SpeedView 2.6

Recent changes:

  • Digital speedo gauge
  • Improved GPX export
  • Vibration alert
  • Reverse landscape mode (Android 2.3)
  • Disable street address (Pro version)
  • Many bug fixes and UI tweaks

Note: We are aware of issues with the Motorola Xoom and working on tablet support at the moment. Also, several highly requested features, such as an ability to quickly switch speed limits and disable/enable screen auto-rotation, will be added in the next version.

5 thoughts to “SpeedView 2.6”

  1. SpeedView is a GREAT ap on the Android!

    However… I installed the free version of 2.6 on my wife’s phone and it keeps quiting on her. It reports, “You can resume recording of the GPS data by going to the Advanced dashboard and tapping on the “Start recording” button.”

    But… we didn’t turn on any recording mode as far as we know and don’t really care about recording just that the speedometer function keeps quiting. We go to the advanced dashboard and start the recording again and the Speedometer works for a while than quits again. There doesn’t seem to be a setting that says, “I don’t care about recording.” Mine on SpeedView 2.5 hasn’t ever done this. I do have a lot more memory on my phone but other than that both phones are Droid 2s.


  2. Great app. A suggestion: Intelligent spred warning, I set speed limits 70, 90, 110 km/h. The app predicts the spred limit and gives warning from that. If I go 95 for a few seconds i go to fast because the speed limit seems to be 90.

  3. Dear SoundMaven,

    I am an earth scientist who has studied telluric currents for years. Don’t know much about the music, but have made a number of YouTubes on how they work. I think they’re a little below the audio range, however.

  4. I just bought the pro version, but I have a problem. I found no way to access menu options to switch between miles and km / h

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