Direct Folders 3.5 beta

  • Added: Support for Windows 7 Pre Beta.
  • Added: Activation by middle button click (Alone or with Ctrl or Shift).
  • Added: “Copy Path” command to the right-click menu.
  • Added: All menu icons can be customized.
  • Added: Select menu items by typing on a keyboard.
  • Changed: Better configuration dialog.
  • The “Roll Up” and “Always on Top” functions were made optional. You can also try WinRoll (9 KB).


42 thoughts to “Direct Folders 3.5 beta”

  1. >The “Roll Up” and “Always on Top” functions was removed
    Bad news. Directfolders is better than WinRoll for this work

  2. Bad news. Directfolders is better than WinRoll for this work

    No problem, just made it optional. Please re-download this beta.

  3. Does this beta support unicode? I’ve filed a bug report about gibberish in the open folder part of the recent folders menu.

  4. Guys, for the “Roll Up”, “Always on Top” and many, many other features you can use Anvir Task Manager ( As for the Direct Folders… even it’s GUI is looking much more professional than that of Filebox eXtender, mentioned above.
    Just one problem. When restarting explorer.exe (due to some software upgrade for example) it’s been removed from the system tray. so i have to manually start it again 🙁 (checked on different vistas).

  5. Yeah! Why don’t you answer your support tickets? I just have a simple question that has gone unanswered now for a month. Ridiculous!!!

  6. Hello. I love this utility very much, but it would be a good idea to replace “Get Pro Version” from the menu like it was in v. 3.32 because the menu is getting too large.

  7. Is it possible for DirectFolders to open folders in a two-pane explorer window with the folder list in the right pane?

  8. I’d like to suggest a “minimize to system tray” function when right clicking the minimize button.

    Since the other two buttons have useful right click GUI functions, this feature seems like a natural next step, completing DF’s Close/Maximize/Minimize button extension functionality.

    Although a few other utilities provide a minimize-to-systray function, none are as light on system resources as DF to my knowledge. Also, most (if not all) provide this feature as an afterthought to memory-hogging main features such as graphical task switching which are of little interest to those focused on system speed and efficiency.

    Thanks again for Direct Folders!

  9. For me, on my specific machine, version 3.5 lost the ability to respond to the double-click on blank space to invoke. Since that is the method I automatically use all the time, i reinstallled 3.3 and it came back immediately…

  10. I’ve been using 3.5 for a while (in the about box it says 3.5, not 3.5 beta). Sometimes it crashes the application that is using it. If this happens I simply restart the application and this time when I try to save or open Direct Folders is okay. It happens in Firefox 3 and some other applications.

  11. Hi Jeff,
    I’ve already requested this via a support ticket: Could you add an option that allows users to exclude certain drives/folders from being watched? Paths to MS Office templates etc unnecessarily clutter up the list. They are added automatically although I never intentionally open a file there.
    Thanks and best regards.

  12. I bought DirectFolders last year. I just upgraded to v3.5 but now in the menu is “Get Pro Version”. I already paid for the Pro Version. I reinstalled the “dfolders.reg” and restarted my PC but the “Get Pro Version” is still there.

    Can you remove it? The menu is long enough without it. And it’s just annoying.

    Other than that I love DirectFolders. My computing life is so much easier because of it.

    Thank you!

  13. Jeff, the beta version is simply fantastic. Finally the double-click on desktop does show up the DirectFolder menu in Windows Xp x64 Edition.

    Thank you!
    Peter from Slovenia

  14. Rodger, i forget, register this way:

    1.) go to DirectFolders icon in you taskbar
    2.) left click and in the menu select the “about”
    3.) in the window, that shows up, click on “Enter key”
    4.) copy the key from the mail you’ve get, when you registered the application and paste it into the text-field
    5.) now press “OK” or. “Register”
    6.) That’s it, DirectFolders should be registered and turned into the Pro version.

    It works for me.

  15. Peter,
    Thank you for listing the manual way to enter the key. But it does not work for me for some reason. I entered the code I was emailed but the “Get Pro Version” is still in the top of the menu.

    Just to be clear, the Pro Version features seem to be working, I just can’t remove the “Get Pro Version” in the menu.

    Hello Jeff –

    Any help with removing the “Get Pro Version” in the menu?

  16. With all the features already in DF, I would love to see a minimize to tray feature in DF. That would be really great.

  17. Should I uninstall the older version first or can it be installed on top of the older version safely? Why do developers rarely give such piece of important info I don’t know. Someone?

  18. It’s because 99% applications can be installed on top of the older version with no problem.

    Is it possible for DirectFolders to open folders in a two-pane explorer window with the folder list in the right pane?

    Just set option “Open folders in:” to “Custom: explorer /e”.

