TeraCopy 2.0 beta

  • Changed: Small files are processed much faster.
  • Added: Start a new copy in a separate thread.
  • Added: .sfv and .md5 files support.
  • Added: Entry in the Explorer context menu.
  • Added: Reorder file list.
  • Added: Open destination folder in Explorer.
  • Added: Show the shell menu for any file in the file list.
  • Added: Play sound when an operation is complete (>10 sec).
  • Added: “Always on top” option in the TeraCopy system menu.
  • Added: “Test”, “Shutdown” and “Do not close window” options.
  • Added: Drag destination folder to the “Copy” or “Move” buttons.
  • Added: Directory Opus support.
  • Fixed: Free space detection.
  • Fixed: Folder attributes are now copied.
  • Fixed: Estimated time left is now displayed correctly on 12h systems.

Beta 2 (December, 2):

  • Fixed: High CPU usage.
  • Fixed: Large fonts display problem.
  • Added: Adding files in a separate thread.
  • Added: Sound related settings in the .ini file.
  • Added: Number of retries in the .ini file.


Vista x64 support will be added later.

175 thoughts to “TeraCopy 2.0 beta”

  1. Jeff you are the Man!!!!!!! 🙂

    TeraCopy 2.0 beta is wonderful!!

    The whole interface looks a lot better then the old versions. And I like the sound that plays when transfer is done. And I also like the fix for the remaining time.

    Big thanks!

  2. Is 64bit version still in the workings? Previous beta didn’t seem to be integrating itself with explorer that well.

  3. Great job, as always! Can’t wait for the final release. And did you mean “sfv” instead of “svf”?

  4. Unless you’ve created a new file format, I think svf means sfv ?

    New beta looks great though!

  5. When I start Teracopy (both the official release and the latest beta) it crashes straight away.

    My machine is Intel Core 2 Duo 6700, 2GB Corsair RAM, Windows Vista Home Premium 32

    If more info is needed just let me know


  6. when i choose to integrated with the shell… the programm crash!!!

    im using vista 64 btw..


  7. Sorry to bother again, but what about XP 64bit? It doesn’t integrate here with the explorer.

  8. Jeff,

    Liking the new beta (extremely useful with Vista’s useless file processing).

    Any chance of an ‘Exact Copy’ option that removes any files in the destination directory not present in the copy list (while retaining the option to overwrite older files only) – essentially moving into lightweight backup territory on steroids. Have been doing the job with second copy but it is sooo slow on Vista.

    Thanks again for a great litle prog…

  9. I don’t know if this has been covered in the Comments of any previous post, and I also haven’t checked out TC2b yet (at work), but it’d be nice if TC kept copying files in the queue that *aren’t* duplicates, while it waits for user input for the duplicates.

    Major PITA copying over several gigs of stuff unattended, only to come back some time later to find that file #2 was a dupe, and nothing beyond that has been copied yet! Arrgh!

    Although, to be fair, Windows has always f’ed this up, too. Not TC’s fault…

  10. Here’s a little hack, you can set ButtonTimer=30 in the
    \Documents and Settings\%User%\Application Data\TeraCopy\Options.ini to auto skip all files after 30 second. Mouse move will cancel the timer.

    Also I’m going to add some ‘Unattended’ option to the top right corner of the TC window that will work like 1) a simple ‘Unattended’ switch to skip all files or 2) a menu (ask, overwrite all, older only, skip all, etc..). Option 2 seems more flexible.

  11. I would like to know if you will give us a possibility to translate the program.
    Nota: I don’t ask for translations, just the possibility to translate
    It looks bad on a computer like mine, that is in french, to see “TeraCopy here’ and TeraMove here” in my “explorer” (I use Opus :p)
    And off course, a french interface of the soft would be relatively easy to do and would look better :p.
    Please, add this possibility

  12. some bugs report:
    – the filename field on the top is too short that long filenames cuts in the middle.
    – even if default finish action is selected, sometimes it won’t execute default finish action(I tested “Close” action only)
    – if the font size is bigger (e.g. Tahoma 9pt,10pt,etc.) default finish action text overlapped each other
    – progress bar colour looks horrible if windows classic theme is used.

  13. When try to add large folder around 2GB, the program virtually hangs.It’s not responding.Please let me know is it a bug of the program.

  14. It worked fine the first time I installed it, but after a reboot it just crashes (disapears) after a few compied files…

    Looking eagerly forward for upcomming versions!

  15. Hey Jeff, awesome software. I just got introduced to it a day ago and I really like it so far! Someone was saying on reddit that TeraCopy leaves behind the folders when moving a huge directory tree—but moves the files just fine. Is this a confirmed bug? Is it present in the latest version?

    I like the minimalist UI of TeraCopy, please don’t clutter it! The UI is one reason I’m not even having a second look at supercopier.

  16. Hi Jeff,

    I found some “Bugs” in the latest build TeraCopy 2.0 beta.

    At random times the TeraCopy 2.0 beta transfer menu does not automatically close after a copy or move transfer. And I then have to click close my self. Im not 100% sure but I think it happens the most when moving small files.

