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  1. Jeff: I opened a support ticket on Dec 30 relating to a purchase made a couple weeks ago – could you look into that, please?

  2. I’ve been using TeraCopy for a few weeks, due to a response in a Forum about how to check all file copies and moves.

    So, I’m hoping that the stable TeraCopy 2.0 release can include a simple option to ALWAYS test after doing any copy or move.

    Currently, I have to quickly click on the “Test” button manually every time.

    Beyond that, I’d be interested in purchasing a license if TeraCopy could entirely automate the process of doing a foolproof file move:

    – 1) Do a TeraCopy
    – 2) Do a CRC Test
    – 3) Delete the original files ONLY if ALL Tests return “match”.

    Currently, TeraMove plus Test only tells me whether or not files were corrupted by the move – the above is a more fool proof method, but requires a lot of user work that could easily be automated.

    By the way, I say “ONLY if ALL Tests”, because I frequently move folders that have a number of related files, and it is a big pain if some files are moved and some are not. So, only not deleting the files that don’t match is not as good as cancelling the whole delete if any CRC fails to match.

    In fact, TeraCopy already acknoledges this by failing to copy or move any files if there is not enough space on the target drive for ALL.

    No matter what, thanks for a fine program !

  3. @ryan jennings: The code is “NewYear”, not “YewYear” and it’s working (actually, it’s in the Buy link so it is automatically applied).

  4. @LinHongJun: remember that it’s a New Year discount – take away the decimal point and percent sign and you’ll see.

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