  19. I would like to request a feature, that is the only think, for me, that’s missing in this excellent application… It is a hotkey associated with every entry, so it can be accessed by “double click/middle” or by a key press… I hope it’d be included in next versions… 🙂

    Another thing that i’d like to report is that in this dialogs:
    the application don’t change folders… I don’t know if it is because I’m using a Portuguese version of windows, or if it’s a bug, could someone tell me if works in your? THX

  20. Another thing that I’ve “discovered”… You made the SUB-MENU only for PRO version??? 🙁
    Now in my opinion, it’s better to use the 3.32 version and don’t have the TOP PANEL or the CUSTOMIZABLE ICONS but have the SUB-MENU feature…… :S
    Are you planning keeping the application this way in future versions? 🙁

  21. Feature request – provide an option to allow the popup folder list to be sorted by name automatically.

  22. Here’s a little bug maybe. If you’ve added folders above the Programs folder in the Start menu, right click on them and select Open (or Explore), DirectFolders opens and asks where you want to move that folder instead of just opening that folder.

  23. I’m a long-time user and fan. This new version is lovely. It looks considerably cleaner, and it’s been working great for me so far, with one exception.

    It doesn’t seem to matter what option I choose from the Configure -> Options -> Activate by mouse popup menu; Direct Folders still pops up whenever there is a double click on the desktop or within an Explorer window.

    I just started using the beta of Stardock’s Fences app, which uses a double click on the desktop background to hide and show groups of icons. Unfortunately, Fences does not have an option to substitute a different action and Direct Folders 3.5b option doesn’t seem to work, so I get both behaviors whenever I double click on the desktop.

  24. Does Direct Folders work properly in the 64-bit version of Vista? Has that been tested?

  25. Hi there:
    Thanks for your developing efforts. I am an experienced translator. I am interested in the Pro versions of either Teracopy and DirectFolders. I could help you have a Brazilian Portuguese GUI language file for them in exchange for a free license for both of them.
    Please, let me know your interest in this, if any.
    Thanks in advance for your attention.


  26. Hmm, after reading an overview, I am not convinced. Filebox does more, and, combined with Fastfolders, gives total access to any file or folder in the entire disc or network very quickly. So why Directfolders?

    Not a negatoive comment, just an observation. I thought Directfolders might combine the three functions of dialog box control, click-to-window, and hierarchical right-click access, and which would be wonderful (that would eual the Macintosh Finder of 1995 vintage) , but, as far as I can see, it doesn’t. Roll-up and pin never have interested me. Perhaps I’m wrong though. I’ll drop by another time, so don’t hesitate to correct me if I am wrong.

  27. Well, all you FileBox eXtender guys can quit saying it’s better than DirectFolders as Hyperionics appears to have dropped support of the product as it isn’t mentioned on their website anywhere.

  28. Hi Jeff,

    I have a problem with Direct Folders clashing with SnagIt (TechSmith). I reported it on your help system and have a ticket. Do you still use the help system?

  29. @ 32 – Jersey Bob
    “Does Direct Folders work properly in the 64-bit version of Vista? Has that been tested?”

    Hello Jeff,
    yes, I’m constantly using it everyday in Windows Vista x64 Ultimate Edition DSP. No problems so far.

    Also, the double click finally works as it should.

    @ 36 – Greg
    What is your OS?
    The latest version of SnagIt (9.1.1) doesn’t have any problems with DFP (or vice versa) under Vista x64.

  30. No support for Pro version??
    – I did try to contact you several times… but never got any answer!

    I have Stardock Fences, which also uses the double click on desktop – therefore I like to change the setting from double click to middle click, but it’s just not possible…

    There are only these entries in the “Activate by mouse” dropdown list (under settings):
    1.) Double click on free space
    2.) Double click + middle button click
    3.) ctrl + middle button click
    4.) shift + middle button click

    number 2. should be renamed to “Double click OR middle button click”, because it is hard to make a double click and a middle button click at once!

    It is not very smart to have two activation events activated for just one functionality, because it increases the chance of incompatibility problems to other applications (like Fences).

    Why don’t make such a list:
    1.) Double click on free space
    2.) middle button click
    3.) Double click or middle button click
    4.) ctrl + middle button click
    5.) shift + middle button click
    Or remove “Double click or middle button click” completely.

    PS: Are you planning to localize Direct Folders?

  31. Just a note that I’m sticking with 3.32 until this comes out of Beta. This tool is so essential to my work–I use DF probably up to a hundred times a day for various app launches and getting to folders quickly. Its ability to realize and change the folder you’re viewing in an Open dialog box by clicking on another window is fantastic. I’d pay for this again to speed up development on 3.5.

  32. Peter :
    Why don’t make such a list:
    1.) Double click on free space
    2.) middle button click

    Did it in 3.6.

  33. I installed DF v3.6. Did this version eliminate its presence on the Windows right-click context menu? It seems that the only way to access the DF selections (i.e. favorite folders) is to use the Win key+W. Is there any way to integrate DF into the context menu?

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