    The other “Bug” I have found is if I copy or move any file to a folder in the C:\Programs Files the file does not appear and is hidden or something. I think the reason this is happening is because when I use Copy/Move with TeraCopy it does not allow the Windows dialog popup that that tells you “You’ll need to provide administrator permission to copy to this folder” and then gives you options Continue,Skip and Cancel.

    TeraCopy should be made so the windows dialog can popup jus like it does when using Copy/Move with the built in Vista one.

    I hope these bugs can be fixed soon.

  17. 21Stanly

    When try to add large folder around 2GB, the program virtually hangs.It’s not responding.Please let me know is it a bug of the program.

    You might not have space on your destination. When I try to copy to a full drive TeraCopy waits for space to become free. And waits.

  18. Hi Jeff,

    I am using DUO E6600 with XP after the version 2.0b start my CPU usage jump above 50% and back to normal after copy process finished. The version 1.22 & 1.25b both around 10-15% before. I agree the function & interface has big improve from the version before. But it seem consume to much CPU resource for a copy task.

  19. I am using DUO E6600 with XP after the version 2.0b start my CPU usage jump above 50% and back to normal after copy process finished.

    Just fixed this, now the CPU usage is below 5%.

    When try to add large folder around 2GB, the program virtually hangs.

    Moved routine that adds files to the separate thread. TC will now update the number of added files every second. I think I’ll post beta 2 today with all the fixes made by this moment.

  20. Nice tool, big thanks!!
    Please, an option to disable the finish sound.
    Greetings from Berlin.

  21. I’m going to implement a multi-language interface next week. Thanks to GetText system it won’t take long, I hope.

  22. Thanks!
    Is there any chance to get a right-to-left interface for Hebrew and Arabic?

  23. hi jeff,

    i really like TC2b and have been using tc for long time now!
    i think i found a bug in tc2b: while copying some folders with extra long names within other folders TC just stopped without any hint while copying…
    there where just underscores and no special characters in the pathname, maybe it was just too long i dont know. copy progress stopped at the folder listet before.
    i think you can reproduce and fix it. maybe you can send me a mail about this?

    greetings from germany

  24. This is a very good tool.New release solved the problem of hanging. Suggestion for improvement:
    Add a context menu to the list of source files to be copied – exclude from copying, delete, properties etc.Excluding a set of files from copying is a very useful feature.

  25. Hi Jeff. Great work mate. Just I’d like to know how do I use just 1 thread to copy different files to different destinations as it was in TeraCopy 1.22.

    Thanks mate.

  26. Would like:
    1) Remembering the window mode (more or less) between uses
    2) More options to control the program
    3) Ability to completely disable shell integration

  27. There is a bug in TeraCopy 2.0 b2 with Vista x32

    When I install the new version I can’t go to Device Manager anymore (it shows weird errors).
    After uninstalling 2.0 and reinstalling 1.25 everything is back to normal.

  28. Consider making the text in the progress bars more readable when the background is colored. Perhaps use a (much) lighter fill-color!?

  29. Like Teracopy 1.2x and earlier, I cannot get the app to run under Vista Biz 32x. It installs properly, but simply crashes every time I attempt a copy or move.

  30. Using 2.0 beta 2, I paused TeraCopy while it was testing a file (finished copying). The title of the TeraCopy window flickered/switched really fast between “Test paused” and “[Paused] Test X% done (Y MB/s)”. I assume the title switching is a bug.

  31. Hi, I’ve been using Teracopy 1.22, and I’m very satisfied. I like how it does not stop copying even after a file error (which will stall Windows Explorer). Only bug I’ve seen is when I teramoved a tree of folders, sometimes it will leave a folder undeleted. No big deal, I can delete the folder myself. I hope this is fixed for v2. Will test it soon.

    But the crux of my post is: Can I get notifications on newer v2 builds so that I can test them / replace the older builds with the new ones?

  32. Using test after copied files.
    I found that the percentage is over 100%…and it’s actually value is 100.1%… what’s up? it must be a bug..

  33. Hi, I asked you for the timeout feature so that if a network connection goes down TeraCopy will resume when it is up again. I have been testing this between two networked PC’s and remove the network cable to test. I have fiddled with the timeout value in the .INI file (tried 100 up to 10000) and the timeout seemed to remain the same at about 10 seconds. What value should I use to give a timeout of say 1 hour?

    Thanks for your hard work…

  34. like the guy in comment 38 i would appreciate to only have one thread and one instance of TC running… is there a way to change this (back)? having two TC’s instances somehow doesn’t do if for me – if i wanted that i could still be using the original copy hander.. also in my opinion the copy list (hence the pro version that i’d like to buy as soon as the 2.0 is out) becomes somehow useless when there are multiple instances…

  35. What value should I use to give a timeout of say 1 hour?

    Set RetriesMax=720
    (720*5 sec delay = 3600 sec = 1 hour)
    Set RetriesMax=0 for infinite retries.
    You can see retries count in the status field at the bottom in the full view.

    i think i found a bug in tc2b: while copying some folders with extra long names within other folders TC just stopped without any hint while copying…

    Please save the file list as a report (click Menu button > Reports > Save as New) and send it to me via ticket system.

    FTP support would be a great value addition to this software.

