Direct Folders 3.3

  • Added: Roll-up and Always on Top feature.
    • Right-click on the Maximize button to roll-up window and on the Close button to set it Always on Top.
  • Added: Multi-monitor support.
  • Changed: Removed files from the Recent menu since they handled by Windows itself.
  • Added: Better handling an incorrect recent folders path.
  • Added: Option to prevent specific applications to change global recent folders.
  • Added: Hold the Ctrl key to open a folder in the new Explorer window.
  • Added: Right-click on Direct Folders menu to get a context menu.

37 thoughts to “Direct Folders 3.3”

  1. UserA:
    In at bottom of page you can see the diferences

    You can also buy a Pro version of the program with the following features:

    * The Info Panel shows the full path, big icon, date and size of the selected file.
    * Check each of your drive’s free space right from the File Save dialog box.
    * Set default folder for any application.
    * Rebound to the last used file in that folder.
    * Customize folders icons in the Direct Folders menu.

  2. >Peni
    Thanks, has not noticed…

    >Code Sector
    Direct folder very good and convenient program! But I constantly use Total Commander, whether the Direct Folder will be integrated with a Total Commander (for example, how in a XFilesDialog)? It is planned or not?

  3. Currently you can use a hot-key (Win+Q by default) or double click to create a new tab.

    Not yet tested it under Vista.

  4. “Not yet tested it under Vista.”

    Not yet tested???????????? It’s more than a year ago that Vista was released!!!!!!

  5. I’m sorry, you need to improve your programming skills.
    The trial of 3.21 was just fine, expect for not being able to use the middle key on Vista 64.
    This version is junk. First of all, why I do need to restart my 15GB $300 operating system to install your lousy 900KB file?! That wasn’t needed with 3.21! And why does nothing happen when I click on “configure…”, another issue I didn’t have with 3.21 and why the heck doesn’t the middle mouse click not work in diallog boxes?

    Piece of crap, I’m going to looks for something that actually works. How you expect people to buy the pro version is beyond me.

    Btw, next time don’t steal ideas, this program is complete rip of Chameleon Folder.

  6. Restart is needed because your $300 piece of junk can’t delete file hook.dll. Or you think that InnoSetup makes restart just for fun?

    Middle mouse click don’t suppose to be working, DF uses left button double click.

    And may be Chameleon Folder is complete rip of Direct Folders? ๐Ÿ™‚ Because it was released 2 years after the DF.

  7. Spent about a hour trying to figure out why configuration dialog didn’t opens. Vista didn’t like: 1) something in resource file and 2) name Setup.dll! You can try it yourself: rename df.exe to setup.exe and try to run it. Vista will show scaring message “An unidentified program wants access to your computer”. To make it “identified”, rename it back to df.exe, fd.exe, WhatAHellIsIt.exe or anything you like…

    So I removed resource file (it was useless anyway), renamed setup.dll to config.dll and it works again.

    There’re more issues, of course. DF will not work in applications with admin privileges. If you run DF “as adminstrator”, it stops working in applications without admin privileges. Also, since DF is 32 bit app it won’t work in 64 bit Explorer and so on. What a wonderful operation system…

  8. Under Vista (SP1), double clicking in Explorer doesn’t work, nor does double clicking on the desktop. It works in (some) open dialogs, though, and folder select dialogs too.

  9. Hello Jeff, i really like you application and would like to buy the PRO version, but just need to know, when you will fully support Vista 64-bit?

    Thank you in advance,

  10. Hi
    Double clicking does not appear to work on Windows Vista. Or is there something I am missing?

  11. Current version will not work in applications with admin privileges. Vista x64 support is almost ready.

  12. Hello Jeff,
    Wonderfull software ! It really saves a LOT of time ๐Ÿ™‚
    Do you think it’s possible to make unrelated functions in Direct Folders as an option? I’m talking about “Rollup” and “Always on top” features. I use Winroll to do that and they do not get on well…


  13. This is an excellent program, if it were not for the fact that it can’t be used on administrator accounts, and it will not work on 64-bit operating systems.

    I use XP x64, and I use an administrator account. I would use this program and likely buy the pro version if it was made to work on 64-bit operating systems (XP x64 included–not everybody uses vista), and administrator accounts.

  14. Hi,
    I use Direct Folders since this free version has been released, and I’m really happy whit it. It’s by far the best software of its category I tried.
    But I’ve got a little problem, not sure if it’s a bug or not : in a save as dialog box, if I double-click on a button on the top toolbar (like “navigate back” or “up one level”), the Direct Folders menu appears. That’s quite annoying since I often click quickly on these buttons to navigate through my folders.

