Maverick Pro 1.82

What’s new in 1.82:

What’s new in 1.80:

  • Initial support for 10-inch tablets
  • Long-press on the screen instead of using the d-pad/trackball
  • Open any location in Google Maps or another app
  • Hide the location market by pressing Menu button
  • 3 folders for custom maps (e.g. /mapnik/tiles/Custom 1)
  • Bugfixes

Maverick on 10-inch screen:

6 thoughts to “Maverick Pro 1.82”

  1. The Maverick Pro 1.82 appears to be an excellent program. The option to use an external SD card makes it more interesting.

  2. Hello,
    A Good job was already done… but
    – Will it be possible to rotate the Maps in the future ? (It will be much appreciated, and probably will decide me to buy the pro version)
    – Also a HSI (Hotizontal Situation Indicator (see avionics) will be appreciated to follow a track.

    Have a good day, regards

  3. Got the free version for testing and its good got rid of ‘my tracks’ ‘OS maps’ ‘GPS finder’ and ‘mulitmap’ but it needs to rotate maps for direction of travail before I loose the Garmin and buy the app.

  4. After trying the free version I bought the Pro…fantastic app. The online help is better than that of most phone apps, but there are still a few things I’ve had to figure out from trial and error.
    -Clicking the green flag to set a waypoint stops the recording of the track.
    -I stumbled across the page where you can take a picture, but didn’t recall that it was on the waypoint page so spent a lot of time looking for it before stumbling across it again.
    -The button that shows the number of GPS satellites and toggles from GPS OFF to no caption doesn’t reflect whether the GPS has been turned on or not. I still need to go to the main phone control and turn it on (Droid). Perhaps this is different on other phones.

    But bottom line is that I use this a lot and love it. I walk, bike, or ride my motorcycle almost every day and record all to track exercise and share routes. I’ve used a dozen other methods and this is the most convenient and feature-rich of the bunch. I look forward to what you will add in the future.


  5. would it be possible to add bearing plotting ? so I can use it for radio direction finding…

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