TeraCopy 2.2 beta

What’s new:

  • Added: Multi-language interface.
  • Added: Prevent system to enter the sleep state.
  • Added: Moving files on the same drive w/o enumerating files.
  • Added: Option to eject removable drives.
  • Added: New browse for folder dialog.
  • Added: Ignore system reparse points.
  • Fixed: Auto-resume all files.
  • Fixed: Windows reported wrong file sizes on Mac drives.
  • Fixed: Moving file with the same name as a folder.

Download: codesector.com/files/teracopy22beta.exe

18 thoughts to “TeraCopy 2.2 beta”

  1. Congratulations guys!

    nice set of additions; my hibernation script with an exception for TeraCopy need some reduction now 🙂

  2. i like the new version but i would like that that the eject button for removable disk is also available when i am copying from my removable disk to a hard disk. at present this option is only available when when i copy from hard disk to usb. please make this changes. and perhaps u could change the User interface a little more Windows vista/7 style instead of windows xp looking app, it would be gr8

  3. Hi,

    One of the great (and exclusive!) advantage of your software seems to be the CRC MD5 computation.

    Indeed, I had a couple of times, problems with USB keys (or even hard disks!) on which the copied file was incorrect.

    USB keys especially (even with good brands such as Corsair), are less and less reliable.
    And when a file is not properly written, there is usually no warning from Windows!
    So CRC comparrison is a key feature.

    But on big files (hundreds of Mbytes), it should be safer, to ensure that the copy is correct, to propose, in addition to MD5, another CRC computation method, such as TIGER192, which is fast enough, and has far more bits.

    For comparrison between CRC algorithms (especially speed),
    you may use the ExactFile software – available at http://www.exactfile.com
    and Wikipedia http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/TIGER192


  4. @heroljim

    Why don’t you test it out and get back to us? Although it would be nice if the author would give us his input.

    Anyway for older versions, the consensus is that using system write cache is slower.

  5. I looking for a fast file copy program (portable if available) with hash list (md5,sfv) generation option in background.
    Copying big files (300-800MB, ~1TB total) from USB to USB drive takes to long (10-15h) and would be great to have the hash list of the copied files for later processing (testing integrity of copied files) if needed.
    Teracopy have option for copy verification, but no way to save the generated sums to file/clipboard.

    Please read the full discussion on

  6. Oh THANK GOD…

    I was giving up hope, I will test out this one to see if the crappy speeds remain for copying smaller files on Win7 (both x86/64)

  7. Hey guys
    this is a very good program.
    But i would like the user interface to be more like win7 than the current one.
    I used to like the ui of teracopy 1 but it was a little heavy on my system.
    Teracopy 2 changed that. It worked well on my system & fast too but interface wasn’t good.
    So what I would really like is ui of teracopy 1 and performance of teracopy 2.

  8. What about support for FreeCommander ?
    When can we expect this File Manager Integration ?
    FreeCommander uses lame Windows-Copy Function, please consider this, there are many people out there using it!

    kind regards

  9. Could you please implement an option to disable “different devices mode”?! Due to weak hardware, simultaneous access to SATA drives on the same controller chip decrease transfer speed from >30MB/s to <1MB/s when copying files between those in different devices mode!!!

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