolutely perfect, you want to reduce or completely fix very large fragmentation of files while copying.

  34. Hello!
    It is very a pity, that in version 2.27 date of creation of an original file has ceased to be duplicated.
    It is possible to make so that manually to include or disconnect copying of date of creation of an original file?
    P.S. Why my message in comments has left

  35. Hello, I have found a little bug about teracopy (2.27) .
    This bug can only seen while moving files not copying.
    moving files , teracopy says that file couldn’t me moved to disc on the
    other hand their queue didn’t come yet. When the queue come to that
    file it can move without problem. I mean teracopy shows warning about
    moving error before happening any error. The image is proof : 

  36. Hi TeraCopy crew, I adore this bit of software and am currently using it at home and like to use it in work, I’m pushing to get few pro licences bought but am having trouble getting permission to install the free version as we are unsure whether the licence permits it.

    CNET and Softepdia claim it’s freeware so it should be fine, but could you confirm that if it’s for a few users of a company whether you need a pro version or not?

    Kind Regards,


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