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  1. How to obtain a new License Key for Direct Folders?

    Anyway, great software here!

    Greetz from Berlin..

  2. Great software- I tried the latest version on Vista x64 but was not able to get the double click on space function to work though. otherwise I can start it with the hotkey combination

  3. Hi,
    Having this version of Direct Folders released only a few days after i moved to Vista x64 is more than a mere happiness!
    Thank you very much!

    I’d also like to report a bug (that’s also in xp).
    When using “Show Desktop” button, and then trying to access DF by double clicking desktop, it doesn’t work. In fact, DF doesn’t work on desktop at all :<

    Thank you!

  4. I agree with Wallace, the ClickSwitch bug exists with v3.32 in WinXP Pro SP3 and wasn’t there in v3.31!

  5. Your website and documention for Direct Folders fails to point out how long does the Pro license once purchased last?

    Are all future updates\upgrades free?

  6. Feature Request:

    I’d like to ask for a request, that is to your program to handle dialogs like this one:

    That is a dialog, of choosing a folder… Thx

  7. great product. Except one thing. One -I’m-*sure*-easy-but-vital thing:
    Before I mention what it is, I must tell why it is important. That you can swiftly switch to or open folder of choice shows that DF is here to cut down unnecessary steps that waste time. Now when Win+Q shortcut is pressed or double-click is done, the menu contains all my regularly visited folders, I can use the up/down arrows to highlight the one I want open. That really takes a long time to do sometimes. The alternative, using of the mouse, is as bad, or worse. I advice you build a simple type to select feature. Just like in a normal Windows Explorer window, you type the letter ‘k’, it jumps to the first file that has ‘k’ as the first letter. you type ‘k’ again it goes to the second file and so on. If you type ‘ki’, it goes to the first matching file that begins its file name with ‘ki’, e.g., “king arthur.doc”.

    Thank you for this app.
    All the best,

  8. Where is the x64 version? Whenever I download it the program it installs as if it is the 32-bit version and it doesn’t work in Vista’s, imho, stupid dialog/save windows.

    Please help.

  9. Incredible tool. Thank you very much for providing it. All the best, Markus, a poor Mac user with a windows machine in his office 😉

  10. Hi I’m using the freeware v3.21 and would like to add here that both Directory Opus and Direct Folders can be activated by Double-(left)-clicking on the Desktop. The Directory Opus Desktop option can be disabled in Preferences, allowing Direct Folders to open.

    Since I don’t use Vista but prefer to stay with XP, and since there seems to be a confirmed Desktop bug (see above) which I don’t notice in the 3.21 freeware version, I think I’ll stay with my version for the time being!

    Good work Jeff with this app. I hated Direct Folders at first because (a) it would not display the full path in Recent Files so I could not be sure I was clicking on the proper link, and (b) I had no idea where the user config files were kept, so I couldn’t back up my settings in case of a crash. Now I know that (a) Configure > Options > Recent Items Length and increasing this value to say 200 chars will fix the first problem, and (b) looking in C:\Documents and Settings\[User]\Application Data\Direct Folders will locate the (plain text, editable) menu items, I’m much happier.

    Suggest you give these 2 points more prominence in your userguide/faq pages.

    Looking forward to the next, bugfree version.

  11. PS I’ve finally uninstalled my good old, if somewhat buggy, Autodialogs 2.44 at last. Nice interface but brought my system down occasionally, so goodbye.

  12. I have a problem when using Direct Folders 3.32
    After I opened a file in a removable drive and remove the drive
    Then when I active DirectFolders, a Window dialog will popup saying that that removable drive cannot be found
    Maybe the Recent function is trying to access the file somehow

  13. Hello Jeff,

    I have a problem with Direct Folder 3.32 under Windows XP 64-bit. I had to upgrade my old computer that used Windows xp, and with the new computer i had two options to choose from: xp 64-bit or Vista 64-bit DSP. I choosed the first one. Well everything worked so far, except, that DirectFolders don’t show up at double click with the left mouse button on the desktop. I have to activate it with Win+Q or Win+W.

    The funny is, that the double click does work in save dialogs (except MS Office Viewer applications) and also in Windows Explorer windows. What is the problem?

    Thanks for your response,
    Peter from Slovenia

  14. Hi,
    Direct Folders is a nice program. But one thing that I find annoying is that if you have just lost a network connection that you were previously viewing, or if you were viewing a DVD drive that no longer has a DVD in it, then direct folders “hangs up” for 10 or more seconds (I assume this is a time out condition while it’s trying to access the now non-existant drive).

  15. Using 3.32 it works in Vista 32 bit but not in the Save-As dialog. Works in Open dialogs. Wonder if this is a known bug?

  16. Hi Jeff,

    Many thanks for creating a useful time-saving tool like Direct Folders. After purchasing the Pro version I’ve got a few remarks. I’m using Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit edition and a number of Direct Folders functions don’t seem to work:

    1: The general Set View options don’t work in Windows-compliant windows such as Windows Explorer. I still regularly get a thumbnail view in one folder and a list view in another folder, although I’ve specified the Details view. What does work is the file window resize function (quite a welcome function).

    2: The application-specific functions also don’t seem to work. I added Winword.exe and specified a folder, but when I want to open a file from Word, it starts in a different folder than I specified.

    3: The Custom Places function also doesn’t work in Vista. When I open the file dialog from Word, I get the usual Pictures, Music etc. at the left side. In Vista this sidebar is called Favorite Links, so I guess support for customization of this is not yet implemented.

    4: I noticed that the (seemingly Windows-compliant) save dialog of Firefox 3 doesn’t like Direct Folders. No matter what folder I try to go to using DF, the Firefox 3 save file dialog doesn’t want to go there.

    I’ve also got a couple of suggestions for a future update of Direct Folders:

    1: I’d appreciate an extra tab in the Configuration dialog that shows some quick info about keyboard shortcuts and useful hidden functions, such as right-clicking a close icon to make the window always on top and right-clicking the maximize button to minimize a window to its title bar. Useful for chaotic people like me, who have to remember a heap of functions and shortcuts from many different programs, and useful for people who don’t care to read the manual.

    2: When you pick an item from the Recent list, it would be great if the list would auto-update, placing the item you picked at the top of the list again, so the list will function as a ‘Most used’ list as well.

    Thanks again for a great tool. I used to use Folder Express by Huang He, but that seems to be discontinued and I think Direct Folders is definitely better. I love the fact that you can also use DF to start programs.

    Keep up the great work.

  17. why every time i try to download the old versions you give me the last version ?
    in every site i try to download older versions, i find the latest version !!!
    please, send me the download link of direct folders v 3.32 .
    I apreciate

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