SpeedView Free 2.2

Release notes:

Version 2.2 – August 28, 2010

  • New track logging algorithm
  • Zoom view added
  • Fixed: Problem with background service
  • Minor improvements

Version 2.1 – August 18, 2010

  • Move to SD Card (Android 2.2)
  • Changelog added
  • Fixed: Force closes ร‚ย in landscape mode

Version 2.0.0 – August 17, 2010

  • Run in background
  • GPX track export
  • Average speed
  • Time traveled

Download: speedview.apk

28 thoughts to “SpeedView Free 2.2”

  1. Nice App – all is working very well on my HTC Desire. Only thing is that I can’t import/open the saved GPX tracks in Google Earth :(.

  2. Uli, I just checked it by opening two different track files created with SpeedView and everything worked fine. I’m talking about the latest (2.2) version, please upgrade and try again.

  3. @dave
    This was some strange publishing problem with the Market. The update we posted literally disappeared in the air. We have re-uploaded the program, so it must work fine now.

    Also, there is a minor bug in version 2.2 that we overlooked in testing. If you’re getting crashes on startup, the newest update should solve it.

  4. Speeview app is stuck in downloading state in Android market and market FCs when I cancel it! reboot of HTC desire does not help..

    Please help – love the app….!

  5. Thanks – typical Google support forum where multiple problems with similar symptoms are cross-posted and confuse everybody – Google may be able to build infrastructure, but they sure as hell don’t know how to support their (paying) users!

    This only affected your app (not others) so must have been related to your ‘strange publishing problem’…

    Anyway, clearing the Market application cache and data (through Setttings-> Applications->Manage Applications->All->Market) seems to have resolved the problem – had to re-accept the Market Ts&Cs when I went back in, but Speedview was then not trying to download and could be reinstalled. Hope this helps other users with the same issue…

  6. I completely agree with you on Google’s lack of attention to customer service. This is even more frustrating considering the fact that many users are still experiencing issues with stuck downloads from time to time.

    I’m surprised to see how common this issue is:

    Anyway, thanks for your feedback! I’ll post a comment on the Market with instructions to help other users resolve this problem.

  7. Love it, but was a bit disappointed that the .gpx only saves the last ~600 seconds of data (10 mins).

    Opened it up, expecting data from our 4 hr road trip, and discovered that … we arrived home.

    Is this an option that can be changed, or is because you don’t want to be filling the card with data, so have set to dump anything older?

  8. @RO8M
    This was a limitation of the previous version, where we introduced this feature in its beta form. That old way of logging track data proved to be highly unsuccessful, the app was taking too long to start and even caused freezes on some users’ phones. So we rewrote the tracking algorithm completely. The latest version (2.21) doesn’t have this limitation, it instead creates temporary log files corresponding with each day that you start SpeedView, storing as much data as needed. Then next time you open the app it deletes the old logs, keeping the latest three so you can export your most recent track to a GPX file. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that the Free version only exports today’s trip data. You can’t choose which log file to convert. We’ll add more functionality here in the Pro version.

    That said, are you sure that you’re using the latest version? If yes and it still doesn’t work right please contact me via email.

  9. Thanks for responding Stephen. Sorry, I should have said that the 10 minute track was pre-update, probably 2.1 I think.

    So, drat. Not going to take the 8 hr round trip again just to test it, but again, thanks for the explanation and change.

  10. A night time mode with red letters instead of white?

    Also have an option where when a set speed is reached the program will start logging, and when it drops below a set speed for more than a certain amount of time the logging stops.

  11. @Avel
    Thanks for your suggestions. Advanced logging options will be available in a Pro version (which will be released in a few days), albeit maybe in a slightly different form.

  12. Great app! I found two functions that I was looking for: A simple digital speedometer readout and a (1-sec interval) GPS tracker with output in GPX.

