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  1. i’m sorry to say that in some cases this software does not detect that i have a usb plugged it. i had a usb transcend 16gb fat , was tying to copy some files over but the eject was diable. after safely removing it and retrying it worked well, but i noticed that the eject option worked when i moved a file from pc to usb drive but even though the eject option is now present when i move a file from usb drive to pc , it does not eject the drive. please fix it. i love this new feature of ejecting removable drive but it needs to be fixed. gr8 work btw jeff

  2. got same problem it does not allow eject button for my usb drive again when i tried back, this version is broken compared to the first beta

  3. running an older version (not sure due to the app not having version info in it’s properties tab) and it crashed hard on Win7 x64 – I’ve not seen anything like it on XP x32 or 7 x32.

    Have you been aware of this?

  4. hey all,
    Been using TC for about a year and loving it- it’s still golden on 3 computers, but on my main laptop it’s disappeared – i’ll find it invisible in task manager, but it never works unless it’s the first run after reinstallation. How can I get you info on this to improve the product, and how can I totally blow everything TC out of my registry to reinstall from scratch?
    thank you!

  5. Sweet, just waiting for a full release now with a speed limit & a priority slider.

    Good work.

  6. Hello,
    What does it mean when my status = Target > 255 Characters?
    Also, sometimes even when I choose Overwrite All, I have a Source CRC, but Target says No File.

  7. @Earl

    There is a limit of 255 characters for the name of a file. So I guess you are breaching that limit.

  8. @Earl: I dont have the max charc limit… BUT I did notice the “target file missing” error! I read Anime/Manga (yea yea whatever) and I had 5 different folders for 5 chapters, I went in to CH2 and did Ctrl-X (cut) and then went into the folder for CH1 and did Ctrl-V (paste) to move the files from the CH2 to the CH1 folder, all the files DID move properly!

    HOWEVER!!! the TeraCopy window was still open and had a load of target file missing/not found error’s!!!

    So I will go ahead and CONFIRM that bug for you as I am experiencing it as well

  9. I’m having a weird problem copying from another computer on the LAN with TeraCopy Pro… If I drag and drop the file(s) from an explorer window to the target folder, both explorer windows and TeraCopy lock up and I have to use task manager to shut the process down. If I do the same drag-and-drop between 2 explorer windows when both source and target are on the same computer, it works fine. If I open TeraCopy and drag the files from the other computer’s explorer window TO TERACOPY (‘drop files here’ window) and then specify the target folder, it works fine. If I right-click and drag from the other computer’s folder to the target folder, it locks and I never get the right-click options to choose windows’ copy or TeraCopy — just an hourglass that never goes away, and eventually I have to shut the explorer window down via task manager to regain control. I thought it might be just due to beta code, so I tried v2.12, but it has the same problem. I’m sure I used to be able to do this with TeraCopy, but don’t do it too often, so I’m not sure when the problem started. Any idea what the problem might be? (I’d submit a bug report, but I don’t see where to do that on your site… sorry if this is the wrong place).

  10. I’m having another problem with TeraCopy Pro v2.2 beta2 (possibly unrelated to my previous comment, so I’m mentioning it separately). If I right-click and drag-and-drop several files from one folder to another, and specify ‘Move,’ then if some of the files already exist on the destination drive, TeraCopy gets confused and tells me that files that DON’T exist on the target drive are already there, and I get the ‘file already exists – skip – replace’ – etc. menu. (It does list the files that already exist as existing, it just also says that some that are not there already exist, too). If I right-click and drag-and-drop, and specify ‘Copy’ everything works fine. It is only if I specify ‘Move’ that there is a problem. This used to work in earlier versions of TeraCopy, but doesn’t work correctly now.

    This is an easily verifiable bug — steps to reproduce:
    1–Open 2 different explorer windows with different folder contents.
    2–Select files a, b, & c and copy them from window 1 to window 2.
    3–Select files a, b, d, e, & f in window 1 and right-click drag-and-drop them to window 2.
    4–When the right-click menu appears, specify ‘Move’
    Results: TeraCopy will state that files a, b, and d and e already exist on the target folder, and ask what to do. Whether you specify ‘skip’ or ‘overwrite’ it will still copy the files that don’t exist to the new target, but the error message is wrong.

    (I’d submit a bug report, but I don’t see where to do that on your site… sorry if this is the wrong place). I hope you can fix this. Let me know if you have any questions.

  11. pleas help me !
    i have problem with copyspeed, teracopy 2.12 & 2.2beta2 is slower as win explorer copy.
    i use win 7 x64, i7-920, asus p6t v2 deluxe, win explorer copy up to 110 mb/sec
    teracopy max. 60 mb/sec

    thank for help
    EL Reto from austria

  12. How about a defrag-after-copy function? after Teracopy copies one file, it gets dispersed trough the disk. I know its a ntfs thing, but now i copy files one by one with teracopy and defragment them after

    (spanish, dont speak english very well)

  13. It took a while to track this down, but I am now sure that the culprit is in fact teracopy: when I launch a long copy operation by teracopy targeting a net disk, more ofter than not the network interface of my pc stops working after a few minutes.
    I can fix it by disabling the network interface and enabling it again.
    I have this problem with Windows 7 only, not with Vista or XP.
    Can I hope this problem has been fixed in this new release?

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