    This is a little out of scope of the program. But you can use FTP Drive to copy files from ftp servers with TeraCopy.

    Just I’d like to know how do I use just 1 thread to copy different files to different destinations as it was in TeraCopy 1.22.

    Currently all files in the list have the same destination – I think it’s rather clear and simple. Anyway, the second thread will be delayed until the first one is finished. Maybe (in the next versions) just hide the delayed thread and make it accessible from the tray menu.. And also add files to the running thread if destinations are the same.

    Can I get notifications on newer v2 builds so that I can test them / replace the older builds with the new ones?

    Just added RSS Feed section to the Sidebar. You can subscribe by email or using your favorite RSS Reader.

  36. Even though I have it set to close at completion, sometimes the dialog box will remain after copying/moving. I have to manually click Close.

  37. 49 – Seconded
    Also, when you finish a copy and cleanup the file list then add more files to copy, it does not give you the option of where to copy anymore, just uses the last directory.

  38. Just click on the target folder (the one between progress bars) and select a new destination.

  39. more bug reports:
    – moving files from volume to volume which use same drive letter (e.g. moving files from D:\ to D:\volume2(a mountpoint of another volume) is impossible.
    – when calculating free space with files that needs overwriting, it counts size from source only but not calculate the size difference of the files that needs overwriting. for example, volume D: has 500M free space with a file huge.zip with size 600MB, when I move E:\huge.zip(605MB) to D: for replacing D:\huge.zip, TeraCopy prevents moving it.
    – with very long filenames, when I switch to full mode, two filenames overlaps.

  40. Superb. If only I didn’t have to run explorer in 32-bit mode on Vista x64 it would be perfect …

  41. I just feel that I need to counter some of the other’s comments. TeraCopy is wonderful. It does one thing and does it well. Please don’t turn it into another be-all synchronization tool.

  42. I just installed TeraCopy 2.0 beta. I started a network copy operation and then began watching a movie with headphones on. Encoding levels being what they are, I had to turn the volume up quite high while watching the movie.

    In the middle of the movie, I felt I was hit by a bolt of lightning when an extremely loud sound came charging into my ears–it was TeraCopy’s “Complete.wav”, which plays BY DEFAULT when a copy is complete.

    I respectfully suggest that sounds be disabled by default. The worst thing that can happen if sounds are disabled by default is that someone won’t get a cute notification that a move or copy operation is done. However, the worst thing that can happen if sounds are ENabled by default is that someone could have their ears hurt–and have the excrement scared out of them–by an unnecessary and unexpected sound being played.

    I have ALL system and application sounds disabled, which is why I don’t normally have to worry about having my hearing threatened in this manner.

    Please strongly consider my suggestion.

  43. What sort of speeds are people seeing using this on, say, USB-2.0 connected drives? I’ve got a WD 250GB PATA drive attached via USB and it’s pushing a max of 7.2MBps through. I’m wondering if that’s typical or not.

    I’m seeing about 15MBps copying between two partitions on the same EIDE drive (there’s no other EIDE or SATA drives attached).

    Before I go bug-hunt the performance I’m wondering what others are seeing.

  44. I’m getting 20-25 MB/s read speed on Fujitsu 2.5″ HDD (model MHV2100AH) via USB 2.0.

  45. Hmmm, just noticed if you use the Copy function on a big file, but cancel it before it completes, the target drive is left with a partial copy of the source file. Shouldn’t it be deleting this partial file since the action was cancelled?

  46. And is there a support forum? Seems like it’ll get rather messy trying to converse here in blog comments….

  47. Awesome work, i just love teracopy.

    Other than changing the .ini is there any way to increase/decrease the buffer size while copying, i have several HDs in my pc and found that different buffer sizes in each gave me different throughputs (i’m wondering if it either has something to do with the onboard cache or with the sector size, or both…)

    For example between any hd and a thumbdive 256k is the fatest, but between two sata disks something between 12 and 16mb is the fastest (depending on which drive is doing the writing)

    BTW: the ini in Vista is in C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\TeraCopy
    or simply %APPDATA%\Teracopy

  48. Hi I love TeraCopy, I’ve been using it as a replacement to Vista’s file transfer. I wonder if it would be possible to actually do a portable version, for me to store in my USB drive and run it off the drive (www.portableapps.com)?

  49. I’ve coma across a bug when making a copy of a folder tree in the same folder – i.e. clicking on a folder in explorer, press ctrl+v then pressing ctrl+v.

    This creates a folder called ‘Copy of foldername’ in the current folder – duplicating that folder and it’s subfolders. This is quite useful for quick backups if you’re about to make a change to something.

    However if you do this with terracopy installed, terracopy makes the copy, but occasionally some of the folders from with the folder tree being duplicated, end up being copied into the parent folder instead – outside of the duplicated folder tree.

    This seems to happen on large folder trees – try duplicating your firefox profile folder tree, for example.

  50. I installed a previous teracopy.(1.0 i think can’t find the version number)
    But when i install the beta or the next stable version on vista ultimate(32bit) i need a systemrecovery.
    After i installed it, it doesn’t work.
    Even vista’s own shell for copying doesn’t work.
    Does the one u buy work on vista ultimate 32bit?