  15. Current version will not work in applications with admin privileges. Vista x64 support is almost ready.

    Wow, thats great news. I am waiting.

  16. Some antivirus programs recognize df.exe as trojan. I was alerted by AVG antivirus and then I used virustotal and showed me similar results from othen antivirus engines. Is it false positive or not? Thank you

  17. Klone.Z virus in df.exe. What’s this about. Jeff you better reply to this one.
    John, who in his/her right mind would use Vista?

  18. I think our products are brilliant, ESPECIALLY since they are free. People complaining about stuff can just go somewhere else or write their own programs instead.
    Im an IT pro, I work on PCs 10 hours a day and i can not live without Direct Folders and TeraCopy.
    TOP STUFF, well done on all levels, you are a top guy, tnx.

  19. Mr. Morgan,
    Klone.Z virus was a false alarm!
    It took me only 2 hours to figure this. If you IT pro think that being publicly accused of having a virus in an .exe file is a ‘complaint’ then you IT pro may just as well look for another job.
    You’re right, your stuff is great but I would have preferred Jeff setting the record straight.

  20. Hi James
    My comment was not directed to you but to an earlier post.
    Sorry for any misunderstandings, I now realize I should have specified this in my thread.

  21. Hi Jeff
    I’ve emailed ten days ago about my reg key not working and got no response. I didn’t know I needed a new key for my pro version when I upgraded until reading here tonight. How do I go about getting a key, even though I’d much rather have a set of numbers to type in, but after ten days of frustration I’d just like to get my registered version to work?

  22. Am in the same situation as “Kansas A” and you (or someone) advised me to submit a support ticket. I did so, about 2 weeks ago, 2008-05-18 02:08:15. I received an email response that the support ticket was received but nothing since then.

    Should I have done something different?

    Or if support tickets just take a while and i’m being impatient, my apology.

  23. Sorry, overlook your ticket. If anybody didn’t get your license key in 2-3 days, please ping me again (reply to the same ticket).

  24. Thanks 4 fast response after “Am in the same situation as …รขโ‚ฌย.

    I know how to add “df.exe” to the context menu of all file system objects, but that opens DF in config mode. Is there a command line switch so instead it would open DF in the same mode as double clicking on an empty space in an explorer window?

    (Just interested in this as an alternative. I like multiple ways of doing things, and trying various ways.)

  25. Hi, great little tool you are offering. Can you please say when windows xp x64 compatible version will be available? Maybe I could help you with betatesting?

  26. please, please, please, make a mailing list for when it becomes compatible with vista! I need this app on my other pc too!!!!! =(

  27. hmm, i just read the comment ‘vista x64 will soon be supported’… well, it doesn’t even work properly on 32x systems! A double click in explorer does nothing, which pretty much makes the program worthless to 60% of your vista users – so i think you guys should make it your top priority to fix this..

    Nevertheless, it is a wicked app, and that’s why I’m bugging you about this – I just can’t wait until it’s fixed =D

  28. Version with 64-bit support is just released.

    Also made an another little helper: run it to get Direct Folders menu. Selected folder will be opened in a new Explorer window. You can add it to the Total Commander toolbar (set 9 as parameter). Command line dc.exe 3 will work in Explorer.

  29. Hi, Jeff.
    1/ Why don’t You integrate DF submenu in context menu in Windows for quick access for “Configure” option and “Add Folder” and “Add File” option?
    I mean, for example: NOW I can add File only through “Configure” menu. Why not through context menu of current file I’m interested to open?

    2/ Why don’t add option “Configure” by last point in favorite folders menu? It’ll be very handy and useful.

    Thanx for great program.
    Nikolay, DF Pro user.

  30. Hi

    I am under xp 64bit. I was wondering how I can use the “df64.exe” under directfolders folder? WHat is the use for it?


  31. I am unclear, so, I must ask:
    is the 64 bit ‘Vista’ vrsn (basically) the same as (&/or) is it usable/ compatible with, the ’64 bit XP Pro’ vrsn?? Sorry–still learning.

    Thx, Keith

  32. Hi… I just want to request a new feature that is a hide-to-tray option, and could be implemented in right-click minimize button… ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Double click does open a new tab in Total Commander (it is TC’s default hotkey), not opens any DF menu. Is there any incompatibility of DF with the current version of TC? (Hot-key Win+Q works fine.)

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