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  1. Thank you so much for making TeraCopy!!

    I just found out about it today and I love it. This is how Microsoft should have done it in the first place! Works great in Vista πŸ™‚

    Looking forward to more updates!

  2. absolutely the 2nd most important app for replacing windows built in functionality! …the 1st is firefox πŸ™‚

  3. I think that you should split the TeraCopy context menu item into two (TeraCopy To and TeraMove To) and make them be menus that offer directories to copy/move to with the option of adding them to those lists.

  4. Thanks, it’s really a good stuff.

    Why not add Multilanguage support to it?
    So other ppl can translate it into many languages.
    If so, I can take the translation for Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

  5. CRC check is a good option
    however, checking large file absolutly takes much time.

    Another suggestion
    adding a option for not using TC with smaller files.
    because it will taks more time to copy smaller files than TC.

  6. Hi jeff can you please add an option to use a 12 hour clock to display in the TeraCopy interface. I don’t like the 24 hour clock.

    I would rather see 1:00 PM instead of 13:00

    Thanks again

  7. Hi again Jeff I had another idea πŸ™‚

    Can you add an option for a user to use a Wav,Mp3 sound play for when a copy to or move to is complete? That would be cool.


  8. Can anyone tell me how to integrate this teracopy with Total commander? I am currently using total copy with the total commander and it works good.
    I just like to do a comparison.

  9. Hi jeff can you please add an option to use a 12 hour clock to display in the TeraCopy interface. I donÒ€ℒt like the 24 hour clock.

    Fixed this, it will depend on Windows Regional options in the next version. Working now on improving small files transfer rate.

  10. I am having a big problem with TeraCopy 2.2.

    When right clicking and dragging a file TeraCopy and TeraMove only work on the main user account on Windows Vista. It does not work on other user accounts. Even if they are set to Administrator. I sure hope this can and will be fixed. I just paid for TeraCopy the other day and would hate if this can not be fixed.

    Thanks again πŸ™‚

  11. Just install TeraCopy in the other user accounts as well. The installer needs to update current user Registry entries.

  12. Hi Jeff πŸ™‚

    Thank you for your help. It works on all user accounts now. You just need to also restart the PC after install for each account. And after that it works great!

  13. jeff,

    first of all, teracopy is a good software. must be replaced over the default windows copy handler. i suggest that make the teracopy to be simple and clean interface. i guess the most important function of teracopy is all about the copying speed. of course extra features will be just nice. but i hope that all the extra features add on in future can let user to choose. make an option list to enable or to disable it. such as clock, estimating copy time, intergrate context menu etc.

    last but not least, i would like to say thank you for spending time to read my comment.

  14. About the file replacement dialog, could you please make it more Windows-ish(Target file on upper)? It will confuse users because the position is different from windows original one IMO.

  15. Hi Jeff πŸ™‚

    Not sure if this is a bug but it sure is a problem.

    When I try to copy or move a file to a folder that needs “administrator permission” Teracopy will not copy or move the file. When using windows built in copy or move a window pops up saying “You’ll need to provide administrator permission to copy to this folder” Then you would need to click “Continue, Skip or Cancel” And there is also a check box do do it for all items.

    Can this be fixed?


  16. Hi Jeff πŸ™‚

    Can you also add an option to display the “estimated time left” for a file transfer?

  17. A mate put me on to this, (had been using TotalCopy) love yours.

    Is it possible to set the “default” buffer size.

    Every time it restarts, it seems to revert to the 256k buffer.
    With a fair bit of ram available in the system I would like it to default to at least 1Mb buffer.

  18. You can change default buffer size in the TeraCopy ini file:
    C:\Documents and Settings\%User%\Application Data\TeraCopy\Options.ini

  19. Hi Jeff,

    Thank you for a really awesome program!

    As a developer I know if more than one person ask for the same feature, you might prioritize it for your next version. Michael asked this already as well. I would greatly appreciate it if you can add a sound option to TeraCopy after a copy or move is complete.

    Thanx in advance!


  20. Just a suggestion, could you test if target available space is ok (before a file is copied over) because when it is not, you get a confusing message saying “source file not available” which has nothing to do with the issue πŸ™‚
    Other than that, still very useful!

  21. please include preserve timestamp (for folders, directory too)
    well some robocopy (microsoft) but with advanced caching for speed

  22. Would it be possible to separate out the copying enqueueing functionality into its own context menu option;


    At the moment TeraCopy effectively enqueues everything and turns my PC from a multitasking copying system into a batch one. I quite like to be able to copy over a small file without waiting for everything else to finish that has been queued.

    If it had this functionality I’d probably buy the Pro version.

  23. Hi,

    First of all, congratulations for the wonderful piece of software. Today, I can’t live without it.

    Second, I´m having a small problem copying hidden files, especially the Desktop.ini inside each folder. I use folder personalization a lot for organization purposes but when I copy them using TeraCopy the result is a plain vanilla folder. When I copy using the Windows built in copy command, the hidden files are copied normally. This is by design or there is something that can be done?

    Thanks alot !!

  24. I’m rewriting a lot of code to speed up small files copying right now. After that I’ll try to add all requested features (very useful indeed).

  25. Just wanted to add my thanks. TeraCopy is a wonderful application!

    When you get the chance, could you write up some documentation (for layman) on how TeraCopy speeds up file copying? What guideline or method should we use to choose the ideal buffer size? Does TeraCopy have any negative impact whatsoever on system resources? Does TeraCopy run in the background or only when we initiate a file copying operation?