  51. it’s version 1.1 to be exact and i can’t uninstall it
    Message says

    The uninstall log file “c:\program files\TeraCopy\uninst00.dat” is in a format not recognized by this version of the uninstaller.
    Cannot uninstall.

    Maybe it’s because i tried to reeinstall a newer version.
    But after i did a system restore everything worked again0.
    So i don’t really know

  52. at bill kearney
    I get 20-25Mb/s aswell. 25Mb/s i get the most.
    It’s a wd 500gb my book usb to a 1TB WD internal sata connected to the jmicron esata.
    Only thing is my other hard drives seems to be affected by this copying aswell.
    I cant play a game in the meanwhile.
    Allthough i have 2*150gb raptors in raid striped.
    Shouldn’t do that.

  53. Don’t like the multi-thread windows. I tend to copy lots of files and folders all over the place in one go and I can end up with 10+ little TeraCopy windows all over the desktop! Should be an option to have it 1.x style or 2.x style!

  54. I made a little test using beta 2. I copied a folder of ~3500 files and 41Mb total on my laptop on the same HD. The default win copy takes about 1:05, while TC takes 1:25 (cache clear, reboot between tests).
    I thought this could be the crc calculation, but big files copy is faster with TC than using win.
    Is it normal? Is it possible to disable the crc calculation to made a test?

  55. Love new beta but one suggestion. I use xplorer2 to work with two windows and when I want to do a move instead of a copy I have to first do a copy with Teracopy then delete the original. It would be awesome if there was a checkbox during a transfer which when ticked would “delete source files on transfer completion”. Even better would be xplorer2 integration so F5 (copy) and F6 (move) would use Teracopy by default.

  56. xplorer2 is easy to config, if you pay for the pro version.

    I use right mouse to move fire, this give me the menu option to TeraMove or TeraCopy.

  57. If you choose to overwrite an existing file, in the Summary it still acts like an error happened (Red Button with a cross in it, “Target: File exists” in the Status Column)

  58. Sounds: please only as an option
    I just tried the 2.0 beta, could you please make the sounds optional, therefore I cannot use teracopy while recording.

  59. Sound should definitely be optional and customizable. I also don’t like all the windows that show up when I queue more files to be copied to different locations. Is there any way to get back the good old one window queue? This should be optional too.

  60. Awesome piece of software!
    I personally think you should keep this application as light and pretty as possible. And not bloat it too much 🙂
    Or atleast split it into to branches (Copy Replacement and Copy Manager).
    I use it to replace the Windows Vista standard Copy/Move Box
    (Since it is useless, and extremely slow and buggy.)

    That set aside, great work! The only thing i can think of that i want for now is an option to remove the “Delay” that occurs when the move/copy is finished. I would like it to close right away as the Windows-one does. And of course integration with 64-bit Windows versions, as i use this on some of my machines. The Explorer integration in 32-bit is very good!

    So all in all, awesome work!
    Delay-removal and 64-bit support would make this a winner for me !

  61. As Bill Kearney said, a support forum would be a welcome addition to the Code Sector site.

  62. It would be nice to be able to config some things;
    1: Multiple transer windows –> just one would be nice (or perhaps one per disk (where it is copying to) setting)
    2: disable the done sound

    Also there are some issues with alternative color schemes,(www.hazelhof.nl/SATANIC.Theme) with this theme the copy bare are nearly invisible.

    And where has the buffer setting gone??

  63. What exactly is the process to submit feature suggestions? Should I post here or open a support ticket?

    Anyway, is there a way to make TeraCopy reuse an already open window? I typically make lots of copy operations (that’s the purpose of TeraCopy, right?), and it would be nice to have the option of having all of them be queued in just one window instead of in one window per operation.

    Does an option like that already exist? Thanks!

  64. About Directory Opus “copy ‘n’ paste” code:
    In non-us Windows versions, the program files folder isn’t C:\Program files\ and not all english Windows users have to be using C: as the Windows drive (eg: they could be using letter F: as windows drive).
    But, if you use %ProgramFiles%\ instead of C:\Program files\ and the path for TeraCopy will work for all Windows versions (if the user used the default setup path to install TeraCopy btw).
    I tested it on my Windows with Portuguese (Brazilian) [pt-BR] ad worked.

  65. Coming here based on post in XYplorer user forum (http://www.xyplorer.com/xyfc/viewtopic.php?t=2012) where integration with XYplorer was requested. However, based just on notes/comments seen here, it seems that integration may need to be also done from THIS end. Could TeraCopy author work with Don Lessau (XY author) to make this happen? It would/should be to benefit of both app’s! I’m not a user of TC but am interested now, while I am a dedicated user of XY.

  66. Regarding another person’s remark that items were missing from their context menu, I too had this happen, it seems I had reached the limit of how many items Windows allowed before TeraCopy added to the context menu so the last item in the context menu top portion, as seen in registry key HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shell
    disappeared. There were entries I didn’t want other programs to add so I just deleted the ones I didn’t want and the missing entry was then visible again.

  67. I’d like to thank Jeff for the good work and report a bug, is this the right place to do that? I almost Submitted a Ticket but since I’m only trialing the beta version, not a Pro customer, I didn’t know if that was appropriate?

