14 thoughts to “Maverick 1.6”

  1. Great app but please, please…include average speed as a data display option in the Trip Computer screen! Without this it’s a deal breaker for cyclists!!

  2. Is the app online at the market ? I have been trying to download it via my Xperia X8 for a couple of days without any luck – it simply says that the selected item isn’t available. sigh.
    are you planning to make the app available as an APK from you site ?

  3. thanks! still having problems with the market – strange enough only with the maverick app. still, thank you for your swift response and for making it available “offline”. sweet app!

  4. Hi, love Maverick. I have a couple of issues.

    If you have an old version of maverick and it tells you to update and you click the update it will take you to a 100 pound version in the market, thought you might want to know.

    Also, what are your plans for incorporating MGRS grid coordinate system?

  5. Nice app, I especially like the ease of use (apart from maybe taking photos of waypoints).

    I am developing a hiking and biking map style based on OpenStreetMap data at http://hikebikemap.de/ – it would be nice to see those tiles in Maverick as well. The tile base URL is http://toolserver.org/tiles/hikebike/. The tile usage policy is the same that OSM itself uses: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tile_usage_policy

    If Maverick can support overlays like the lighting and hillshading overlay eventually (see the blue plus (+) in the upper right corner), this would work for many more uses, e.g. there are ski loipe and public transportation overlays available from other people (again based on OSM data).


  6. Been using Maverick and I’m very impressed. I’m using Mobile Atlas Creator v1.8 (yes the atlas is set to Maverick format) on my PC to download maps but Maverick is not recognizing the downloaded maps. I’ve followed the directions and still can’t get Maverick to see the maps. I’m placing the downloaded maps into the maverick\tiles\googlemaps folder with no success. Any ideas?

  7. @Chris
    Figured out the problem. Mobile Atlas creator is making the maverick atlas files as .png instead of .jpg. I manually had the program change them to 256×256 and as .jpg and now maverick recognizes the offline files.

  8. Nice app but needs average speed in the Trip Computer. For cycling and running this is a no brainer and a deal breaker for me.

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