  26. CRC check is a good option
    however, checking large file absolutly takes much time.

    CRC calculating is now implemented in assembler, ~4ms/MB on my 2.8 GHz system. So calculating checksum will take only 4 seconds more while copying a 1 GB file.

    Another suggestion
    adding a option for not using TC with smaller files.
    because it will taks more time to copy smaller files than TC.

    TC handles small files much faster now. When the copy process goes between drives on the same physical HDD, TeraCopy will read a bunch of small files until buffer is filled, and then write all these files to the target location. The same thing current version does for big files.

    I’m still working on this new version, please wait a few days till the new beta is out.

  27. Does TeraCopy run in the background or only when we initiate a file copying operation?

    TeraCopy.dll is executed every time you copy/move files, initiating a menu that you can see while dragging files with a right mouse button. If the option “Use TC as default copy handler” is set or you choose “TeraCopy here” from the menu, TeraCopy launches and the file transfer begins.

  28. Can TeraCopy be used without running the installer? If so, what files are required from the Program Files\TeraCopy directory? Thanks.

  29. Only TeraCopy.exe. But the installer has to write some entries to the Registry so TC can be used as a default copy handler.

    If you want to make TeraCopy portable, e.g. to use it with Total Commander, you need to create an empty file named ‘portable’ in its folder. This way TeraCopy will store settings on a portable device and not in the Documents and Settings\%User%Application Data folder.

  30. Hey, Jeff:

    Many thanks for writing TeraCopy! I found out about TC from Lifehacker (I think?) some months ago, and now I’ve evangelized a bunch of guys at work (for use at home, I should point out; we all wish we could use it at work), my parents, and my brother. Very useful!

    Like Rich (#26), I’d like to be able to prioritize small files I add while a big batch is already running. Found myself copying 200+ GB yesterday, and then wanted to copy just a tiny 300 MB file right away, and I couldn’t! It would be super-cool to have some selectable options like “Copy/Move Smallest Files First” or “Prioritize Files Smaller Than [user number] [kB/MB/GB]”.

    It would also be very nice to be able to re-order a transfer list arbitrarily, by using drag’n’drop. Like a playlist editor, say. So one could drag a file higher in the queue. Or, one could right-click on a file in the queue and choose “Copy/Move File Now”, and said file would shoot to the top of the queue.

    Just some ideas which I’m sure you’ve thought of yourself…


  31. I’m using Vista 64bit

    Not sure if this is a know issue or not, but I cant get TC to replace the normal windows copy&paste commands in explorer. Is there a way to make this work? I also tried installing TC as admininstrator, didnt help.

    It works if I start the 32bit explorer with “C:\Windows\SysWOW64\explorer.exe /separate, /root, c:”, but I like to use win+e to start explorer πŸ™‚

  32. This is a test, please ignore. I just lost a relatively long post and was accused of being a spammer, for unknown reasons.

  33. OK I guess I’ll just have to wonder why my previous post didn’t work. JavaScript is enabled on my end, and I am most definitely not a spammer. I’ll try to remember what I wrote. (And to think, I thought to Ctrl+A/Ctrl+C, then thought “Nah… I won’t need to do that!”)

    I’m using TeraCopy 1.22 with WinXP Pro. Earlier, I was copying several large files across the LAN to my laptop. My wife unwittingly turned the laptop off, which of course interrupted the file copy.

    I thought that after turning the laptop back on, I would be able to simply resume the file copy. However, there was no Start or Resume function available. I was also not able to manually Pause and restart the copy, since the Pause button would not work.

    My only option seemed to be to either cancel the entire copy operation, or Skip the interrupted file and then add the interrupted file back into the copy queue.

    Am I missing something?

  34. hi,
    i use vista 64 and teracopy not replace the original copy, not the same vista 32 or XP ???
    i can turn on particular option ?

  35. hi jeff

    just downloaded 2.2 beta and used it – very nice

    but when i installed it, there were no options for which context menu handlers were installed – for instance, when i right click on the desktop or any folder, even with nothing selected, i get a context menu for teracopy – and menu doesn’t do anything (nor would i expect it if nothing is selected) – i don’t know what the purpose of having it always in the context menu is, but i’d prefer to not have it there – and the only way i see to now to change that is with some registry editing, which might break other functionality – so maybe a detailed “custom” context menu association option on install, and the removal of non-functioning options like in the unselected right click menu

    also, teracopy sets itself up as my default left click draganddrop operation – i would prefer to have control over when teracopy is invoked and if and when i choose it to be the default function

    thanks for a cool program

  36. had to uninstall teracopy for the reasons i listed above – as the default left click draganddrop copier, it just didn’t work for me always copying small files – i could probably have lived with the superfluous context menu items, but both issues together catalyzed the uninstall – if i have a big copy job, i’ll re-install then uninstall afterward, and will check back in sometime to see if these issues have been addressed in a future version

    best wishes

  37. Great program! May I suggest that there be an option to enable automatic checksum calculation and comparison for all copied files?

  38. Great program, thanks.
    XP 64 shell integration dont work with

    but works with teracopy2b364.exe, with another problem of mine. I put comments for teracopy2b364.exe.

  39. I really like teracopy also. But I would like an answer to one of the questions teedog asked in item #29 in the above list:

    >What guideline or method should we use to choose the ideal buffer size?

  40. Great app !it is so good that i want to use it on vistape from bootland!do you know how i do this?i know how to make the script files but i need the reg entry to make teracopy the defult.i decompiled the installer and found the reg setings there.but i dont know what reg entrys is the ones i suld use

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