    Running TeraCopy 2.0 beta 2 on Win2k (I Know, not officially supported but seems to work in function beyond this) if I copy a medium-large file (I tried several at once (and individual files as well) from about 300MB to 2GB in size) from a local drive to the gigabit networked fileserver, it usually goes over 30MB/s, and does average that when I do a copy without Teracopy 2 b2. Using Teracopy 2 b2 to copy same files, from same source to same destination it only goes about 9MB/s. No Teracopy settings were changed, it’s running as-installed.

    System is an Athlon XP3200/nForce2-IGP chipset using integral southbridge PATA HDD controller/MS PATA driver/Maxtor 120GB HDD (file source)/1GB Memory (about 500MB free during coping). System shows no other problems in functionality.

    Since it was copying so slow I uninstalled it and mean to try the TeraCopy 1.x version but the uninstaller wanted to reboot the system and I can’t take the system down for a reboot at the moment. If I can help by reinstalling v2 beta 2 again to provide more info I will do that instead of installing v1.x. I can also be contacted by my email address if it’s more convenient.

  68. Quick Question(and I suspect already asked somewhere though I can’t find it): Regarding options.ini file-Is there doc on the keys and acceptable ranges of values somewhere (I haven’t been able to find anything)?



  69. I’m enamored with this program! One quick question, however. Is a feature allowing files in the display window to be shown in hierarchical tree view worth consideration?


  70. Just tried TeraCopy 2 Beta 2 on my Windows 2003 Server. It was installed under an adminstrative account, and I later run it on a standard user account. The program crashes if the “context menu” is enabled from the standard account.

    Additionally, I just installed it on my Vista Home Premium desktop. The program crashes immediately whenever I try to run TeraCopy from the Start Menu.

    Event Viewer from Vista:
    Faulting application TeraCopy.exe, version, time stamp 0x2a425e19, faulting module unknown, version, time stamp 0x00000000, exception code 0xc0000005, fault offset 0x009c8eca, process id 0xc7c, application start time 0x01c8504285b4ded0.

  71. To use TERACOPY for repeated backup ?
    It is possible TERACOPY conserve the address of imput and output files in order subsequently repeating the copy of the same ones files with a click ?
    Elio Barello

  72. When a copy operation is cancelled, why a partial file remains there. It is very irritating to remove that file manually from there. It should be deleted automatically like windows explorer. Is there any tweak to delete canceled partial files??????? I think it is asked before as well

  73. Also if tera copy is made windows default copy handler then what is the point of teracopy here and teramove here whereas copy here and move here are also doing same job in drag and drop handler??
    Hoping for a reply

  74. Just found TeraCopy via the MakeUseOf blog and I’m very impressed.
    Many thanks for your work.

    [Running XP SP2 on AMD 3800×2 with 2GB RAM]

  75. Great program! May I suggest that there be an option to enable automatic checksum calculation and comparison for all copied files?

  76. I like teracopy very very much!, I must say, thank you Jeff, you’ve made my life a lot easier! I’ve even bought the Pro version to support the development.
    Now my wish list:
    1. 64-bit version. I don’t know if the current versions works in 64-bit Vista, but I would like to point out the importance. Sooner or later I’m going to have 64-bit Vista in my computer. Hope teracopy would be there too.
    2. Keep up the good work. I really like teracopy and I really wish you can keep working on it. Though don’t work too hard;-)
    3. Faster…
    4. Sleep well.

  77. I’d like to know if filesystem is relevant. I want to copy a lot a stuff from a win32 comp to my usb external drive formatted as ext3 (I’m primarily a linux user). Will I still see improved speeds?

  78. I got an idea for additional feature in Teracopy. I really really would love to see Teracopy able to control the copy speed. Teracopy 2 beta 2 able to start new copy in a separate thread. But there’s no option which one to prioritize. If teracopy has the ability to control the copy speed, the user will be able to manually set the speed to the one he/she preferred (of course the default should be set to unlimited speed). The other advantage is, I usually copy big files from my friends computers over the LAN. Sometime we need to slow down the transfer rate of the copy so we do not burden the source computer too much. Imagine if my friend playing 3D LAN game with other friends, and in the same time I copy big files from him with full speed, my friend will experience lag in his 3D LAN game. For now, we use TotalCopy to slow down our copy (down to 50Kb per second). Unfortunately, I don’t really like TotalCopy because of some reasons (i.e. it’s an old program, I don’t think it supports Vista).
    Overall, I like Teracopy. If the Teracopy has the ability to control the copy speed on the user interface when copying some files, that would be perfect!

    And for Tipu on 09 Jan 2008 at 6:10 pm
    “Also if tera copy is made windows default copy handler then what is the point of teracopy here and teramove here whereas copy here and move here are also doing same job in drag and drop handler??”

    I think the point is when user set teracopy as the default copy handler, user can simply use any kind of copy method he/she wants (drag with left click, drag with right click, Ctrl-C, etc) and the copy process will automatically use TeraCopy. But if the user turns off default copy handler options, user can choose what copy process he/she wants. If he/she wants to use Windows default, he/she will do one of the following:
    1. right click on the file, choose copy
    2. drag with left click
    3. drag with right click and then choose Copy here.
    4. ctrl-C on the file, etc
    And if he/she wants to use Teracopy, he/she may:
    1. right click on the file, choose TeraCopy, and so on..
    2. drag with right click and then choose TeraCopy here, etc

    So, users have flexibility with their preferences.

