Maverick 1.1.7 – offline maps with multi-touch

What’s new in this version:

  • Multi-touch.
  • Knots and nautical miles.
  • Better integration with Google Earth.
  • Bugfixes.

Multi-touch is an over-hyped technology, especially when used in a browser and maps 🙂 In the Android browser, I’ve changed zoom 2-3 times this year, when the font size was too small. If you think it could be useful for zooming maps, try to do it with one hand 🙂

But multi-touch is very helpful in other cases: games, software keyboards, touchpads in MacBook. It’s good to have it as an additional input method. That’s why it’s supported by Maverick now. Works on Android 2.0 (even if you have it on G1) and Cyanogen mods (uses this hack).

10 thoughts to “Maverick 1.1.7 – offline maps with multi-touch”

  1. Excellent Application. Would be great if more features of the gpx format within tracks would be supported.
    E.g. if waypoint within a gpx file would be correctly displayed as well.
    CCA – Pian Del Fosse – Bonifacio

    or routes, track segements

    This would e.g allow to download a gpx file with all campground from teh internet and use it for navigation.

    Many thanks

  2. i have maverick lite but cannot seem to download caches onto it. i am following directions, google maps – maverick, etc. but waypoints are not showing up. would reallylike to try caching before buying. so far looks good, but not sure with out caches downloading.

  3. Hi
    I love the look and feel of the app and it doesn’t crash! One area I think really could do with improving is the importing of gpx or loc files not just 20 or so like some apps, but maybe a hundred or so. I normally do a download of the nearest 300 caches in my area I haven’t found. There are many multi caches so this soon eats up the 300 locations. Having this with you out in the field would be great. Due to the remote locations of most of the caches I do I am not in cell phone coverage, thereby really need to have dumped both the maps and the loc\gpx files in at home first. Needless to say if these could be stored on the memory card rather than the internal memory that would be great. Thanks for an otherwise superb app.


  4. Hi,

    I’m using Maverick on my HTC Hero with off line maps. It all works fine, but for one thing: the blue dot that shows my current position doesnot stay very long in the center of the display. So I need to tap on the blue arrow every few minutes to get the blue dot back in the central position, and that is not exactly what I want to do when cycling at high speed. Is this a software thing and if so, could you maybe fix it?

    Hope so, thanks for your help, Henk

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