AVG False Positive

A few days ago AVG reported the Klone.P virus in TeraCopy and Direct Folders. It was quickly fixed with the next AVG update, but now it detects Klone.Z virus in the same files. Personally I wouldn’t trust antivirus that can’t make a decision about virus name. 🙂 You may check your files at virusscan.jotti.org or at www.virustotal.com.

If you want to report the false positive please read here (thanks to Jonathan for link).

You can disable AVG from scanning some folders. To do this:
1. Start AVG user interface
2. Select “Tools” – Advanced settings
3. Select “Resident Shield” – “Exceptions”
4. Click on “Add Path”
5. Browse to the path to be excluded from AVG scanning
6. Click on OK

From: AVG Technical Support [mailto:support@avg.com]
Sent: 29 May 2008 12:28 PM

AVG Anti-virus Research Lab has analyzed the file(s) you have sent from your AVG Virus Vault. Below you can find the results for each file. The final verdict on the file is either a correct detection or a false positive detection.

“C:\Program Files\TeraCopy\TeraCopy.exe” – false alarm

Best regards,

AVG Technical Support
website: http://www.avg.com

16 thoughts to “AVG False Positive”

  1. Jeff,

    I’m having a problem with TeraCopy, AVG did flag it a few days ago and now I can’t copy files… I added the following path to the exceptions list:

    C:\Program Files\TeraCopy

    I can’t even right click on a file and select TeraCopy… nothing happens.



  2. To restore TeraCopy, you’ll have to remove it from AVG’s virus vault.

    Open the AVG control panel (double click the icon on the task bar)
    Select “History”, then “Virus Vault”
    Select the TeraCopy.exe file, then select restore.

    A freshly updated AVG (as of today, 5 June 08) will not detect anything wrong with TeraCopy.exe.

  3. I know this is offtopic, but I was wondering, is TerraCopy ever going to be able to copy files to directories that require elevation like the Program Files folder? Without this feature, it’s pretty useless in Vista (and probably the future OSs)

  4. AVG 8 ..just sucks…
    i had alot of problems. it detects alot of files being a threat. files i have used along time b4 and from avg 6 to 7.5 it never showed and problems.
    best thing is to UN-install AVG 8. it also got quite heavy on the resources.
    what im saying for the sake of teracopy i removed AVG.

  5. I’ve had false messages too,, but with ESET Smart Security (Business), and not with AVG (which really sucks). AVG flagged so many of my program installs over the years that I vowed never to use it again. Or, for that matter, any Zone Alarm product.

    After switching to ESET, life has been good, with a really fine firewall, plus reliable virus and spyware protection. That is, until these false flaggings occurred. As soon as Teracopy begins installing, ESET flashes up three different messages, but so fast and dim that I couldn’t read them for any details.

    At the same time, PC Tools Spyware Doctor was sitting in the system tray, totally calm. It is the best program I’ve found, and has even removed different versions of the Vundo family, when Spybot never saw them in the first place.

    XP Pro (Corporate) running on AMD Athlon 64bit CPU with 1G memory, plus 1.4T of storage (400G in case, and two 500Gs on USB.

  6. yea avg is pretty suckie these days…avast seem to be the better free solution now.

    also, superantispyware does a nice job with vuendo…

    thxs for the utility!
    – mark

  7. False positives are frustrating, but missed infections are way worse. So I believe checking the detected files before removing them is not a bad idea. I found out that SUPERAntiSpyware (as well as Spyware Detector) detect as malware… .png screenshots! I named them to reflect the taken images (like antispywaremaster_scan.png, etc), and SAS thought it was malicious. Looks like algorithms “read” the filenames, too.

  8. I havent had any problems like this with AVG 8 or 7.5 all my PC’s are running Happy Chappy

  9. I had this issue on 2 or 3 computers at the same time a while back – few months ago. It has since been corrected, so if you are still having issues, make sure you have the most recent updates for AVG.

    I was bewildered myself, at the time, as I didn’t want to use another AV app, as AVG has been my #1 choice now for at least 5 or 6 years, or thereabout. So I initially uninstalled TeraCopy, and just waited for a while to reinstall. By that time, the updates had been applied, and corrected the issues – no false positives at all.

  10. hi. i have been using teracopy 2b4 for more than 2 months now n i have avg 8 since before that. also, l hav comodo firewall pro installed. i never had a problem with teracopy n avg. both r rockng products and all they ever need are updates.

  11. Hi Jeff, I downloaded jetstart (freeware) and audiosliders directly from your site – scans came back clear for asliders but came back with Win32.Beginto.h!A2 for jetstart. I did a search to see if others had found any malware in your products and eventually got to here. So, I did as you recommend and put them through; at virusscan.jotti.org or at http://www.virustotal.com. And they BOTH confirm this ‘adware’ as present and virustotal.com also marks two others as present. I also downloaded jetstart from softpedia which usually makes sure there is nothing ‘extra’ in downloads and I get the same jetstart 4.4 from here too? Would you like to check this and get back to me? Thanks

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