    Cheers.. 🙂

  79. @Putra
    My point is that when you choose teracopy as default copy handler registry from drag and drop menu should be deleted and when is not entry should be re-added that is flexibility. Also about partial files when copy is canceled that is very not friendly at all. I really want to use this software but this partial thing is disturbing.

  80. I love TeraCopy, but I’m having one slight problem with it. I use it to backup to a USB drive. Everything works fine, but when I get to a file that is already on the drive, I get presented with the dialog that says File already exists, then I can choose Overwrite, All, or Older Only. I always choose Older only, because I don’t want it to have to take the time to copy the file if it’s up to date. The problem is, I keep getting that same dialog over and over, off & on throughout the process as it comes across different files. Isn’t there a way to say “Older Only *ALL*” so that it only asks me that question on the FIRST time it encounters a file that already exists???? I’m confused. Thanks for your help. -Rick

  81. Wonderful program!

    What would make it amazing in my books would be to have
    the option of saving “presets” so you can save and load presets.
    (with this feature having it take arguments from command prompt would be even cooler, ie “teracopy.exe -load:mondays.ext” so I can use a shortcut, were mondays.ext would be a file with preset settings for teracopy).
    And the presets file would save options such as “action” (copy or move) that was independant for each file as well as source and destination folders so that after loading such you could straight away start the actions. I’d pay more then $20 for that!

  82. Will be great if the option to use TeraCopy as default copy/move handler isn’t enabled by default when you install it.

  83. Hi,
    I set RetriesMax=0 to make TC try the copy process indefinately.
    I tested your latest version v2b2 by copying a large file across the network and then unpluging the cable while it was busy. It timed out after about 20 seconds. How can I get it to resume the copy automatically after say an hour of being disconnected. Also where can I see the retry count? I must be blind as I can’t find it 🙂



    Set RetriesMax=720
    (720*5 sec delay = 3600 sec = 1 hour)
    Set RetriesMax=0 for infinite retries.
    You can see retries count in the status field at the bottom in the full view.

  84. Is TC capable of replacing Ctrl-C Ctrl-V function of windows? If it does, I’ll definitely use it

  85. For biatche:
    Yes. Click in ‘More’ button -> Menu -> Options and check ‘Use Teracopy as default copy handler’

  86. What is the RetriesMax option some of you mentioned? Is it a command-line option or what?


  87. When copying multiple files, could TeraCopy copy several files simultaneously? Maybe default to 3 files at a time and allow this to be changed in options.ini. Also, if you could increase the amount of memory that can be used for a copy I would love that. I have 4GB on my PC and don’t mind using a large amount of memory (such as 256MB) to read in a file and then write it out to a slower destination.

  88. To #110, Paul Chilenski:
    Of course some more options to configure would be nice. However, I believe that the biggest advantage of TeraCopy is the fact that it copies SERIALLY, not in parallel. Copying three files at the same time should degrade performance, so I don’t see the point in this option. The size of the buffer could probably make a difference.

    What might be worth considering is allowing several copy processes to proceed at the same time if they all involve different drives, e.g. copying from disk 0 to disk 1, while also copying from disk 2 to disk 3. There should only be minimal interference between those copy processes.

  89. Change in teracopy = Problem…

    In an earlier version of Teracopy, when there was a duplicate, the option of renaming appended a number on the end of the filename…
    But now it has reverted to the ‘Windows’ way of prefixing the filename with “Copy of …”
    Unfortunately, this now makes it impossible to align the two duplicate files next to each other using sorting/whatever… The old method meant that you simply sorted by name and there were the two files… I’m dealing with 1,000s of photos, so this is quite a big deal for me!

    Is there any chance of having an option for both in the Options dialog (or on the overwrite/rename/skip dialog?
    I’d actually think that the appending number method is more usable and perhaps should be the default.

  90. I’ve tried out B2. I’d like to say.. It’s an amazing piece of software. It even has an additional feature to check/match sfv|md5 files. I’d now like to suggest adding a context menu option so that in the given scenario I can check/match multiple sfv files.

    I have 3 directories with many subdirs and sfv files in them.


    I select the 3 dirs, and go to the context menu and click “SFVcheck” . It scans all SFV files in those 3 dirs and their sub dirs.

    This feature works in hkSFV

  91. I would like to see an incremental copy. That is only to copy files that are new or have changed and to do be able to do this on a scheduled basis. The incremental copy would be a user choice. If not necessary, don’t use it!

  92. There should be an option to allow the “more” view by default. I’ll probably make a list of suggestions later

  93. The possibility to verify all copied files should be toggled in the options.ini settings file. This is of special importance for unreliable networks or when the data is very important.

