TeraCopy 2.22

What’s new:

  • Added: Export filelist to HTML (sortable columns) and CSV files [Pro].
  • Changed: Graphical buttons instead of pseudo-graphical.
  • Changed: If the Shutdown option is selected, the batch file PowerOff.cmd will be launched.
  • Fixed: Transfer.log now written in Unicode.
  • Fixed: Renaming multiple files with the same name.
  • Fixed: Waiting for other processes to finish testing after copying.

All .exe files and the installer now digitally signed, it means fewer problems with anti-virus software. If you have a problem with AVG please update virus definitions.

Download: codesector.com/files/teracopy.exe

60 thoughts to “TeraCopy 2.22”

  1. Please take a look at the image.I can’t read the characters.This character is Korean. Please fix this problem.

    1. I can’t register my Serial Number.
      It says: You must copy it ot clipboard.
      And I have done that.

      1. Please send email to teracopy@ this site or use our ticket system. I’ll send you a key file to put in TeraCopy folder.

  2. love teracopy — one issue I’ve found with it — it seems to really not like copying files larger than 100GB.  It errored out every time with a parameters do not match error, and froze the transfer.  Copying the same file with windows (without using teracopy) worked fine.

  3. good work!
    finally the copyspeed is great in windows 7 64 bit.
    in previous versions if was 50% lower than normal windows copy

  4. Please add a setting to choose the color of progress bar text or to make the color keeping a contrast. As example: black text on light colors and white text on darker colors.
    Also, please add a setting to prevent the window to expand when click Cancel during an operation. It is good when press Cancel to stop the operation and, in the same time, to close the window.
    Thank you.

  5. One of my favorite gadgets! I wish Microsoft could embed it in their OSes.
    BTW, what’s up with speed limiting? Could it be implemented?

  6. One of my favorite gadgets! I wish Microsoft could embed it in their OSes.

    BTW, what’s up with speed limiting? Could it be implemented in future releases?

  7. I have a problem with Hebrew translation software always shuts me with an error message Teracopy.exe Faulting application, version, fault in module kernel32.dll, version 5.1.2600.5781, fault address 0x00012afb. When I switch the language to English all works But I prefer Hebrew

  8. in this version still i have a bad errors. When i want to 5 files seperately different location(one by one copy job at the same time) teracopy has got error and freezing or closed suddenly in win 7

  9. Great! Hope it will resolve my issue: when I copy a large amount of files between root folders of different drives, application terminates with an APPCRASH (Windows 7 x64 SP1)

  10. Where can I find “TeraCopy Portable 2.22”?  The Version that allows it to be runned from a flashdrive.  Thanks!

    1. Create an empty file called ‘Portable’ in TeraCopy folder or install portable version and update TeraCopy.exe with latest version.

  11. Yesterday I tried to move several thousand files from one drive to another, it crashed after moving half the # of files.  Also tried copying a few thousand files, it appcrash AGAIN.  What’s with TeraCopy constantly crashing all the time when handling large # of files. The old & outdated robocopy utility has never crashed and burned as badly as TeraCopy.  Quality control of your code may needs strengthening.  The standard windows copier works without issue as well.

    1. Apparently it does NOT crash on Windows 7 w/ SP1 x86 32-bit… It always crashes on Windows 7 w/ SP1 x64 64-bit AND Windows Server 2008 R2 w/ SP1 64-bit while copying or moving large numbers of files.

      1.  and in win7x64…. I’ve successfully moved 800,000 files combined more than 2 TB on win7x64

  12. this program needs more testing before final release, I dont trust my files with this software

  13. its very good for me if any one want its serial then i have

    Use this serial to activate the product:LVUWAwRAAAgJy/0PRf1zTIyY6tYeTpp32bpKDZ/fIBMnse+U+q3tC6XpCD/+3CQOoLLtHUrjgpheKVZe4dX/C83AcHysvt61NJG8h4MRzGnNGURI88oBZrqjyleiFVjEYHQprCsk6WfPbYwjJ0KSUQap8kfFoSF3Liq1WLN0N+k23lyE5e39estAK5MuNUTFmwnNXiahgsLo30sUlLemvdQ58s6PjmeoNnI+GHxop+MPVV77geLT/VWL9ZVEav6OCGwCz69BTgeBO+AcRpFFRDOSJvAR0MUYyN2/gDai0t+7Y7Ec0P7CsZPNubVpbVm1zvmBf3cZljogg/v0tcDlf84QEaYe1sDYh62snz+3gKdJLWPR6S5t71Ms8AwELmWuTvIlZ7EDtIZJ6+yEXacNDBAAAAA=

    it will 105% work just copy it and click on the file (enter key) present in 
    (C:Program FilesTeraCopy) 

    and it will activate

  14. Lately I have been having problems with version 2.2 of Teracopy. When trying to copy files, the system crashes. I get the info pasted below in Windows Event Viewer.

    Any ideas why this is happening?

    Log Name:      Application
    Source:        Application Error
    Date:          10/31/2011 11:40:00 AM
    Event ID:      1000
    Task Category: (100)
    Level:         Error
    Keywords:      Classic
    User:          N/A
    Computer:      XXXXX-XX
    Faulting application name: TeraCopy.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x4e1f154d
    Faulting module name: TeraCopy.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x4e1f154d
    Exception code: 0xc0000005
    Fault offset: 0x00002cb1
    Faulting process id: 0x4ec
    Faulting application start time: 0x01cc97e300884250
    Faulting application path: C:Program FilesTeraCopyTeraCopy.exe
    Faulting module path: C:Program FilesTeraCopyTeraCopy.exe
    Report Id: 97805c10-03d6-11e1-861e-0022153e0dd6
    Event Xml:

        C:Program FilesTeraCopyTeraCopy.exe
        C:Program FilesTeraCopyTeraCopy.exe

      1. My 2.22 version crash everytime i copy a big number of files.
        win 7 64 PRO
        why it happens?

        1. I’ll probably tell you if you send me the bug report. Might be conflict with other software, because it runs fine on my system.

