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  1. Thank you!!

    Believe it or not, I visited the blog to check if there were any comments/fixes/workarounds to the FF 3.6 issue (the last DF blog entry is very old). I was determined to look for an alternative but you just made me very happy!

    I can live without the middle click. I am wondering though, are you able to make double-click (on the white space) work though? Or is the double-click emulating a middle click which is then still blocked by FF 3.6? I was used more to double click inside the save file dialog more than anything else (keyb shortcuts, middle click, etc).

    Anyway, many thanks from me once again! Please do keep this nifty tool updated … you have quite a few dedicated users!

  2. I just tested the new version, and, unfortunately, it doesn’t solve the issue with Firefox for me (WinXP x32), because I don’t get the info panel on Firefox download dialogs, either. It seems that Firefox manages to completely bypass Direct Folders’ hooks.

  3. Yeah, me too, can’t get this new version of DF to work in FF either.

  4. Have you enabled the option “Show Info Panel” under Options? It works for FF 3.6.4 under Windows Vista x86 and Windows 7 x64.

  5. Yes; I enabled show info panel. It works on my Windows Server 2008 (Vista Kernel) box, but it fails on all of my XP boxes. The info panel shows up for any other application on the XP boxes.

  6. ST00001513 – this is a support ticket on which I NEVER got any answer

  7. DF double click works only on my desktop for me. I have Windows 7. I mailed costomers service about this problem, but got no answer yet.

  8. DF double click works only on my desktop for me. It doesn’t work in Windows Explorer or in any dialog box. I have Windows 7 as operating system. I mailed customers service about this problem, but got no answer yet, although I bought the pro version.

  9. For me (Windows 7 64bit) it does it perfect with the first button on Info Panel! Now i buy the pro version.

  10. True, it doesn’t work in XP … it works in my Win7 box. However, it fails in FF with DownThemAll extension in both XP and Win7.

    I am seriously considering switching to Folder Menu which has none of these issues and has actually a few more and very useful features (including changing the current working folder in command line windows or Total Cmd hot folders) … it lacks the option of Total Cmd changing the active File Save folder which I liked in DirectFolders.

  11. Code Sector, thank you so much for this fix!

    It works really well under Windows 7 64-bit (Home Premium).

  12. Bogdan :
    True, it doesn’t work in XP … it works in my Win7 box. However, it fails in FF with DownThemAll extension in both XP and Win7.

    It basically fails in dialogs that have a tree view of folders (SysTreeView321 window controls).

  13. It seems that Firefox is not just blocking middle-click, it is blocking the entire hook to DirectFolders. I changed from middle-click to double-click (left button) and it still doesn’t work in FF3.6.4. Works fine in other apps. This is FF3.6.4, WinXP x32.

    Also the info panel does not appear either. It appears for other applications, but not in FF. 🙁
    Hopefully they will fix their damn file dialog.

  14. Thanks for the great time saver tool!
    I recently came around a nasty behavior:
    * put in a CD/DVD/Blu-ray media into the optical drive
    * navigate there into any subfolder
    * remove the media
    * try to access the direct folder dialog
    * a window pops up all the time totally blocking the menu and telling me the media is missing
    * after a while I can access the dialog without the blocking popup

    Is this a bug, or is there any setting I in the prefs I am missing?

  15. Hi.
    I am wondering if DF will be available in the browse-for-file-windows that are generated by Word 2010. It is a pain getting back to the ‘old workflow’ of having to go to the desktop, then to work folders, and to subfolders, trying to find their subfolders… trying to remember the locations again… DF speeds up my workflow so much I am considering buying it but I would like to know if this is already implemented or not.

  16. This is regarding teracopy development!
    Has development of teracopy completely ended as comments section is closed for this product & alot of bugs on bugtracker haven’t been reviewed/fixed in months.

    Jeff/Stephen can you please enlighten us customers who’ve paid for this product where teracopy’s development now stands as it seems to have been left behind compared to your other product offerings.

  17. Think of how retarded the average guy is, and realize halve of them are stupider than that.

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  18. Hello,
    this version (3.62) doesn’t keep option “Load at Window startup”. 🙁 It was all ok with previous 3.61. (W7 64).

  19. Thanks for the new version 3.62. I was hoping this would work with Firefox 3.6.8. However, when I click “File > Save Page As…” then double-click in the whitespace, this still does not bring up DF’s list. I tried adding FFx to my list of Applications in DF (enabling it too) but still no joy. Can anyone help?

  20. I’ve found the workaround for “Load at Windows startup”

    For save “Load at Windows startup” options user needs to unload Direct Folders and run it from shortcut with admin rights (right click on shortcut).

  21. DFolders pro win Win XP.

    DF don’t work’s anymore in Opera/Explorer/Firefox (new and older installation).

    With “save page” and “save page as” application command I have no more df activated (the double click or the other settled Win-key and no df-customized file dialog resizing/setting/sorting view).

    In Explorer, in Desktop and with all other desktop installed software df is fully activated.

    I have created too a specific application item in dfolders Application configuration for the browsers, but without success.

    I believe the cause is a setting of Windows (so external to Dfolders engine) that make df unaware of the file saving request, because I have tested other computers and the same applications and df pro are working perfectly.

  22. I have the registered version. Worked great with XP. But on my new Win7 64-bit system it seems buggy. Seems to need work before DF is Windows 7 ready.

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  24. Still not working in Firefox! Open/Save dialogs are not resized, standard view can’t be changed, Middle Click is not working!

    Pls. fix at least for Pro Users who paid for the software!

    Thanks already

  25. …oh, and right click on the window “X” button in order to make the window always on top, doesn’t work either in Firefox.

  26. Now DF also has stopped to track (recent) folders that have been accessed from within Adobe Acrobat 7 Open/Save dialogs. Bummer!

    Is there anything happening at all anymore to this software?!?

  27. …and the Info Panel can’t be made to be shown anymore for some reason. Not good!


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