  94. Really dislike Vista cut/copy functions and looking for alternative. Would like to use teracopy but every version/beta i’ve tryed so far crashes instantly upon starting. Using Vista 64 Ultimate.
    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
    Application Name: TeraCopy.exe
    Application Version:
    Application Timestamp: 2a425e19
    Fault Module Name: StackHash_6e59
    Fault Module Version:
    Fault Module Timestamp: 00000000
    Exception Code: c0000005
    Exception Offset: 00238ebe
    OS Version: 6.0.6000.
    Locale ID: 3081
    Additional Information 1: 6e59
    Additional Information 2: dd7da56f135f75ed88f53959469087c5
    Additional Information 3: 5288
    Additional Information 4: 49fa97db1f9d7dec0ef4c36d9f42bc03

  95. the limit of how many items Windows allowed before TeraCopy added to the context menu so the last item in the context menu top portion, as seen in registry key HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shell
    disappeared. There were entries I didn’t want other programs to add so I just deleted the ones I didn’t want and the missing entry was then visible again.

  96. Firstly, thank you for an excellent product. I was hoping to find out whether it would be possible to include FreeCommander in File Manager integration section?

  97. Exist any switch for bypass the Overwrite (all, older, etc) question? Is very, very important for me for make scheduled backups.

  98. I love the new version Teracopy.
    But am back using 1.22 as the Beta sems to crash regularly for me. (have submitted a ticket). So am patiently waiting for next beta release.

    But the one thing that bugs me is that when I drag and drop to my desktop it doesn’t remember where I’ve dragged to. It just lets windows put it somewhere so I have to go find it afterwards.

    Any chance?? I know its such a minor niggle and will probably involve weeks of someones coding…. But that didn’t stop me asking :0)

    Thanks for a great product looking forward to next relase


  99. I really like Teracopy. It’s a wonderful program. Great job, guys!Version 2.0 beta has some good improvements but… like many people I really didn’t like the copies in separated threads. The old way like 1.22 was so far better that I went back to that version. Will it have some option to disable this new “feature”? I liked the time estimation in this version, something that I’ve missed in 1.22. But unfortunately was changed something I thing must people loved in 1.22. Remembering Highlander movie: “There can be only one”
    Long live the sole thread. Bring it back, PLEASE 😉

    Congratulations for your great application. Keep on working (and please listen to me 🙂 )

  100. Awesome program.
    consider this a bug report.

    When i move files on my server from directory1 to directory1/directory2 over the network (smb) with teracopy it seems like it moves the file to my computer before it moves them back to the server?
    on windows explorer it takes less than a second to do it, but with teracopy it takes seconds, even minutes depending on the ammount of data.
    I do this alot (that is moving files around on my server over smb) so I really need this to be as fast as explorer does it.

    feature request:
    is there any way you could make a queue handler?
    and then i mean to add files from various sources to various targets, not just one target.

    is there anyway to have the overwrite box timeout, and push that file to the end of the queue, and start copying the next file after the timeout?

    really awesome program,thanks!

  101. Those of you who are asking for 64-bit support – why are you using that when a lot of software doesn’t support it yet ?

    Is it just that the number 64 is twice the number 32 ? I can’t see any other real life reason for using 64-bit OS in 2008.

    PS That’s 3 of us looking for an option to always automatically do “Test” as a default. I would buy a license if this were added. I’d be more inclined to buy a license if someone from Code Sector popped up here on occasion to reassure us that they are still alive. 🙂

    PPS I can also use XYplorer and Free Commander support…

  102. I use 64 bit OS because I need 6 Gb of RAM accessible at all time, running several virtual machines and large apps that require a lot of RAM.

    That’s basically why we need this in my organization.

    Don’t know for the others, but I assume we are not the only ones with such requirements.

  103. Love TeraCopy, I just tried it on Vista x64 and copied my Mp3 collection (60+ Gb) from 1 drive to another and it worked well. As of now it isn’t intergrated into explorer but running manually it worked great for me. I tesed it using the installed default settings and had no problems. Also just to test I ran it in XP SP2 compatability mode which also worked fine.

    * There are quite a few suggestions for add-ons and improvements above, I’m sure your already working on Vista integration, so I won’t ask for more.

    Appreciate your hard work
    Will be purchasing Pro version once I have all my x64 driver issues cleared up, or the TeraCopy 2.0 final is out

  104. I finally got some time for coding and fixed two serious bugs a few days ago. Also implemented a several features suggested in this blog and emails. Check out the new beta 3.

    Many thanks to all of you for ideas and support! Will get back to development in a few weeks, multi-language support and better file queue is on top of my to-do list.

  105. Hey Jeff
    Looks Like you’re the man to speak to
    We really want vista support
    Pls can you help us out, Vista copy/paste features really suck
    None of the current versions work on Vista, and look at x64 support too please

  106. @Terry
    I see you’ve gotten it to work on vista?
    What version of vista do you use and how exactly did you do it?

  107. Ok all vista users i have the answer to your problems
    If your tetracopy also just crashes when you try to open after install, you haveto turn of DEP(data execution prevention)
    here’s how:
    ->Right Click MyComputer ->Properties ->Advanced System Settings ->Advanced Tab->Settings ->DEP tab ->Then
    Option 1: Select bullet 1 and restart if necessary
    Option 2:Select bullet 2 and add the teracopy.exe from its installed folder and restart if necessary
    ->Now apply
    This should work for vista users. I have Vista Ultimate x64 and this worked for me 😉

  108. Hello there!
    I do not want to turn off DEP (data execution prevention) because it is a fantastic security feature. Isn’t it possible to program TeraCopy in a way thet doesn’t execute code in data area? That would be very nice!