  15. This document is translated Web. I’m Japanese. I have been using for about five years TeraCopy. It really is not too late Windows_XP_32bit copy. So I’m using is TeraCopy. The soft and easy to use, thanks. I downloaded the TeraCopyv2.22. Japanese interface is nice. However, the “garbled” is very bad. Environment: Windows7 Home Premium 64bit Screenshot: “Japanese surrounded by a red border” is “garbled” has been. I hope, like the author to understand this sentence.

  16. This document is translated Web. I’m Japanese. I have been using for about five years TeraCopy. It really is not too late Windows_XP_32bit copy. So I’m using is TeraCopy. The soft and easy to use, thanks. I downloaded the TeraCopyv2.22. Japanese interface is nice. However, the “garbled” is very bad. Environment: Windows7 Home Premium 64bit Screenshot: http://www1.axfc.net/uploader/Img/so/128542.png Deadline: 2011/11/30 “Japanese surrounded by a red border” is “garbled” has been. I hope, like the author to understand this sentence.

  17. Teracopy doesn’t feel as speedy anymore. Running the default copy handler through Explorer++ (70+MB/S) always seems to beat Teracopy 2.22 (around 33MB/S) via Windows Explorer over a gigabit network.
    Windows 7 64bit

  18. I use the Pro version 2.12 It is the best copy program ever. I wonder if I can update to version 2.22 without buying a new key / serialnumber.

  19. This has been an amazing piece of software.  No more microsoft thumbs.db or system file nags.  Read after Write CRC verification…. PAUSE !!!!   Recently used folder list. No more worries about waking up to a transfer stall because windows stalled by alerting you about a read only / thumbs.db / system / replace – file after 3% of a 500GB transfer. This program rocks!  I’ve copied and moved dozens of terrabytes with it so far.

  20. I liked a lot this program… in windows XP. Now I upgrated my system to a win7 64bits and it crashs exactly when I most need it: Copying lots of files. It is a real pitty the last update is from 2007, 4 years ago… if you use XP I recommend it, if you use win 7 DONT INSTALL IT…

    1.  This just flatly isn’t correct — please look at your own system.  I run it on win7x64 and have copied 800,000 files representing more than 2 terabytes with no problem.

      the last update is from … a week ago.  2007? …. please think before you type.

  21. Wanted to say thank you so much for this useful software and for continuing to update and support it.  Good stuff.

  22. Great software.
    Can you add the option to keep the original date and time of directories (copy over date and time of directories)?
    Total Commander has this option, and it is so useful when moving data from one big disk to the other. With TeraCopy, the copy is faster, but all that data is lost.

  23. Teracopy is so useless. It doesn’t move your files faster and also introduces tons of crashes during copying or moving files. Really a useless program.

  24. For those files that failed (e.g. file path too long), TeraCopy should attempt to zip, copy over and unzip to ensure full copy.

  25. Enhancement request! Add the ability to que to copy files to multiple locations. 10 files copy to path “A”, verify then copy to path “B” verify, then copy to path “C” verify, then etc., etc.

    so add a button that allows adding of “one more path”.


  26. Copied 4 movies (DVD5) to 2 different Hdd with  a USB 2 cable, indeed faster as XP, but none of the movies is playing. Tried it again without Teracopy and everything is fine. So i agree with Jeremyh.

  27. Cannot delete files on win7 x64 (logged on as admin) getting “DELETE ERROR: The operation completed successfully” and the info that 0 files got deleted in the report line. After such action clean up is not working either.
    Trying to run teracopy with “run as admin” results in not being able to drag files to it to work with.

  28. I still use TeraCopy v2.12, because when I add multiple jobs every TeraCopy window stays same location, which I set precisely lower left edge of the screen. I tried every other updates but this function doesn’t work like this. New TeraCopy windows created a little lower right from previous window.

  29. this version still leaves files on the source path when moving files. This is a very old bug, still unfixed.

  30. hi, i have been using teracopy for a long time, great app, but very annoying, when i move some files why teracopy leave some files in the original folder, when i say move, it should delete everything, why is that?

  31. Teracopy seems to have a serious conflict with Pro Tools (v7.4) installed, resulting in  some files copied/moved via Teracopy ending up with a destination file being an empty zerofilled file (of the same size etc).

    After a quick look, Pro Tools installs a filter (digifilt.sys) for the file system and I’m guessing its related to this.

    I first noticed copying some 3gp videos from my phone sd card to hdd, and have also seen it with some exe files. It is hard to pinpoint exactly what circumstances, but is usually when copying a group of files, and random files from that list will be zerofilled.

    I tried with previous versions of Teracopy also (non pro) and the problem was the same. However copying with standard windows file copy handler always works fine.

    1. Pro Tools also conflicts with Total Commander in “big file copy mode”. Actually it conflicts with Windows functions:

      TeraCopy: “write block of data to file”
      Windows: “ok, everything is fine”
      digifilt.sys “filters” the data 
      Zerofilled file

      Please contact Pro Tools manufacturer and ask why you need this filter and why it corrupts written files.

      You may try to enable option “Use system write cache” and see if it helps.

  32. seems better, but have trust issues.
    In my older version, Teracopy froze with a large copy volume.
    Has this been fixed ?
    Working with XP-Pro
    from post below, it seems that I will not install on Windows 7.

  33. Hey what the fuck man, you can’t even register this software and the author isn’t responding to my support emails.

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