    One question: Why does the speed readout turn to red when it exceeds 60km/h? Is there any way to disable this? (oops, that’s 2 questions :))

  13. @tympg
    It turns to red when you exceed the speed limit for a chosen type of road. You can define these limits in the app’s settings and then switch between them using the Options Menu -> Speed Limit. If you do not want to use this feature, you can turn it off: Options Menu -> More -> Settings -> Speed warning.

  14. My son just got his permit and I use your app ALL the time. It is so hard seeing the speedometer in the new cars. This works so great, and I plug the phone into the radio system so he hears the audio alert and it helps him learn his speed.

    When you go pro…if you system has a way to change the speed limits using google maps (for instance) automatically, I will definitely be a paying customer.

    You should market this to driving schools.
    Thank you for making my teaching sessions with my son a little less stressful.

  15. Hi
    Great app !!! I use it mainly for biking.
    One thing is missing for my usage : possibility to reset odometer by pushing only 1 button… is it possible ??? Today you need 3 clicks to reset it and it’s too long and dangerous when you are in ATB (VTT in French) on small tracks in the forest or in the mountain.

  16. Great app! Very clean, great UI. Looking forward to the pro version. Any chance of getting persistent & trip odometers?

    Thanks for a great app!

  17. Jeanie B. :

    When you go proรขโ‚ฌยฆif you system has a way to change the speed limits using google maps (for instance) automatically, I will definitely be a paying customer.

    Well, actually there’s no easy way to do this. And the fact that we have users from all corners of the globe makes it even more complicated.

    @satanas, @Daedalus

    Guys, some of these things are already on the to-do list, but right now there are certain high-priority features that have to be taken care of. This, and the work on the paid version that needs to be finished.

  18. I figured that feature would be in the paid version. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Any teasers on what we can expect in that? Features, price, release date? ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. @Daedalus
    Yes, that feature definitely will be included in the paid version, but not right from the start. The only two things I can say for certain is that:

    1) Instead of the ads there’ll be an address view featuring your current address, position accuracy indicator and a number of satellites used in the fix.
    2) There’ll be some advanced settings for track logging, such as frequency of recording of GPX data (say, every 10 seconds).

    This is so because too many people are asking us to release the paid version asap to get rid of the annoying ads. So we decided to do it and then gradually add the remaining unimplemented features from the to-do list.

    As for the price, I believe it would be in the 2$ range. Considering that Google charges us 30% per sale of our apps in the Market, I think it’ll be appropriate. The release date… well, we’re still hoping to release it this week simultaneously with the update for the free version. But things never go as planned. We’re also in the process of trying different ad networks to determine which have the most convenient payment options, so this, along with several other apps that need our attention, is what currently slows us down.

  20. Cool ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for the response. Good luck, and I look forward to the release ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. I use SpeedView for running, so I wish you would add a slow speed option and make the distance traveled font larger. If you made a runner/walker dedicated version that had the simplicity of SpeedView and some of the low speed functions of Maverick, you would have a very interesting app that I think you would sell a lot.

    Also, I tried to use the Apple-Nike+ chip, but it does not work at all well. They have come out with an iPhone GPS link, but I have heard that they cannot do Android because of the deal with Apple. If you could figure out how your app’s could talk to the Nike + system for online tracking of runs et al, you would make tons of runners and walkers buy your app.

    Hope this helps.


  22. @Bob
    Thanks for your import. We’ll definitely take a closer look at the Nike+ system.
    As for the runner-dedicated version of SpeedView, I’ll talk to our colleagues about it. If you need a larger odometer font, just wait a few days for the upcoming update. There’ll be an advanced zoom mode available, maybe it will do as a temporary solution.

  23. Is GPX export supposed to work in the free version? I just tried it today on my HTC Evo via both Bluetooth and mail, and neither work. I received the export via mail, but it’s not XML. It appears to be encoded in something hex-like, but I’ve yet to find any way to decode it. It doesn’t seem to be MIME. What exactly is this output?

    Bluetooth export simply throws a “Can’t find archive file type” error.


  24. Great application, but you need to have an application that runs on your PC that takes the date and shows on google maps what speed you were doing and where. This would be great to take in to court and show you were not speeding! LOL

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