    Wikipedia says:
    “However, it is recommended by Microsoft that DEP *not* be disabled. Instead, the author or vendor of the offending software be contacted and asked to fix their software to not violate DEP.”

    So I did this here, thanks 🙂

  109. Wow, DEP fix in only 3 days! 😮
    It works great for me, thank you very much!

    btw. I mailed several programmers to ask for DEP fixes, and you are the first to fix it! I hop the others will at least answer..

  110. No, in 5 minutes actually. 🙂 I just downloaded new version of third-party protection system and repacked TeraCopy.

    I believe that DEP violations caused by some kind of protector, most applications don’t need to execute code in data area.

  111. I have bought the pro but have to use the trial since it has been over 24 hours and still not got the real software but got the bill. I cant figure out what the noclose option does. I want it to auto close when it is done but cant get it to. also I want a command line to tell it that it doesnt have to be ontop all the time.

  112. It doesnt like to have 6 million files coming in. it gets upset at 3 million files and doesnt start processing the queue until all files are in the hopper. should start right away. I found a way aroudn this limit by telling it to break it in to subdir chunks using a batch file
    FOR /D %%f IN (*.*) DO start C:\Progra~1\teracopy\TeraCopy.exe Copy %%f h:\merak\mail /OverwriteOlder

  113. i have the winrar problem too.
    i’ve tried to reinstall winrar and it appears as menus on rightclick it’s broken. nothing happens when i select any winrar menu from the rightclick

  114. if i deactivate the teracopy explorer context menu option winrar works ok. if i enable it back, winrar it’s broken again.

  115. For da:
    I use Teracopy Pro ver 2.0 beta 3 and WinRAR ver 3.71 in XP Pro SP2 without problems, with context menu activated in Teracopy and WinRAR

  116. if i deactivate the teracopy explorer context menu option winrar works ok. if i enable it back, winrar it’s broken again.

  117. It seems that TeraCopy’s shell integration interferes with WinRAR’s “drag and drop” extraction feature.

    E.g. if I open a WinRAR archive and drag/drop a file from the archive to a folder on my PC (e.g. desktop), then WinRAR performs the decompression but then fails with the final copy. I don’t have the error message on hand at the moment. Performing a normal ‘extract’ works fine – it’s the drag/drop that causes the problem.

  118. WinRAR performs the decompression but then fails with the final copy. I don’t have the error message on hand at the moment. Performing a normal ‘extract’ works fine – it’s the drag/drop that causes the problem.

  119. Here are several overall things I like about TC. The interface has most of the options I need to copy and move files. Minimal interface is easy to read and can expand giving me information, validity and logs of the file transfers. The test and pause function is helpful. The addition to Total commander and Explorer helps greatly. A few key things would sell me and others I know that have tried your tool would be great.

    One, the synchronization from Total commander would be great as you cannot use TC within Total commander’s sync dirs interface. Two, to not lock up on big directory copies (2GB+) or Max_Path filename copies. Three, port over some functions of FastCopy, mainly the options “ACL’s”, Alternative data streams and filters file types. I could go on and on, for now I will just keep using all three apps for their strengths.. I would rather have to use only one though.

  120. I have the winrar problem too. With Teracopy shell integration enabled, nothing happens when I select any Winrar menu from the rightclick. Teracopy 2.0 beta 4, WinRar 3.71, Windows XP SP3

    Strangely, it does work fine on a laptop with same versions.

  121. Back to 1.22, Really don’t like having heaps of windows opening for each copy. If only 1.22 has test after copy, it would be tops. It would also be nice to have the target displayed in the screen. I really don’t need a copy replacement just a file quer and tester. CopyHandler looks works great but sometimes it crashes but still it saves the que so you know where you are at. Hopefully teracopy adds a one tread option soon then it will be perfect

  122. Using TeraCopy to move files on the same drive (e.g. from somewhere on C:\ to somewhere on C:\) takes longer than using the built-in TeraCopy. It would be nice to have an option to disable TeraCopy for these situations.

  123. It would be nice if this new version can wait for the test to complete before starting the next operation(s). Because it can really slow down the operations to a crawl.

  124. when i use big file to copy with teracopy 2.0 beta 4 pro version then suddenly it show blue screen in my PC and PC shutdown instantly
    my copying speed is 32mb/s this is why i think my pc crash

  125. TeraCopy is really good, but its status bar when you’re copying can be a lying basta*rd. Sort of funny though, it’s still copying files but the status bar reads 100.00% completion. *Sigh* Well at least it doesn’t do the old rewind. I remember CHKDSK for win 98 SE had a bug that would cause it to reset it’s status bar (and the disk check) for some harddrives. That was the most infuriating thing I’ve ever had a computer do to me. Not even malware beats that. Think about it, you’re sitting at your desk and CHKDSK is almost done the check, or so it sais, then *Poof* the status bar resets back to 0%. And it would keep doing that.

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